Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1441: SIde story: As long as this world has you, I can live (Part 3)

I felt my heart skip a beat, like I had heard the sound of redemption.

I opened my eyes and saw everyone’s shocked gaze, vaguely hearing her clear voice come from the phone.

She said: Wait for her to come back.

I said: Alright.

This was a kind of promise.  Even if all my blood was gone, I would firmly hold onto this promise.

Therefore, when Su Nian appeared in front of me to kill me, I wasn’t afraid at all.

Because I knew that he couldn’t kill me…...

I could feel the blood flowing out of me bit by bit, but the strong will to live drove me to press the button calling the nurse even with something sharp stabbing my hand.

Su Nian never would have thought that a person who lost two thousand CCs of blood would still be able to live.

Of course, not only him, everyone had thought the same.  Only I knew why she knew…...

When I closed my eyes, I was in her arms.

I once told myself that if she didn’t want me, if there was a day that she walked down the aisle in a wedding hall with another man.

I would definitely cause a big mess and then use a knife to stab my heart, dying in her embrace.

This was the script for if she didn’t love me, but the script in real life was…...

Luo Qing Chen only loved me!

Whether it was me with my memories or me without them.

Actually, on the first day I lost my memories, when she came into my sight, I knew that my relationship with her wasn’t normal.

That feeling created a sweet scent in the air and I felt a bit nervous.

I thought that I could still tell who I liked.

At least…...it wasn’t Liang Bing Bing.

Although I can only accept this passively without my memories.

I accepted the arrangements of my parents and accepted this so-called engagement ceremony.

But passive acceptance didn’t mean you couldn’t take the initiative to attack.

I used all kinds of methods to keep testing, testing to see if she liked me, testing to see what the relationship between us was.

Until she accidentally had her hand cut by the beggar while saving a little girl in front of me.

When the blood came out, I heard a voice fill my mind.

The memories came back and filled my mind bit by bit.

I was certain that she was the one I wanted to spend my life with.

But she was even more domineering than I imagined.  I thought that she would choose to elope, but I never thought that she would choose to steal the groom.

Thinking about it afterwards, I felt it was fine since I could at least introduce her to everyone.

There was only one wife for me in this life, it was Luo Qing Chen!

I thought that the protagonist at the engagement ceremony would be me.  I would take her hand in a handsome fashion and protect her, telling everyone that she was the one I loved.

But I never thought that she would be so dazzling.

At that moment, she was the center of attention for everyone.  Every word she said had an aura that no one else had.

She had fought a beautiful battle against the Liang Group.

From beginning to end, she had never lost once.

Suddenly, she was no longer the girl I wanted to protect, but rather the girl I felt proud of.

All the memories overlapped at that moment and those things related to her played in my mind like a movie.

The first time we met, the first time we held hands, the first time we kissed, the first time we said goodbye…...

So we had experienced that much together.

So I liked her that much.

So, so.

So we will never be apart again!

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