His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 142 - Drunken Things

It was evening by the time Qi Zheng returned to Duke An Residence.

“Eldest master, second master is in your study and refuses to leave…” He just entered the courtyard when a boy servant hurriedly came to report, staring anxiously at the brightly lit study.

The eldest master disliked people going into his study but that second master barged inside without a care. Even more, he refused to leave.

Qi Zheng stumbled on his steps, drunk. If it weren’t for Uncle Qun supporting him, he would’ve fallen on the ground.

“Quickly bring the hangover tea for the eldest master.” Uncle Qun ordered.

Two maids standing on the stairs heard this and immediately turned to go to the kitchen.

Qi Zheng stumbled to the study and kicked open the door to see Qi Feng fumbling on some things in front of his desk.

“Who allowed you to touch my things?” Qi Zheng reeked of alcohol but still stared at Qi Feng angrily.

The young man standing behind the desk was somewhat similar to Qi Zheng. He was only in his twenties but appeared a little less domineering and dignified than Qi Zheng. He looked more like a scholar. The moment he saw Qi Zheng, a jealous glint flashed by his eyes.

“I came here to specially congratulate my elder brother. Not only did the emperor value you after returning from a victory battle, he even bestowed marriage to you. Even more, father is going to pass the heir position to you.” Qi Feng originally wasn’t jealous that Qi Zheng had become the hero of Dazhou. But seeing that Qi Zheng had returned and obtained more and more importance and praise, and how even the emperor complimented him in front of his court, and now even personally bestowed marriage to him, he was envious.

Father even seeked him out earlier saying that Qi Zheng was going to be the future heir.

Why! Why did Qi Zheng get all the good things? He was just a fool who only knew to use his brute force.

Mother had told him as a child that Duke An Residence would be his when he grew up. There was no way the heir position would be passed to a fool and he believed that too. He had always viewed himself as the future heir. Who knew that Qi Zheng would become a normal person and a hero in Dazhou’s common people’s eyes.

What was he supposed to do? He’d definitely become the laughing stock and humiliation of the capital!

Qi Feng resented and hated Qi Zheng in his heart. He wanted to turn Qi Zheng into a retard again. Even more, he wanted him to die in the battle at the northwest!

“I know, you can leave.” Qi Zheng naturally saw the hatred in Qi Feng’s eyes. However, he was in a great mood and didn’t want to argue that much with him so he waved him to leave.

“This brother is happy for my elder brother. Elder brother, we haven’t drank yet today. Let’s get drunk tonight.” Qi Feng sat on a tutor chair by the desk and pointed at the other tutor chair, indicating for Qi Feng to sit down.

Uncle Qun was unhappy and wanted to throw Qi Feng out.

Qi Zheng stopped him in secret. He walked over while stumbling. “Then let’s drink.”

His half brother hadn’t talked much to him before. When he was pretending to be stupid, Qi Feng had frequently mocked and bullied him. The two were never brothers.

Qi Feng would be truly happy for him? Would congratulate him truthfully? Don’t joke around.

Qi Zheng didn’t drink from the glass of wine. Yet, Qi Feng drank glass after glass and he became drunk soon.

“Father is biased and unfair… I’m the legitimate heir. You’re just a fool. Why? Why!” Qi Feng exclaimed drunken words while hugging the bottle of wine.

Uncle Qun hmphed. “You really don’t know your place!”

The maid that went to grab the hangover tea was back. She stood outside the study and was about to come inside.

“Let the second master drink it.” Qi Zheng had the maid come in and indicated for her to serve Qi Feng and help him drink the tea.

The maid’s expression changed slightly. “This hangover tea is for the eldest master. If the second master wants to drink, this maid can get another serving.”

Qi Zheng took the hangover tea and waved the maid off drunkenly.

The maid slowly backed out of the study and frequently looked back to see if Qi Zheng had drunk the hangover tea. Up until Qi Zheng placed the porcelain cup of tea to his mouth did she smile before lowering her head and hurriedly went to get another cup of hangover tea for the second master.

After the maid left, Qi Zheng placed the porcelain bowl of hangover tea down. One couldn’t even tell that he was drunk. His eyes darkened as he exclaimed, “There’s something fishy.”

In the dark, a man walked out of a corner. Without even looking at the drunk Qi Feng, he greeted Qi Zheng and picked up the bowl of hangover tea. He sniffed it before saying in a low voice, “Sir, they added aphrodisiac.”

Uncle Qun hmphed. “Feed it to the second master.”

A sneer floated on Qi Zheng’s face. “It seems like Xiao Gu hasn’t given up.”

The man shoved the bowl of hangover tea down Qi Feng’s throat.

“Help the second master to rest in my room.” Qi Zheng said faintly.

The maid came back from boiling another bowl of hangover tea when Uncle Qun told her that Qi Feng had returned and the eldest master was also resting inside the room.

“This maid will go and serve the eldest master.” The maid said immediately.

Uncle Qun exclaimed in a deep voice, “The eldest master doesn’t like people by his side while resting.”

After dismissing the maid, Uncle Qun also dismissed the servants in the study. It was unclear where two men in black had appeared outside of the study. They stood there quietly.

“What’s the matter?” Qi Zheng sat behind the desk and stared coldly at the two young men standing in front of him.

They had appeared in Shen Ziqiao’s village back then. They were Qi Zheng’s shadow guards.

“Xiao Gu placed her maiden home’s niece on the eldest master’s bed.” One replied.

Uncle Qun hmphed. “This Xiao Gu really doesn’t know how to give up. The emperor had just bestowed marriage today and she had done this. She clearly wanted to ruin the young master’s reputation and ruin this marriage.”

Qi Zheng laughed. This Xiao Gu really thought he was still the ignorant boy like he was back then? He wouldn’t retaliate to her schemes?

“Eldest master, what should we do now?” Uncle Qun asked.

“There’s still two months. After the madam marries into the family, we’re not leaving the residence that quickly. Get rid of all the people Xiao Gu placed at my side.” Qi Zheng said coldly.

He didn’t want Shen Ziqiao to deal with the people Xiao Gu had inserted by his side. He wanted to get rid of these people before she married into the residence.

“Eldest master, but then Xiao Gu will be suspicious if we do this.” Uncle Qun said.

Qi Zheng lifted his brows faintly. “Do you think she hasn’t been suspicious? We don’t need to endure this anymore.”

Did he mean that he wouldn’t tolerate Xiao Gu being tyrannical in the Duke An Residence anymore?” Uncle Qun was delighted. He finally didn’t need to lower his status to Xiao Gu anymore.

“That’s it then. You guys can go rest.” Qi Zheng said.

The next day, before the sun was bright, she immediately called people to help her freshen up and change her clothes. She brought Nanny Su and a group of people to Qi Zheng’s courtyard.

Uncle Qun blocked her in front of the courtyard. “Madam, what do you need the eldest master for?”

“The eldest master hasn’t woken up again.” Uncle Qun replied.

Xiao Gu indicated for a nanny to push Uncle Qun aside. “Hmph. Qi Zheng is shameless. The emperor already bestowed marriage to him, yet he dared to deceive his cousin. Today, I want the Lord to reason and bring justice. How did the Qi Family give birth to such a bastard?”

Uncle Qun resisted and called out loud. “Madam, what do you mean? Bringing a whole bunch of people to the eldest master’s courtyard? What do you need him for?”

Xiao Gu wasn’t afraid of Uncle Qun’s loud voice. Instead, she indicated for her people to fight with him.

The originally quiet morning in Qi Residence became bustling with noises.

Many servants had run over to see what was going on.

Nanny Su even indicated for people to quickly invite Duke An over.

Uncle Qun was pushed roughly by the two nannies and almost fell on the ground. He anxiously watched as Xiao Gu and the others entered the room. He called loudly, “Madam, the eldest master isn’t inside the room.”

“Ahhh—” There was a shriek coming from inside the room.  

Xiao Gu’s cursing rang. “Qi Zheng, you bastard. How can you treat your cousin like this? My poor Dai’er. She just got lost and you’ve tainted her…”

Uncle Qun sneered upon hearing her.

The naked Qi Feng had lazily woken up in bed and heard Xiao Gu’s voice. He thought that he had heard wrong.

“Mother, what are you saying?” He softly called out and rolled over to hug a smooth and soft body. He froze before opening his eyes to look.

A beautiful face was in front of his eyes. Then he immediately recalled who she was.

She was his foolish cousin!

Qi Feng sat up straight, panicking and in fear at the room full of people.

“Second master!” Nanny Su widened her eyes, looking incredulously at the person in front of them.

Xiao Gu’s cursing stopped and she felt as if someone was choking her. Her face flushed and she couldn’t say a single word.

“Why is the second master here?!” Nanny Su shrieked. Then she glanced at the deep in sleep Gu Daiqin whose bare back was exposed. She thought that she had seen something wrong.

“Mother...what...what is going on? Why are you guys here?” Qi Feng asked confusedly.

Xiao Gu thought she was going to faint.

“What is going on? What’s with the fight early in the morning?” Duke An had been startled and he walked inside, moving the curtains to the side.

“Nothing!” Xiao Gu was immediately awake. She didn’t have time to process what happened but she thought that Duke An mustn’t see this scene.

Unfortunately, it was too late. Qi Zheng and Duke An appeared behind her.

“Why are you all in Zheng’er’s room?” Duke An watched as Qi Zheng was outside while everyone else was inside. He pushed Xiao Gu to the side to see the bewildered Qi Feng.

Then he saw Gu Daiqin who was about to wake up, rubbing her eyes.

Duke An’s expression turned ashen and unwell. He roared, “You bastard. What are you doing here?”

Xiao Gu glared at Qi Zheng in resentment. She hurriedly walked over to explain, “Lord…”

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