Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1446: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 4)

Ten years later, he finally appeared at an awards ceremony.

He took the trophy and said something that no one predicted, “Ten years of life and death, not thinking and hard to forget.”


System, was Half Warm Cup talking about the previous host?

[No one knows the answer to this question, but the host can ask him yourself.]

So the male lead has affection for the previous host?

[No, he just appreciates the previous host’s voice, it can’t be considered affection.]

Luo Qing Chen thought about it and felt that it was right.  After all, the previous host had never even met Half Warm Cup, one couldn’t talk about love just when it came to voices.

“Di, di, di!”

Sitting in front of the computer, QQ flashed, it was a message from He Yu Yan.


She didn’t find him to settle accounts but this scum came looking for her!

Actually, according to the memories of the previous host, He Yu Yan had been very ambiguous with the previous host.  He had also said that he wanted the previous host as his girlfriend before.

The previous host had happily agreed!





But their relationship was only on the web.  With just a web relationship, one of them didn’t really have that kind of love.

Actually…...They couldn’t be considered boyfriend and girlfriend.

Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug and went to the kitchen to get herself a cup of warm milk.

During this time, her QQ kept pinging without stopping.

When she came back to the room with a cup of milk in her left hand, her right hand casually opened the chat with He Yu Yan.

A total of six messages and the tone of the following messages…..were bad, bad, bad!

No Words: I heard that they haven’t set the supporting female lead for “Sword Dance Clear Song” yet, I have a choice here.  She is popular and good enough, you should talk to Yue Yue tomorrow.

“Ze, ze, ze.”  Luo Qing Chen sitting in front of the computer couldn’t help shaking her head, feeling sorry for the previous host’s eyes.

He Yu Yan was clearly using a ‘commanding’ tone.  If you looked at the meaning between the lines, one would really want to slap the other side.

But…..she didn’t have the impulse, the other side seemed more impulsive.

No Words: Are you there?

No Words: What are you doing?

No Words: Quickly reply to father, she’s still waiting!  Are you knitting a sweater!

No Words: Hey, hey, I say, can you not log on if you’re not there!  Don’t cause misunderstandings for other people!

No Words: Damn!

Luo Qing Chen pulled the chat to the bottom and couldn’t help admiring the patience of the previous host!  She could even take being pushed down by everyone!

If you don’t love yourself, why would other people love you?

Based on He Yu Yan’s tone, she had ten thousand reasons to believe that this man was definitely scum in real life!

She took a sip of her milk before slowly typing a single word in the chat.


Then she right clicked on No Words with her mouse and chose to block him!

After doing this, she didn’t forget to open up her signature and type a paragraph!

For people who go out without any brains, please use the following method to contact me: Message in a bottle or coincidence cards!

After she finished her signature, the symbol for the King’s Landing chat suddenly jumped.

It seemed like He Yu Yan who had suddenly been treated differently couldn’t take the raging flames in his heart!

VA·No Words: @Thinking of Clear Dust, what is the meaning of this?

President·Yue Yue: What’s wrong?

Production·Gently: What is going on?

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