Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1442: Long lost little theater side story

[Ke, ke……]

An Yu Sheng: “......”

[The long lost little theater is back again, the little theater will update from time to time!  Everyone, please wave the glow sticks in your hands and let the system see your enthusiasm, alright?]

There was pitch black without any glow sticks waving.

System…...felt a bit awkward!

An Yu Sheng: “......”

[Yo, yo, check it out!  Everyone really is enthusiastic, filling this system with excitement!  Now let’s enter today’s main topic, an interview with classmate An Yu Sheng who has a ‘personality disorder’!]

“There is no personality disorder now.”  An Yu Sheng truthfully replied!

[“First question: Use a simple phrase to describe yourself!”]

“......”  After three seconds of silence, he said, “Personality disorder!”

[“......”]  The system felt like it had dug a hole for itself!

[“Second question: When were you the saddest in this life?”]

“Seeing the picture that Su Nian sent!”  He knit his brows and touched his chest as his face turned a bit pale.

[“Ah!  The system won’t ask these extreme questions!”]  Although it didn’t know this question was this extreme!

“Thank you.”

[“Third question: Who do you hate the most in this world?”]

“Su Nian.”

[“It seems like sir school hunk didn’t hesitate at all!”]

“Un, I almost lost her twice because of Su Nian.”  He didn’t even dare think about it, what would she do if his heart had stopped then?

[“Fourth question: How did you feel seeing her for the first time after losing your memories?”]


School hunk An thought for a long time for this question, but he still gave a domineering answer.

“Love at first sight.”

In his empty life, he fell in love at first sight with this girl.

That feeling was the feeling of falling in love!

[“Fifth question: What comments do you have on her black wedding dress?”]

“Beautiful, queen, powerful!”

[“A brief and concise summary of everything!”]

[“Sixth question: What do you think of Su Nian as a love rival?”]

“He understood me well, but for Mrs An, if there was any hatred in his love, that would be a shame to the word love.  He wasn’t qualified to love her.”

[Handsome!  Handsome!  Handsome!]

[“Seventh question: What was the ugliest thing you’ve done?”]

“When we took a vacation abroad, Mrs An was having a happy conversation with a foreigner.  When the foreigner went to take a swim, I took his underwear by the cliff and angrily cut it to pieces!”

[“......”]  The system felt that this ‘personality disorder’ was a bit terrifying!

[“Eighth question: What kind of girl did you think Xia Qing Rou was?”]

“My best little sister, a very, very, good girl!  But her story of Cinderella and the prince at the end was just terrible!”

[System notification: Xia Qing Rou’s story is already perfect, alright!]

[“Ninth question: When you met Liang Bing Bing at the end of the story and you called her wife……”]

“Deliberate!”  His lips curled, “I felt very proud and wanted to show off my wife!”

[“Ke, ke, truly amazing!”]  The system felt that Liang Bing Bing not being angered to death was already quite lucky!

[“Tenth question: Say something you want her to hear!”]

“If I can die by your side, my life wasn’t in vain.”

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 25/100]

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