Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1457: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 15)

Thinking of Clear Dust: If I didn’t know that you appreciated my voice, I would have thought…..

Half Warm Cup: What?

Thinking of Clear Dust: You have a crush on me.

When these words were said, both sides fell silent.

He was stunned.  He quickly typed a line of words on his keyboard and then——


Another line of words and then——

Delete again!

One minute, two minutes, three minutes…...

After five minutes passed, Wen Yan Chen replied.

Half Warm Cup: Perhaps.

Thinking of Clear Dust: ???

The youth was a bit annoyed and suddenly felt regret, feeling that his words had been typed too quickly!

(I only appreciate your voice.)

But he felt that this line was too fake since that wasn’t his original intention!

But when he felt a bit awkward, he suddenly felt that it was better for it to be a bit more fake…..

Half Warm Cup: I meant that there is a chance that your voice is good that I pay special attention to it!  (*^-^*)

He didn’t forget to add a cute emote, which he had never used before in a chat.

This was his first time…...

Of course, when Luo Qing Chen sitting in front of the computer saw this ‘cute’ emote, she felt her scalp turn a bit numb.

Was the great male lead…..playing cute for her?

Thinking of Clear Dust: Alright!

Half Warm Cup: So you’ve considered it?

Thinking of Clear Dust: You’re not afraid of ruining “Reincarnation Endowment” that you invested so heavily in?

After all, this show had plenty of advertisements and many verified people backing it, they must have spent quite a bit of money.

If she as the female lead was lacking, that would all be lost!

Half Warm Cup: Of course not, I have confidence in my ears.

“Di, di, di.”  When Luo Qing Chen was hesitating, there was someone else who messaged her on QQ.

King’s Landing’s president, Yue Yue.

Yue Yue: Qing Chen, there’s something I want to discuss with you.

Thinking of Clear Dust: Un, speak.

She felt a bit uneasy, feeling like there was some bad news that was coming.

It had to be said, she was quite confident in her sixth sense.

Yue Yue: We listened to Little Cute Fairy’s voice in YY and everyone feels that she’s more suited for Feng Wu.  Ha, ha, of course, I said that you are much more suited, so how about you have a competition on YY tonight?”

Without knowing why, she felt that Yue Yue’s tone towards her had changed.

It was like they found a substitute and they were no longer sincere towards her, just saying it like it was an announcement.

It seemed like had fed Yue Yue quite a bit of ‘honey’, so she must be very flattered.

Thinking of Clear Dust: I think there’s no need.

She casually replied while looking at her calendar.  Her contract with King’s Landing already expired on the 12th of last month and because everyone had been busy with “Sword Dance Clear Song”, they had never mentioned anything about this to her.

Yue Yue: But if you don’t compete, I feel that it isn’t fair for the new people as the president.

Thinking of Clear Dust: My meaning is to just give her the role of Feng Wu.

She, Luo Qing Chen, was willing to give up this role and someone was slamming their head for it, she felt it was quite funny.

Yue Yue: Really?  Qing Chen really is the number one big sister of King’s Landing, you’re willing to give opportunities to new people.  Actually, I feel that the supporting female lead Jun Yue is suited for your voice.  How about you record a clip and we can discuss it?  \(≧▽≦)/

Yue Yue didn’t forget to send a cute emote, one could imagine just how excited she was.

But Luo Qing Chen’s next words were a bucket of cold water on her excitement.

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