Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1470: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 28)

The next two days were weekends.  The vocal music club that Luo Qing Chen signed up for had an orientation on Saturday.

Therefore, even if it was a day that she could sleep in, she still had to wake up early and go to school.

There weren’t many people in the club, but they were very polite.  When she came in, there was someone who greeted her.

“Hi, you are a student of the music course, right?”  A girl wearing a blue dress recognized her with a single look.

“Un, that’s right.”

“I’m also in the music course, I saw you last time in class.”  She reached her hand out with a sweet smile and said, “I’m Su Zhi.”

“I’m Luo Qing Chen.”

But she never thought that this simple friendship between two girls would attract the dissatisfaction of a certain someone beside them.

“What same course, who doesn’t know the main reason why you freshmen come to this club?”  Chen Na crossed her hands with a look of disdain.

Luo Qing Chen slightly knit her brows.  When she wanted to say something, she never thought that Su Zhi would speak first, “Aiyo, do you really think that everyone is as petty as you!”

Su Zhi was also from a family of music.  Her mother sang in the opera while her father was an expert of the suona.

The suona had the sound of the universe, so it was an indispensable instrument for folk music.

Therefore, when Su Zhi said that she was in the club for other reasons, she felt that this was disrespecting the music.”

“What did you say?”  Chen Na stood up and pointed at the two of them as she angrily said, “You two get out of here for me right now.”

Since her voice was loud, all the people in the room turned over to look at Chen Na.

The president Jian Yuan knitted his brows and cleared his throat, “Na Na, forget it, they are new members.”

“New members?”  Chen Na gave a cold snort, “You mean that you want to keep these new members?”

Chen Na was good at playing music.  Not only was she the flower of the western music department, she was a pillar of the vocal music club.

But her temper was very bad.  These beautiful new members were like rivals of love for her.

Before Luo Qing Chen and Su Zhi arrived, she had already driven off two new members.

Although the methods were different, she mainly used harsh words.

But this time she was the most angry!

“Na Na!”  Jian Yuan said in a deep voice, “If you keep driving them away, the vocal music club will have no female members!”

“Isn’t it enough for the vocal music club to have some powerful members, why do you need people from the folk music department anyway!”  Chen Na gave a cold snort.  She didn’t listen to Jian Yuan at all and continued to look at Su Zhi and Luo Qing Chen in her arrogant manner, “Why aren’t you scramming yet!”

“Pei, with an old witch like you, who wants to stay here!”  Su Zhi spat on her face and pulled Luo Qing Chen away without another word.

“You…...You……”  Chen Na clearly never thought that Su Zhi would be this forceful, she stomped her foot as she angrily said, “Scram for this old lady right now, the further the better.”

Luo Qing Chen wanted to say a few words, but with Su Zhi’s powerful ‘spit’ attack, she felt that she should leave some face for this old witch.

But when she walked out of the room, she walked past a certain someone coming in.

Because he had lowered his head, she couldn’t see that person’s face, but she felt that he was very tall and a bit familiar.

Her right hand had suddenly been grabbed and Su Zhi holding her left hand couldn’t help turning back.

The two looked up and the other person looked down, as their gazes met.

Of course, there were countless other gazes looking at them.

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