Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1452: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 10)

Leaf: There are many changes to the choices for “Sword Dance Clear Song”.  I asked around and I’m not even certain, but that Cute Little Fairy has already joined our group.

Joined?  Did that mean Fang Qian Meng joined King’s Landing?

He, he, it seems like Yue Yue was looking to discuss this with her!

Thinking of Clear Dust: I got it!  Thanks Leaf!

Leaf was considered her best friend in King’s Landing, a little girl who had a pretty good loli voice.

She was different from Yue Yue, at least there was no conflict of interest between them.

Leaf: Don’t be polite with me!  (PS: That Cute Little Girl is very unpleasant!)

Luo Qing Chen closed the chat with Leaf and opened the chat with Yue Yue.

Thinking of Clear Dust: What is it, president?

She had already shown enough politeness, but it meant that Yue Yue was only a work acquaintance.

Yue Yue: That, Cute Little Girl sent in her self recommendation to us today and everyone thought that she was quite good.  I wanted to ask your opinion.

Luo Qing Chen sitting in front of the computer revealed a cold look and a smile of disdain.  She quickly tapped a few times on her keyboard.

Thinking of Clear Dust: Everyone is…..or just you and No Words?

Yue Yue: My opinion isn’t important.  I was just thinking that if we don’t accept her, she might go back to relying on Drunken Bliss.  You should know that our two groups are bitter enemies.

King’s Landing and Drunken Bliss both were first class on the internet, both sides had countless gods.

King’s Landing’s gods were led by Thinking of Clear Dust and No Words, Drunken Bliss was led by Half Warm Cup.

Thinking of this, the previous host used to clash with Half Warm Cup.

The fame of the two were close and many fans had put the two together at first.

They were called: The two voice acting gods who never post on Weibo!

Whenever one of them released a new work, the other side would follow with another.

Always fighting, so the competition was naturally fierce.

Therefore, Luo Qing Chen could guess why Yue Yue did this, but she….didn’t accept it!

Moreover, she didn’t think that Drunken Bliss would want Fang Qian Meng.

After all, in terms of people, King’s Landing had more than ten times more people than Drunken Bliss.

This was enough to show that they were more elite.

Thinking of Clear Dust: Oh?  Isn’t she already in the group?

Luo Qing Chen naturally knew that if she sent this, Yue Yue would be put in an awkward position.

But since the matter was settled, it was better to shine a light on it.  In the end, Fang Qian Meng had already been selling herself in the group.

Yue Yue: Actually, I didn’t want to embarrass you and No Words.  I’ve heard Cute Little Fairy’s voice, it isn’t that ideal.  But…..since she is here, we can’t be too stingy.

Thinking of Clear Dust: So what role are you planning to give her in “Sword Dance Clear Song”?

Yue Yue: You can be assured that you’ll always be Feng Wu, I wanted to give her the supporting female lead.

After going on a long time, Yue Yue finally said what she wanted to say.

Actually, this was enough to prove that the previous host did have enough status in King’s Landing, but Yue Yue had too many things to consider.

Thinking of Clear Dust: Got it.

After closing the chat with Yue Yue, Luo Qing Chen opened the King’s Landing group chat.

Fang Qian Meng was talking quite a bit since she did have a bit of fame and He Yu Yan was helping her.

Many gods that didn’t like to talk came out to give her face.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her cold eyes.  When she opened Weibo to send something, she noticed something big!

There were many Drunken Bliss gods that paid attention to her, which included the male lead!

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