Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1474: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 32)

[Qi Jun]Half Warm Cup: I’ll send it myself!

Wen Yan Chen directly sent the photo with this message.  He sent it as a [Flash], so it could only be seen once.

Luo Qing Chen took a look and saw that it was a picture that was taken by someone else.  It was against the light and he was looking away.

Although his face could still be described as good, Luo Qing Chen didn’t think it looked as good as the one she took.

She thought that it would create a stir in the group since school hunk Wen had such popularity at school, so everyone could see his value.

But she never thought that it would be different from what she imagined.

[President]Falling White Robe: You sent this picture when you first joined the club, can’t you show more sincerity!

[Vice president]Flourishing Song: Can there be more trust between people!  This is clearly from Baidu, can you not bring this up!

Falling White Robe and Flourishing Song should be the ones most familiar with Half Warm Cup in Drunken Bliss, so the way they spoke wasn’t like the others!

But the supporting male lead and the supporting female lead were still respectful towards Half Warm Cup, un…..respectful.

[Li Xi]Splendid: This person in the picture seems familiar!  I’ve seen it on the forums before!  (Voiceover: This is a fake picture!)

[Zhu Xue]Cloud Falling Clear Sky: God Warm Cup really has a good eye for pictures!  (Voiceover: Although it’s fake, he has a good eye for pictures!)


Luo Qing Chen was shocked by the chat in the group.  Why didn’t people believe anything in this day and age!

The orientation party ended in the afternoon and after the president explained the school celebration program to everyone, they disbanded.

Wen Yan Chen wanted to send her home very much, but with the light bulb Su Zhi, he never had a chance.

After buying a cup of milk tea, she logged onto QQ after getting him.

“Du, du.”

Before her butt even touched the seat, there was a message.

Half Warm Cup: Let’s rehearse tonight.

Thinking of Clear Dust: Alright.

For professional voice actors like them, they normally didn’t need to rehearse.

Because they could control their voice and their emotions.

For rehearsing, it was just to add more emotions into scenes and to make their voices even more perfect.

Half Warm Cup: YY 30556***

Half Warm Cup didn’t give her the Drunken Bliss official YY, but rather…..his personal YY.

Because he had a purple border.

The YY room was called: In my heart.

When Luo Qing Chen went in, she was strangely nervous.

Because in the YY room, there was only her and Wen Yan Chen.

The purple border was lit up before going dim and then it lit up again when she came in.

“Qing Chen.”

“Ah!  Here.”

This was her first time on YY with Wen Yan Chen, that cold voice had a trace of gentleness to it.

“God Warm Cup is calling me Clear Dust, I’m not used to it.”

When they were in the group, he seemed to call her Thinking of Clear Dust.”

“Actually……”  He was silent for a bit before his cool as water voice rang out again, “I’m calling you by your name.”

He called her Qing Chen of Luo Qing Chen, not Clear Dust of Thinking of Clear Dust.

He was a person who existed in her real life, not a person who only existed online.

“I saw the document you sent me, I also feel that these lines need to be adjusted.”

Talking to Wen Yan Chen for the first time, she was nervous at first.  It wasn’t that she was someone who couldn’t talk to people, but it was that with the god called ‘Half Warm Cup’, she was very nervous.

That night, they recorded all the voice clips that needed to be recorded.

The two had a tacit understanding and passed it to Flourishing Song at the same time.

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