Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1458: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 16)

Thinking of Clear Dust: Un humph?  My contract at King’s Landing has already expired.

Yue Yue: …...

Yue Yue: Qing Chen, you’re thinking too much.  We’ve been too busy lately to think about the contract.

Yue Yue: ???

Yue Yue: Qing Chen…...I think that you’re the most suitable for the role of Feng Wu!  But that Meng Meng really is too persistent!

Yue Yue: Qing Chen, are you still there?  You’ve been with King’s Landing from a small unknown club to one of the best clubs on the web, are you really willing?

Yue Yue: Qing Chen, Qing Chen, Qing Chen, Qing Chen, Qing Chen!!!!!

After getting a cup of milk and some Oreo cake from the refrigerator, Yue Yue had already covered her screen in messages.

She looked at it and casually wrote.

Thinking of Clear Dust: Many thanks for your care over the years, if there’s a chance, let’s meet again.

She had already calmed her nerve and she opened the group chat.

VA·Thinking of Clear Dust: After joining King’s Landing for four years, many thanks for all your care.  Although I rarely talk here, I sometimes do peek in!  There is nothing permanent in this world, so I hope that all the people I’ve worked with before have smooth paths.

After pressing enter, Luo Qing Chen clicked on [King’s Landing Official Group].

She right clicked-Exit this group-Do you really want to exit this group?-Yes.

The whole process was smooth without a single bit of hesitation.

Actually, she didn’t know that the King’s Landing group chat had exploded after she sent this message.

Manager·Xuan’er: What is this?  God Qing Chen is leaving?

Makeup·Demonic Moon: Damn, damn!  Is there a mistake, why is she leaving?

VA·King of Films: It’s most likely because of the casting problem with “Sword Dance Clear Song”!

VA·No Words: Leaving just because she wasn’t chosen?  What a joke!

VA·Little Cute Fairy: Right!  Everyone was only talking about fair competition, what is she afraid of!


Management already muted everyone.

Yue Yue watched as Luo Qing Chen’s profile dimmed and she couldn’t help giving a sigh.

She didn’t know whether this method was correct, but she felt a bit unsettled in her heart.

But now that Thinking of Clear Dust had already left King’s Landing, she could only use Little Cute Fairy as Feng Wu.

At least she had praised King’s Landing many times on her broadcast and said that she was a good president…...

After a long sigh, she wrote an announcement in the group.

Yue Yue: Because of her contract expiring, god Thinking of Clear Dust has already decided not to sign with our King’s Landing this year.  We thank her for her dedication and hope that her path will be even better.

Management finally allowed everyone to speak again.

Everyone began discussing.  Although most people knew what the reason was, they didn’t cause trouble.

After all, the person involved was no longer here and there was only the new member that would take the role in “Sword Dance Clear Song”.

Luo QIng Chen ate her Oreo cake in two bites before opening Weibo and announcing that she was a free agent.

Thinking of Clear Dust: Because of personal reasons, I have left King’s Landing.  Many thanks for their years of care.  Other than this, for tomorrow’s broadcast on Grapefruit TV, the room number is 10039, we’ll definitely meet.

Big Sister Peach’s Spring: Instant reply, instant reply!  My great god Clear Dust posted again!  Sitting in the front row!

-Tomorrow Will Be Better: The first row is crowded!

-Yo Yo Yo: Crowded +1

A Small Flower: Which club will god Clear Dust go to now?  I’m suddenly feeling hopeful!

-That Summer: Your hope is the same as mine!

-A Flame: Me too!

Flourishing Song V: Ah, ah, ah!  God Clear Dust!  (′ε`)

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