His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 145 - Concubine

Madam Zhou returned to the room and tossed the cushion on the ground to vent anger. Thinking of Shen Ziqiao’s bashful but smiling face, she wanted to tear that idiot to pieces!

Her daughter should be the one marrying Qi Zheng. How did it become Shen Ziqiao?

Second Master Shen sat on the other side of the table and held the teacup in his hands, glancing coldly at Madam Zhou throwing a tantrum.

Seeing his calm expression, Madam Zhou became even more angry. “Is Xin’er your daughter or not? Someone destroyed your daughter’s marriage and you’re acting like nothing happened.”

“What can I do?” Second Master Shen asked. He was helpless towards having a stupid wife. “Do you think I can steal Qi Zheng back and get him to be our son-in-law?”

“Shen Ziqiao isn’t worthy of Qi Zheng.” Madam Zhou exclaimed, unwilling to accept this.

“The emperor believed that she is worthy so she’s the perfect match for Qi Zheng.” Second Master Shen placed the teacup down and exclaimed, “If it’s yours, it’s yours. If it’s not, even if you forcibly steal it, it won’t be yours. Just give up and stop thinking about this. Everything’s settled. What else do you want to do?”

Madam Zhou exclaimed with hatred, “It’s all brother-in-law’s fault…”

“Shut up!” Second Master Shen shouted. “Don’t mention this anymore. Brother-in-law wouldn’t need to do this if not for the family. The emperor empathized with him which is why he bestowed a marriage to Jiao Jiao. You’re her second aunt. Can’t you be more understanding? She lost her mother at a young age and elder brother is frequently not at home. If you and mother treated Jiao Jiao sincerely, elder brother wouldn’t need to ask the emperor to bestow a marriage to her.”

Madam Zhou felt her ears buzzing. She should be understanding Shen Ziqiao? Did she even need her understanding? Madam Zhou shook in fury. “Your niece is quite something. Does she need me to be understanding? Even the Old Madam isn’t her match. If it weren’t for her, would the Old Madam be sick? If it weren’t for her, the Old Madam would’ve been able to live for a few years longer.”

She made it sound like the Old Madam wouldn’t be able to live for long.

Second Master Shen said angrily, “As long as you know that Jiao Jiao isn’t useless. Don’t think that no one can compare to Xin’er. Don’t always try to climb up the social ladder. Our Shen Family don’t need to beg someone to marry our daughter.”

“You’re always talking about Jiao Jiao. Just who is your daughter? I know what you’re thinking. They’ve died already but you’re still thinking about them. Don’t think that I’m dead.” Madam Zhou exclaimed this, feeling sad and wronged. Tears streamed down her face.

“You’re unbelievable.” Second Master Shen was tired of her. Had he knew earlier, he should’ve just avoided this place like he did in the past.

“I’m unbelievable? You’re the one who has sister-in-law in your heart? And you’re not unbelievable?” Madam Zhou exclaimed with a sharp voice.

Second Master Shen looked nervously outside. He let out a sigh seeing that no one was there. He looked coldly at Madam Zhou and exclaimed, “You can insult me however you want but don’t humiliate the late sister-in-law. So what if I admire her?”

“That’s why you treat her daughter well?” Madam Zhou asked mockingly.

He couldn’t talk to this woman anymore! Second Master Shen stood up and left, ignoring Madam Zhou’s calls.

Madam Zhou punched the cushion hard, feeling a ball of anger burning.

If only she could ruin Shen Ziqiao’s marriage.

But the emperor had bestowed the marriage. How could she stop this marriage?

If Qi Zheng saw Xin’er, would he resist the marriage?... Wasn’t the empress his aunt? Couldn’t he ask her to bestow a marriage again?

Madam Zhou’s gaze flickered and she was more and more excited.

Qi Family was in chaos. Qi Zheng went to the military camp to drink with Shen Zikai. Xiao Gu’s maiden family was now causing a disturbance in her yard, wanting her to give them an explanation.

“If Dai’er didn’t just run around, this wouldn’t have happened. Don’t even think about letting my son marry a fool.” Xiao Gu glanced at her sister-in-law in disdain. Even if she died, she refused to let Feng’er marry Gu Daiqin.

Xiao Gu’s sister-in-law’s name was Hong. Even if she wasn’t from a prestigious home, she was still from a literary family. She was already upset that her daughter had suddenly become a fool because of her sickness. Now that this happened, how could she possibly just let this slide by?

“Fine, you don’t want to marry her? Then let’s bring this to the government office. Since you’re shameless, I don’t care either. Let’s see who will suffer.” Nee Hong hmphed. “A grand Second Master Qi actually did such a bastard thing to his cousin whose IQ isn’t that of even a ten years old. So what if he’s a scholar?”

Xiao Gu was most afraid of Feng’er’s reputation being tarnished.

But she refused to lower her head to her sister-in-law. Whenever she returned to her maiden home, she always acted aloof and mighty. Her sister-in-law would always have to kiss up to her. When did she need to lower her status to talk to her?

“Okay, then let’s go to the government office. I’ll sue you guys for not teaching your daughter the proper manners.” Xiao Gu hollered.

The two were about to start fighting when the third madam, Nee Cao, hurried out to mediate the situation. “Okay, okay. You two should both stop fighting. We’re not here to fight. We’re here to come up with a solution.”

“In short, don’t think about letting Feng’er marry Dai’er.” Xiao Gu said with a firm stance.

Nee Hong was furious. “Don’t think that this will be over just like this then! Hmph. You think no one knows about Feng’er’s nature? Who knows? Subordinates imitate their superiors’ vices. Since you can seduce someone else’s husband, what else can’t you do?”

Xiao Gu was mad. She almost threw the cup in her hands at Nee Hong’s face.

“You two. What’s up with you two? Dai’er and Feng’er are your nieces and nephews. Can’t we just talk nicely?” Nee Cao hurriedly comforted the two again. “Sister-in-law, let’s think about this. If Feng’er is your son, what would you do? Feng’er has a great future ahead and he might become the heir. Dai’er might become the heir’s madam then.”

Then she said to Xiao Gu, “Look, you’ve watched Dai’er grow up too. Although she has a foolish mind, she has an innocent personality. She’s also beautiful. You know that she wasn’t born like this. Her children will definitely be beautiful and smart in the future. She’s your real niece.”

The two quietened down.

“Why don’t we both take a step back? Why don’t we have Dai’er be a concubine?” Nee Cao smiled at Xiao Gu.

Nee Hong was furious. How could her daughter be a concubine?

But...besides being a concubine, who else would be willing to marry her? She couldn’t even take care of herself, don’t mention taking care of her husband.

Xiao Gu didn’t object. After all, it’s just raising another person.

Nee Hong compromised in the end. She knew that this was the best ending for Dai’er.

After all, the Qi Family is part of the Duke An Residence. They won’t treat her badly.

Xiao Gu smiled and exclaimed, “Sister-in-law, don’t worry. I’ll make sure Dai’er will be in good hands.”

Nee Hong hmphed, still feeling uncomfortable.

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