Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1431: Sir school hunk with personality disorders (Part 57)

The two hosts talked to each other on stage, making the show very grand.

“Welcome all the business leaders and various celebrities to the engagement ceremony between mister An Yu Sheng and miss Liang Bing Bing.”

“Next, let’s invite our most handsome bride and most beautiful groom to the stage.”

Liang Bing Bing had a proud look in her moon white wedding dress, walking towards the dazzling stage with her head held high.

She was a princess, she was the only school flower, she was the most perfect goddess in the mind of her fans.

Everything should have belonged to her.

But that little punk girl Luo Qing Chen had stolen her spotlight!

But now everything had already fallen apart.  She was wearing her wedding dress and standing beside An Yu Sheng like Snow White.

The pearls on the wedding dress shined bright and the large diamond on her fingers dazzled the girls under the stage.

“Ah Sheng.”  She had a proud smile as she said in a soft voice beside An Yu Sheng, “Although you went overboard that day, I know that you’ve been misled.”

An Yu Sheng didn’t reply, his bright eyes kept looking for a figure in the crowd.

Suddenly, he was a bit worried.

This place wasn’t a place that anyone could come into.  Even if Luo Qing Chen had some money, she wouldn’t be able to come in.

He shouldn’t have let her come and steal the groom.  He was a bit regretful, afraid that she couldn’t come.

But he had already made his decision.

Even if Luo Qing Chen didn’t come, he would go find her.

After all, in his blank life, the only remaining memories were…..of her.

“Ah Sheng, what are you looking for?”  Liang Bing Bing unhappily bit her lip as she said, “You won’t think that that little punk girl Luo Qing Chen would come, right?”

“So what?”  An Yu Sheng’s voice was very soft, but it was also a bit cold.

“He, he.”  Liang Bing Bing gave two cold laughs, “Stop dreaming!  What kind of person is she, how could she be qualified to come here?  Do you know what kind of people are here today?  That little punk girl, she isn’t even qualified to hold their shoes!”

At this time, there was a raging fire burning deep in her heart.

They were standing on stage as a new couple today.

But her fiance was thinking of another woman!

As expected, these cheap girls really were hateful.  They were like annoying flies that kept buzzing around.

“Next, we’ll enter the ceremony of the vows.”

“What is the most important thing the new bride wants to say to her fiance?”

“Yo, yo, yo!”


“Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa.”

There were cheers from the audience which made it very lively.

But they never would have known that there was a girl in a black wedding dress at the entrance that had a perfect smile on her face.

“That…..”  Liang Bing Bing shyly swayed back to back before saying with a smile, “That I like you the most!”

Her voice falling onto An Yu Sheng’s ears couldn’t help making him knit his brows.

“It seems like our new bride is very shy!”

“Now let’s ask our groom to be, what is the most important thing he wants to say to his bride?”

Silence, silence, silence.

A very awkward silence.

Other than An Yu Sheng, everyone present felt awkward.

The host saw this and quickly said, “It seems like our new groom is even more shy!”

As soon as his voice fell, An Yu Sheng took the microphone, “I don’t love her and won’t marry her.”

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