Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1415: Sir school hunk with personality disorders (Part 41)

The surrounding people all exploded when they heard Liang Bing Bing’s words.

“Bing Bing, we support you!”

“This girl must be the punk Bing Bing was talking about, how could someone like this be with our school hunk An!”

“Right, it really is the prince and the commoner, it makes people feel sick watching it!”

“Isn’t that true!  She’s not embarrassed to come to our class one, I don’t know what gave her this courage!”


“Commoner?”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and revealed an ice cold smile as she looked at Liang Bing Bing, “Then this commoner will ask you to scram.”

Her voice wasn’t loud or soft, but it was filled with power.

Everyone had shocked looks, but Liang Bing Bing trembled at these words.

“You…..You want me to scram?”  Liang Bing Bing came back to her senses after three seconds and looked at her with a sharp laugh, “Is your brain broken!  You want me to scram?”

She curled her lips as her voice filled with sarcasm.  Not to mention a small punk like Luo Qing Chen, even if it was An Yu Sheng, he couldn’t say these words to her!

How could a punk like Luo Qing Chen who had nothing?

“Liang Bing Bing, you really won’t give up until you die.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug.  Her clear eyes became incomparably deep and she had a different aura as she moved towards her step by step.

“You…..What do you want to do!”  Liang Bing Bing swallowed her saliva with a bit of worry as she couldn’t help taking a step back.

“Don’t come here!  Our Bing Bing is weak, but I’ve trained before and I won’t let you off if you bully her!”  The follower in the red jacket had an arrogant look as she came forth, not looking afraid at all.

After all, the girl in front of her looked very weak!  She wasn’t her match at all, since she was a yellow belt in Taekwondo!

But Liang Bing Bing’s expression was different.  She had seen Luo Qing Chen fight and it was as Zhao Jin Xuan had said, even a hundred Liang Bing Bing couldn’t beat a single Luo Qing Chen.

“Do you know how to be afraid now, what happened to the arrogance from before?”

“Don’t mess around…..I…..will call the police.”

“Do you think that I would give you that chance?  Could it be that after following people with personality disorders for this long, the words ‘dying together’ is a major thing!”

She stood by Liang Bing Bing’s desk after she said this.  With a flip of her hand, the desk slammed into the wall and it shattered to pieces.

Everyone in the class took a cold breath, looking at Luo Qing Chen with disbelief.

The people who had insulted her before shrank their necks back, afraid that disaster would befall them.

Liang Bing Bing staggered back again and almost fell to the ground.

“Don’t come over here, this is a society with laws…..Even if you’re a…...Even if you don’t have a higher education, you should know the laws……”  Seeing Luo Qing Chen’s expression, Liang Bing Bing was a bit afraid.

She was afraid that she would lose her life with a single move.

The girl in the red jacket standing by her had already run away.  The ‘friendship that surpassed love’ that she mentioned was this weak.

“Wait a minute.”

When Liang Bing Bing was covering her head with eyes closed in fear, the voice of the principal came from the door.

He was panting and covered in sweat.  It could be seen that he had rushed over when he received Luo Qing Chen’s email.

The contents were very simple: Expel Liang Bing Bing and I won’t touch the affiliated school.  ——Mister L.

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