Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1444: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 2)

Ah!  CV, voice acting!

This was Luo Qing Chen’s first reaction, wasn’t this the play that Xia Qing Rou had taught her?

As expected, there was an inevitable connection between worlds.

The previous host grew up in a scholar’s family.  Her father was a university professor and her mother was a violinist.

She had a big sister named Luo Yin Ge.

When Luo Yin Ge was born, she inherited all the positives of their parents, being a cold and arrogant young miss.

She had an absolute height, with long slender legs that allowed her to tiptoe like a ballerina.

But…..the previous host wasn’t as lucky.

With a gap of fifteen centimeters, not only did she not have the qualification to be a big girl, her parents and her big sister all pampered her like a little lolita.

This had annoyed her, but she discovered a new world that belonged to her when she discovered voice dubbing on the web.

She didn’t have the height advantage, but she had the voice advantage.  She could freely change her pitch and change her voice.

She could become a singer, a cross talker, or a sketch actor with this kind of voice.

But she finally chose to do online voice dubbing!


Because she felt like…..she would die from seeing the light!

So the only job where she could only show her voice without showing her face was voice acting!

The previous host polished her voice at home for half a month before finally settling on the big sister voice.

Since the voice that she normally spoke with was a bit cold, it wasn’t related to the voice of a big sister at all.

Therefore, she liked using her big sister voice, which was considered a ‘top’ voice in the circle.

The previous host’s voice acting career was very smooth.  When she wasn’t popular, she could only send her voice clips to some agencies and apply for some roles.

She never thought that many people would look for her.

Until she made “Soul Sacrifice” which gave her the title of the strongest ‘top’ voice in the circle.

She was invited by King’s Landing, the most popular agency on the web.  A year later, she became one of the top stars.

There were many people who praised her, but there were also many who criticized her.

As much praise she received, she would only receive more and not less criticism.

But…..the trolls on the web weren’t terrifying, the most terrifying things were sisters in real life.

As winter came, King’s Landing accepted a production called “Sword Dance Clear Song”.

The female lead Feng Wu was cast as the previous host and they couldn’t find anyone suitable to play the supporting female lead.

At that time, the previous host’s boyfriend was He Yu Yan (No Words).

One of the top stars of King’s Landing asked her help to recommend someone for the supporting female lead role.

When she received this memory, Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help cursing.  Was the previous host’s eyes ruined?

The previous host particularly liked He Yu Yan probably because they had been working together for a long time.

The two stars of King’s Landing became the best couple in the hearts of the fans.

The previous host agreed to He Yu Yan’s request and explained the situation to the president.

The president agreed to let her audition, but…...

The supporting female lead Fang Qian Meng didn’t want to be the supporting female lead, she wanted the female lead role of Feng Wu.

She had some fame in the voice acting world, being called the ‘number one voice acting beauty’.  There were many pictures of her online and she had countless otaku fans!

She didn't look bad, but her makeup was a bit too heavy.

Fang Qian Meng’s voice clip wasn’t bad, but it sounded too immature.  After the president heard this dry voice, she felt that she wasn’t suited for the female lead Feng Wu and explained this to the previous host.

It was at this time that the previous host learned that Feng Qian Meng wanted to use her as a springboard to get the female lead role!

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