Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1440: SIde story: As long as this world has you, I can live (Part 2)

My parents probably saw the shadow of my big brother from me, so their attitude towards me underwent a 360 degree change.

They no longer said bad things to me and even asked me about how I was doing in school.

This feeling was very strange.  It didn’t feel like not being able to get warmth at all, it was that the warmth came too late.

It was a bit…..fake.

But…..I wanted to accept it.

People who were in darkness for a long time yearned for light.  As long as it could penetrate the darkness in my heart, I would desperately want to own it.

Luo Qing Chen was that light.

When I met her, it was already seven years since I had changed into a gentle person, there was a bit of fate.

My first impression of her wasn’t good because I always felt that I saw a shadow of my former self on her.

I hated the me of that time because if it wasn’t for me being bad, big brother wouldn’t have died.

On the other hand, my personality was already obsessive.  Once I competed with something, I would go to the end.

For normal people, they wouldn’t turn back unless they hit the wall.  I was the person who even if my head was bloody from hitting the wall, I would still walk the path of my own blood.

Therefore, I waited for her.

It was the same amount of time as her, thirty days.

When we met again, she had a different feeling, like a butterfly breaking out of a cocoon.

At that moment, I felt that she was the same as me.

At least a person who went from a ‘bad child’ to a ‘good child’.

The method between us was very strange, we made a bet with a ‘love test’.

We would see who would fall in love first!

I thought that someone as gentle as me who was actually indifferent was definitely win.

But I never thought that I would lose by so much.

When I saw Su Nian speaking to her at school, I felt very anxious, like there was a flame burning me.

This feeling gradually swallowed all my reasoning and filled me with hostility towards Su Nian.

The funny thing was that his hostility towards me far exceeded my hostility.  He had a hate that reached his bones, he hated me and everyone in the An Family.

I didn’t know about this hatred at first because all I was thinking about was how to make Luo Qing Chen fall in love with me.

Working hard to get a fever, working hard to make her worry, working hard to make her stay by my side.

I found that I had unknowingly changed.  I was no longer the elegant and gentle youth, I was no longer my big brother.

Rather…..I was a bit like myself.

The original personality that was restrained was finally released, giving Su Nian no chance.

But after doing all of this, I never expected…...it would be related to Su Nian’s identity.

I never thought that he would work with Liang Bing Bing to hurt her, making me think that she had thrown me away.

In this world, there was nothing that I was afraid of.  The only thing I was afraid of was being left behind by her.

In the following days, whenever I had that feeling, my heart couldn’t help skipping a beat.

At that time, I was filled with pain that made my heart feel suffocated.

I vaguely remember lying on the operation table only thinking of one thing: Without you, I don’t want to live.  I don’t want to live at all, let me die…...Let me stay away from this pain that is beyond the scope of humans.

And when I felt like my body was about to float away, Xia Qing Rou’s voice entered my ears.

She said, “Big brother, big brother, Qing Chen says that she only likes you!”

Only, likes, me!

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