Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1462: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 20)

It was noon when she went on Weibo, she and Mo Ran were having lunch in the cafeteria.

Fang Qian Meng was angered by the criticism of the web and sent a post in response.

Cute Little Fairy V: Those dark fans and the water army, don’t think I don’t know who you are!  Being pushed aside by strength and sending an water army in has no use.

Fang Qian Meng didn’t ping her since it wasn’t that she had no brains.  Now that she was the female lead of “Sword Dance Clear Song”, she didn’t want to cast shade on herself.

But by acting righteously, it was natural to find darkness.

Half an hour after this was sent, she was sprayed by a bunch of fans.

Thinking of Sword Dances: PI beg you, do you not know what kind of role your voice is suited for?  9999 Likes.

Why Think of the Past: You always broadcast yourself, it really isn’t suited for Feng Wu.  8858 Likes.

Little Meng Meng’s Protector: All of you go away, I’ll protect you Meng Meng!  She sounds good in any role!  2020 Likes.

Peach’s Big Sister: It’s because our god Qing Chen isn’t willing to take the role, so there is no choice left.


Luo Qing Chen scrolled down and saw that most posts were insulting her which calmed her down!

She wasn’t a saint, so what if she secretly laughed at someone?

“Why are you so happy?”  Mo Ran saw her secretly smiling and couldn’t help asking, “Could it be that you’re in love!”

“Go away.”  Luo Qing Chen rolled her eyes, “I have a broadcast tonight, are you going to watch!”

Although her broadcast wouldn’t reveal her face, she intended to communicate with everyone using her own voice, so the fans of “Reincarnation Endowment” could feel at ease with her taking this role.

“Broadcast!  Do you have a camera?”  Mo Ran was cautious as she asked with a sly look.

“No.”  Luo Qing Chen coldly rejected her.

“......”  Mo Ran shook her head, “Then I’m not going.  You’re not turning on your camera, I’ve already heard enough of your voice.”

“You’re not tired of seeing me?”

“......”  Mo Ran gave a laugh as she scratched her head and said, “Actually…..I am.”

“If I remember correctly, you’ve signed up for the voice acting club, right!”  Luo Qing Chen tapped her finger on the table, “If a noob likes you joins, are you certain there’s no problem?”

Mo Ran’s expression quickly changed and quickly acted like a little sister as she said, “Great god, are you willing to teach me a few tricks?”

“That depends on your performance.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug, looking like a boss.

Mo Ran immediately put the contents of her bowl in her bowl, “My Qing Qing, I finally entered a club that’s related to animation, I don’t want to be kicked out!  I heard that the president is very fierce!”

“That president is acting!”  Luo Qing Chen bit the chicken leg, “He definitely can’t even rank on the web!”

It wasn’t unreasonable, how could there be a voice acting god at this random high school?

“Ya, school hunk Wen.”  When Luo Qing Chen was about to bite her second chicken leg when Wen Yan Chen came in.

Without knowing why, it was the first time where she only had 30% affection, but the other side didn’t know who she was.

“So handsome, so handsome!”  Mo Ran quickly took out her phone to throw to Luo Qing Chen, “I’ll go pretend to buy some water and when I pass senior Wen, help me take a photo!”

“......”  Luo Qing Chen was about to refuse, but Mo Ran’s phone was already in her hand.

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