His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 147 - Waiting to get Married

Madam Zhou felt as if her heart was burning, glancing at the joyous and happy atmosphere at home because of Shen Ziqiao’s wedding. She thought that the Qi Family would be unhappy with this marriage. Even if they attended to the emperor’s face, they wouldn’t value Shen Ziqiao that much.

But that didn’t seem like the case today.

Whether it’s the Qi or Shen Family, they all valued this wedding. They made sure to perfect each detail, causing Madam Zhou to be fuming with jealousy.

“She’s just a general’s daughter but they’re acting like they’re marrying off a princess. Aren’t they afraid of people laughing at this sort of fanfare?” Madam Zhou originally didn’t resent Shen Ziqiao that much but she had been cursing her out for the past two days.

Shen Zixin lowered her head as she worked on her needlework. She smiled faintly hearing her mother say this. She hadn’t been outside in a while. Though she hadn’t seen the scene outside, she could guess more or less. “Mother, this is Jiao Jiao’s luck. Just stop resenting.”

Madam Zhou exclaimed angrily, “It’s supposed to be you. She stole your husband.”

Shen Zixin lightly shook her head, her attention still on her needle. “Mother, each person has their own fate. Since Jiao Jiao has married Qi Zheng now, that’s Jiao Jiao’s fate. It’s not mine.”

Madam Zhou hated these words coming out of Shen Zixin’s mouth. “Pah! She destroyed your marriage so I want to see if she’ll even get to live good days. Once I have a chance in the future, I’ll make sure that Qi Zheng finds out that you’re the best lady in the Shen Family. Then he can go and regret his choice!”

She wanted Qi Zheng to know that Shen Xiao purposely asked the emperor to bestow a marriage so that he could resent Shen Ziqiao too.

By then, the couple will argue and have fights all day long. So what if Shen Ziqiao got to marry grandly and impressively? The more Madam Zhou thought about it, the more happy she was. She even wore a smile between her brows.

Shen Zixin kept her head down as she worked on needlework. She didn’t notice the change in Madam Zhou’s expression.

“Mother will definitely find you a better marriage than Shen Ziqiao.” Madam Zhou swore. She mustn’t let Shen Ziqiao beat Xin’er down. It should be the other way around.

But if Qi Zheng was the heir, then he’d become the duke in the future. That meant Shen Ziqiao would become the duchess...

Which young men in the capital had a higher and more outstanding status than Qi Zheng? Madam Zhou felt a headache.

“Mother, how is grandmother? How come you don’t need to go to De’an Courtyard?” Shen Zixin was unwilling to hear Madam Zhou chatter so she mentioned Old Madam Shen.

Lately, Madam Zhou had been serving upon the Old Madam Shen inside her room. Why didn’t she go today?

Madam Zhou pursed her lips. “She’s going to die soon. I don’t think your grandmother can live for long.”

Worry flitted across Shen Zixin’s face. “Grandmother has a weaker and weaker body now. Mother, you should take her outside for a walk. It’s not good to alway lie down.”

“Even if I tell her, she has to be willing to listen.” Madam Zhou waved her hands half-heartedly. In reality, she wanted the Old Madam to die soon. That way, even if Shen Ziqiao wanted to marry, she wouldn’t be able to.

Of course, she kept this thought inside her mind. She didn’t dare to say it out loud.

No, if the Old Madam died, then Xin’er would have to observe mourning for her then...She’d be delaying a lot of time. By then, she’d be too old.

She hoped that the Old Madam could hang on longer.

On the other side, Shen Family was bustling with noises. This wasn’t the first time Shen Family had married a daughter off but it was the first time they had done it so high-profile and ceremoniously.

The first aunt ordered the maids to put Shen Ziqiao’s dowries into the boxes. There was a ‘happiness’ printed on each box.

“...Jiao Jiao, your grandmother had me organize this for you.” The first aunt took out a box and inside was a head ornament with a rub embedded on the hairpin as well as a pair of ruby earrings, and a golden luan and phoenix dangling ornament. The most eye-catching piece was the luxuriant flowers with a ruby gold necklace. There were eight rubies embedded the size of pigeon eggs. Each one was sparkling and translucent. It seized the entire room’s brilliance.

Shen Ziqiao was shocked. “First aunt, did you make a mistake? Grandmother had given me a lot of things already...this...I can’t take anymore.”

First aunt laughed. “Old Madam was originally going to give this to your mother. When your mother found out she was going to die soon, she had someone send this back to the Pan Family. She said it’s for you.”

“Mother had given me a lot of things already. First aunt, why don’t...don’t we leave this for brother? When sister-in-law marries into the family, give this to her. Consider this as my mother giving this to her daughter-in-law.” Shen Ziqiao hurriedly said. She really felt ashamed.

Pan Madam treated her daughter too well. She almost gave everything she had for her. Then what about Shen Zikai? He really didn’t mind?

First aunt smiled beautifully. “You have to talk to your elder brother about it yourself.”

“What do you have to say to me?” First aunt had just finished her words when Shen Zikai appeared in front of the door.

“You two can go ahead and chat. I still need to go to work.” After first aunt received Shen Zikai’s greeting, she stood up and left with the maids.

The siblings were alone in the room.

Shen Ziqiao teared up because she was touched. She carried the box and exclaimed, “Brother, this and this are for you. I don’t need that much.”

She took out a pile of contracts and gave them to Shen Zikai.

“Keep it for yourself. This elder brother has.” Shen Zikai patted her head tenderly. He felt sour, thinking of how the sister he watched over had grown up and was going to get married.

“Mother gave everything to me. What about elder brother then? Keep these. And this head ornament. Leave this for my future sister-in-law. It’s what mother would want…” Shen Ziqiao exclaimed anxiously, wanting Shen Zikai to accept all of this.

Shen Zikai smiled and said, “You really think mother gave nothing to me? Silly sister. Mother had given me a lot of things already. These are all for you.”

Shen Ziqiao wasn’t sure how much Pan Madam had but she was sure she had given her more than she did to Shen Zikai.

“Elder brother, if you treat me as your sister, then accept these things then.” Shen Ziqiao threatened.

Shen Zikai exclaimed helplessly, “Fine, I’ll accept this but keep these contracts. You can give me these in the future. Okay?”

“Brother!” Shen Ziqiao sniffled, suddenly feeling reluctant to part from him.

“Okay, you’re going to get married and yet you’re still acting so childish.” Shen Zikai felt tears forming but he still teased.

Shen Ziqiao wiped her tears embarrassedly. “I’m going to get married already. When is elder brother going to get me a sister-in-law?”

“Soon, soon.” Shen Zikai murmured. “Okay, quickly place these away. Qi Family is going to come tomorrow.”

She’s going to get married the day after.

Surprisingly, Shen Ziqiao calmed down. She wasn’t nervous like she was in the past.

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