Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1412: Sir school hunk with personality disorders (Part 38)

The bright red blood spread across the white hospital robe.  An Yu Sheng desperately held his wound as he took two steps back.

The wound was very painful, but he had to stay awake.

“Don’t struggle.  I put a sign up at the end of the hall.”  Su Nian licked the knife covered in blood before saying with a smile, “No one will be coming for a while.”

An Yu Sheng slightly knit his brows.  He was planning on calling the nurse with the button by his bed, but Su Nian rushed forward to stab the knife in the back of his hand that was pressing the reaching for the button.

The sharp tip stabbed into An Yu Sheng’s hand.

Drops of blood dripped down and the flesh on the back of An Yu Sheng’s hand was torn apart.  The blood vessels and the bone underneath were revealed.

His face was a bit pale, but he didn’t knit his brows.  Rather he revealed a bright smile.

Because he had pressed the button.

“Ding ling.”  There was a clear sound that rang by his ears that made his eyes shine like the stars.

“You think that they will have time to save you?”  Su Nian’s expression changed and his voice became anxious.

“You think you can kill me?”  An Yu Sheng gave a soft snort.  His eyes had no fear even when he was covered in blood!

“Then I’ll give it a try!”

When his voice fell, Su Nian’s knife stabbed at An Yu Sheng again.  An Yu Sheng raised his right hand and grabbed his wrist, letting the knife stab right into his shoulder.

The pain hit him, but his eyes were much clearer compared to before.

Su Nian never thought that An Yu Sheng would do this, he actually let the knife stab him.

But An Yu Sheng was clear that he had one reason for this.

He couldn’t keep being stabbed.  He wanted to live, he had to live.

“An Yu Sheng, die!”

Su Nian pulled out the knife and wildly stabbed at the artery on An Yu Sheng’s neck.

At the same time, the room was opened and Luo Qing Chen who had just arrived rushed in.

In an instant, time froze for her.  The blood spurted out from his artery as that boy who seemed like he came from a painting was standing there covered in blood.

His eyes were very firm, but they turned a bit soft when he saw her.

He wasn’t afraid to use any method that hurt himself to get her care and attention before, but now in order to be with her, he used any method he could to stay alive.

How could he die?  Wouldn’t there be no one to be good to her if he died?  What if there was and he was jealous then?

This ice cold world, he didn’t want to live in it at first, but if this world had her, he wanted to stay with all his might.

“An Yu Sheng!”  She called out his name and charged forward to hold him, who was covered in blood.

At that moment, her heart kept trembling, shaking without stopping.

She was afraid, very, very afraid.  Tears kept dripping down and mixing with his blood, carrying all her emotions.

“Don’t cry……”  His right hand tightly held the artery that had been cut, his breathing was very heavy, and his eyes were no longer focused, but each word clearly rang out by her ears, “I won’t die…..because I won’t give you to anyone else.”

As soon as his voice fell, the youth silently laid in her arms as he slowly closed his eyes.

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