Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1453: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 11)

Half Warm Cup…...

She blinked and blinked again, clicking on his information.

There was an empty page and six million fans that were like zombies.

The most shocking thing was his followed page, there was only one pers!





When did he follow her?  If she didn’t pay attention to this, she wouldn’t have known about it.

Seeing the words Half Warm Cup, she couldn’t help thinking of his appearance.  She couldn’t think of it and clicked to follow him.

The boy in front of the computer was checking his fans list and when he saw the four words Thinking of Clear Dust, his lips couldn’t help curl into a perfect curve.

Opening the private messages, Wen Yan Chen sent a sentence.

Half Warm Cup V: We should be clashing again this time.

On the other side, Luo Qing Chen held her breath when she saw this message.

The previous host only had the description ‘old enemy’ for Half Warm Cup!

After all, they used different shows to represent their groups and fight for fame.

But even if she didn’t have a deep impression, she knew this person.

He was rumoured to be a very cold god, having a peerless deep voice that had an ancient style that everyone was mesmerized with.

Thinking of Clear Dust V: Un, I remember that Drunken Bliss’ “Reincarnation Endowment” is also in production.

Half Warm Cup V: It’s missing a female lead.

Thinking of Clear Dust V: Drunken Bliss has so many gods, isn’t there one the president is satisfied with?

Although she didn’t know why Half Warm Cup would chat with her, after chatting for a bit, her depressed mood was completely gone.

Half Warm Cup V: It’s me who’s not satisfied.

It had to be said, the words ‘cool and aloof’ were quite accurate in describing him.  At least she didn’t feel any care from him at all!

But she felt a strange kind of hope in her heart, which drove her to type her next words.

Thinking of Clear Dust V: Then who does god Warm Cup think is suitable?

Half Warm Cup V: You.

He instantly replied with this, lighting up all the hope in her heart.

This feeling was very strange, she was excited, but she couldn’t laugh.

Even if she couldn’t see the other person across the screen, she pursed her lips into a faint smile.

But she didn’t know that the youth with the ID Half Warm Cup was a bit nervous.

As a person who was called great god, after listening to all the unique voices in the business.

He felt that only Thinking of Clear Dust’s voice was special.

It was like under the powerful female voice, there was a trace of clarity.

Thinking of Clear Dust V: Then is god Warm Cup trying to poach someone?

Half Warm Cup V: I find it strange that you call me great god, but I do want to poach someone.

When this message appeared, there was a beautiful feeling.

It was like in the troubled times, there was someone that silently cared for her.  When she needed it the most, someone threw an olive branch.

Thinking of Clear Dust V: Let me consider it.

Actually, she already had an answer in her heart, but since Half Warm Cup wanted her to go to Drunken Bliss and be the female lead for “Reincarnation Endowment”, she had to do a bit of homework no matter what.

Although she inherited the talents of the previous host, voice acting still relied on emotions.

Half Warm Cup V: I’ll wait for your news.  Can you tell me your QQ number?  I don’t normally use Weibo.

Thinking of Clear Dust V: 1314*****

“Ke, ke.”

When she sent this message, the QQ friend request popped up.

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