Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1487: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 45)

At half past seven on Friday, she entered room 10039 on Grapefruit TV.

There were many fans already waiting and there were a few questions on the screen.

Luo Qing Chen read over them and they didn’t seem to be hard questions.

But it did prove something.  Many people doubted the hot searches and didn’t believe the pictures.

This was easier to handle.

Clarifying and whitewashing were two different concepts, all she had to do was just some clarification.

“Ke, ke.”  She turned on the mic and said in her usual voice, “Hello everyone, I am Thinking of Clear Dust.”

Qiu Qiu is Clear Dust’s Little Princess (Lv 9): Ah, ah, ah!  Why do I feel like Nian Yi is talking to me, so excited.

Peach Falling in Dreams (Lv 6): Me too, between god Clear Dust and Nian Yi, I like Nian Yi more.

Not Caring About Wang Lun’s Love (Lv 10): I don’t want, I don’t want, I still love my god Clear Dust the most.  ╮(o▽o“)╭

The Scent of Coffee (Lv 2): God Clear Dust, please explain the hot searches!

Not Caring About Wang Lun’s Love (Lv 10): Aiyo, the person above, this is clearly jealousy from her peers, alright?

White Jasmine (Lv 4): I also agree with this, those photos were too fake!

The Scent of Coffee (Lv 2): But I feel that as long as god Clear Dust posts her pictures, it would defeat those rumours!

“For The Scent of Coffee’s question, I will explain now.”  Luo Qing Chen took a sip of tea before slowly saying, “The matter is clear, people who don’t believe will never believe, whether I send my picture or not, they can always make excuses.  So I won’t send a picture, but I can tell everyone that the pictures on the web aren’t me.  Everyone, please feel assured.”

Qiu Qiu is Clear Dust’s Little Princess (Lv 9): Relax god, I’ve never believed those things!

Not Caring About Wang Lun’s Love (Lv 10): Me too!  Moreover, even if it was god Clear Dust, I would still love you!!

“Not me, not me!”  She gave a chuckle, “My school’s club is having an activity tomorrow, I have to log off a bit early today.”

Yo Yo Yo (Lv 1): When I heard the word school, I knew that the rumour of you being thirty years old is fake!

White Jasmine (Lv 4): God Clear Dust, don’t worry, my boyfriend is studying programming.  I will have him hack the villain’s computer.

“Ha, ha.”  She replied while laughing, “Evil people will get what they deserve, there’s no need for hacking.  Many thanks for everyone’s support for me and Drunken Bliss, I’ll sing a song for everyone!”

The broadcast that was filled with words suddenly became much more quiet.  Everyone gave her gifts and listened to her singing.

(When I was a kid, I was too shy to look up.)

(Under the starry skies, we met in the coming years.)

(A pair of worn cloth shoes, but unwilling to fix them.)

(Remembering holding your left hand, agreeing to meet next year.)

(I stood where we made our appointment, waiting for you to take me as your bride.)

(Two people pretending to be in love before, what will the future bring.)

It was an ancient song and with her clear voice, it sang to the many people who loved her, it sang to the worlds that she had been through.

Perhaps the story of Nian Yi and Qi Jun affected her.  She felt that in a certain world, her story would be just as sad.

When she logged off, she looked at her fame which was over ten million and she had over five hundred thousand viewers.

Including a certain someone’s smurf!

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