Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1448: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 6)

Because she had to think for half an hour just for the password.

After trying several times, it was all wrong, wrong, wrong!

It was a good thing that she finally logged in.

The previous host’s Weibo name was very simple, it was Thinking of Clear Dust.

The last time she logged in was when she registered.  This Weibo should be a community for gathering people, but it had no meaning for the previous host.

When she had just logged in, there were many pinging sounds that had hit her ears.

All the @s and private message notifications came.

Her phone was stuck for ten minutes before finally letting out a sigh of relief.

This was the newest iPhone X!  The previous host’s family didn’t lack money, she had bought it when it first came out.

The silver gray colour, it was a very cool colour.

If it was her, she would have definitely bought the tyrant gold!

It had to be said, the previous host really had many fans.

A total of 3.27 million fans, these should all be people who liked her voice.

Actually, the reason why those people could push down the walls wasn’t just her not maintaining relationships with her fans, the most important thing was that she never gave any explanations.

The previous host was just too innocent when it came to fighting.

Her lips curled as she typed a sentence on Weibo.

[Thinking of Clear Dust V: Let’s broadcast next Friday!  But the broadcast room hasn’t been decided yet, what do you guys think?]

Giving the decision to the fans was definitely the best method.

Once it was sent, the words ‘Thinking of Clear Dust’ was a hot topic on Weibo.

#Thinking of Clear Dust has posted#

As this topic rose on the boards, a girl who was delicately putting on makeup in front of the computer couldn’t help trembling.

This face, it was Cute Little Fairy who had won as the ‘most beautiful voice actor’.

Her goal was to join the most popular club.  Her first goal was naturally the number one ranked Drunken Bliss, but she never heard back from them no matter how many voice clips she sent.

Therefore, she had to retreat and choose King’s Landing.

As a girl, if she went to King’s Landing, naturally she wanted to defeat the ‘strongest sister’ voice actress.

After all, she was the most beautiful girl among the voice actresses!

Before this, she chose to hook He Yu Yan.  It went very smoothly and He Yu Yan fell under her dress in just two days, planning to help her win a role in “Sword Dance Clear Song”.

She didn’t want anything else, she just wanted the female lead Feng Wu.

But she panicked a bit at this moment because after the person called Thinking of Clear Dust posted, her fame was much higher than she imagined.

When an actor didn’t interact with fans, she was just an actor and people only followed her because they liked her acting.

But once she started interacting with fans, she was a star and became the ‘idol’ that fans loved!

Fang Qian Meng was always selling herself as an ‘idol’, so even if she had a poor voice and wasn’t qualified, she had swept all the gods of the voice acting world and became the most beautiful voice actress.

But…..this kind of lucky win, if there was something substantial that came out, she definitely couldn’t hold onto this!

Fang Qian Meng naturally knew this, so she had He Yu Yan make sure that she would take the role of Feng Wu in “Sword Dance Clear Song”.

It was a pity, in this world, Luo Qing Chen was no longer the previous Luo Qing Chen.

After slowly eating her chocolate cake, when she picked up her phone, she found that her Weibo…..exploded!

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