Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1426: Sir school hunk with personality disorders (Part 52)

Everyone looked at Liang Bing Bing with eyes that seemed like they suddenly understood.

It was like their eyes were saying: Oh!  So it’s a fool…...

Liang Bing Bing’s so-called sisters stood by her side without saying a word.

In front of them was An Yu Sheng, the male god in the eyes of everyone at their school.

Even if you couldn’t become the male god’s lover, you couldn’t become someone the male god hated.

Not to mention that Liang Bing Bing relied on her good family backing to act a bit arrogantly at school.

Now that she was suffering, they felt a bit of schadenfreude.

“You…..You all!”  Liang Bing Bing angrily threw the bag in her hand and roared, “You just wait for me!”

An Yu Sheng directly shielded Luo Qing Chen when he saw this and lowered his head to mutter, “Wife, let’s go in.  This person doesn’t seem stable.”

“Puchi.”  Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help laughing.

Although An Yu Sheng had said it nicely, he was suggesting: This person seems crazy.

In the last row, Luo Qing Chen hugged the popcorn in her hands and only then could she see the screen.


It was a bit strange because it was called “Ear of Rice in Spring”!

This was a literary film and the female lead was called Fang Dao Sui.

Whether it was the name of the film or the female lead, it had the aura of a rural film.

But this fit the theme of a literary film because it was love during the revolution.

To be honest, the plot wasn’t bad, but it was a bit hypocritical.

At this time, a comb, a poem, a painting, a pen, or even a ribbon could become tokens of love.

Love was pure during those times, it wasn’t about material goods or having mistresses.

But the male and female lead that couldn’t love, people couldn’t help feeling sorry for them.

There were many girls crying in the theater, leaning on the shoulders of the boys beside them.

An Yu Sheng looked over at Luo Qing Chen and it was a bit scary how calm she was.

Not only was she not cry, even her eyes weren’t red.

Un!  He felt a bit unwilling.  He had read the comments on the forums that said that this film was very tear jerking, which was why he brought her here.

He never thought that he would fail.

When the film ended, when the male lead closed his eyes and died, the entire audience was filled with crying.

When the lights came on and the faint light fell onto Luo Qing Chen’s face, she turned over with a faint smile, “It’s over.

“Un……”  He asked in a slightly annoyed voice, “Was it not good?”

“It was good!”

“Then…...you didn’t seem……”

He pointed at the girls in the arms of the boys.

Luo Qing Chen immediately understood and gave a soft laugh, “It you’re experience, you won’t be moved to tears that easily.”

Whether it was love or friendship.

When they came out of the theater, Luo Qing Chen pointed at a dessert shop not far away, “Anyway, it’s still early.  You invited me to a movie, so I’ll invite you to have a drink!”

An Yu Sheng watched as the soft light in the street fell onto her face and there was a strange and familiar memory that appeared in his mind.

That night, that light, that street.


This scene was exactly like the scene in his dream.

He nodded without hesitation before shaking his head.

“What is it?”  Luo Qing Chen didn’t understand what he meant and asked this.

“We do have to eat dinner, but I don’t want to drink regular drinks.”

“What do you want to drink?”


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