Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1418: Sir school hunk with personality disorders (Part 44)

Luo Qing Chen wasn’t surprised by Su Nian’s question at all when she heard this.  She sat in front of him with her hands in her pocket as she calmly replied, “He won’t die.”

“You are very optimistic.”  Su Nian’s expression had a bit of despair as he took another puff of his cigarette before saying, “I cut his artery!”

How could he live after his artery was cut!  As long as ten seconds passed, he would go into cardiogenic shock.

Medically speaking, if this large blood vessel was accidentally cut during an operation, they might lose their life.  Not to mention…..

“Do you think that if he died, I would come see you?”  Luo Qing Chen’s calm voice had a slight chill to it.

She really didn’t hate Su Nian, but she couldn’t like him since he hurt An Yu Sheng like that.

“Ha, ha.”  He was a bit surprised before giving a self-deprecating smile, “That’s right, that’s right.”

In the end, he spent his life in prison.  He had his life, but he couldn’t die together with the person he hated the most.

He and An Yu Sheng had no deep grudge, but there was a deep hatred.

“Since he’s still alive, why did you come see me instead of staying by his side?”

“Zhao Jin Xuan was sent in by you…..right!”

“You came to thank me?”  He felt a bit sad and found it a bit funny when he looked into her eyes.

“Thank you.”  She sincerely thanked him, but there wasn’t any emotion beyond that.

“No need.”  Su Nian gave a chuckle and waved his hand with the cigarette box in it, “We have grudges and favours between us.”

“You and I have no grudge between us.”  Luo Qing Chen slowly stood up and said in an ice cold voice, “The person who owes you in this world is An Yang, not An Yu Sheng.”

“If An Yu Sheng dies and I’m not caught, I would definitely kill An Yang.”  He looked at her with hostility in his eyes.

But Luo Qing Chen said with a chuckle, “No, you won’t.”

He was surprised, but he didn’t say a thing.  He just looked at Luo Qing Chen with a bit of surprise like a small secret in his heart had been revealed.

“You never thought of revenge on An Yang even if you knew in your heart that he is the one you should take revenge on.”

“Stop talking.”  Su Nian’s voice was a bit agitated as he cut her off.”

“Because all you wanted was his love, not to ruin him.”

“I said stop!”  Su Nian heard this and slammed his hand into the table.  He looked at her with a sad gaze and said, “You wouldn’t understand this feeling!  You would never understand!”

He had been laughed at since growing up, he didn’t have anyone to rely on to protect him since he didn’t have a father.  He just wanted that shoulder and if An Yang only had a single son left in this world, wouldn’t he look for him?

“If you weren’t that extreme, you might have had a father and a big brother.”  She paused before saying, “No, two.”

These were the last words she said to him before leaving, hoping that they never met again.

[Ding, affection has decreased by one hundred.  Mission completion rate is now 0%.]

“Ding ling.”

She felt her heart skip a beat as an indescribable suffocation filled her heart.

The ringing of her cell phone filled her mind again and again before she suddenly trembled, picking up the call from Xia Qing Rou.

“Hello, Qing Chen?”  Xia Qing Rou’s voice excitedly came from the other side, “Big brother is awake!”

“......”  After a bit of silence, she pursed her lips and her eyes couldn’t help turning red as she said, “I know.”

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