His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 141 - Explanation

His temperature became warmer and warmer and his erection was like a stick standing up, poking her butt. Shen Ziqiao’s body warmed up and she flushed from her face to her ears, especially her earlobes which were bitten by him. She seemed to feel numb and limp, the feeling extending to her limbs. If he wasn’t carrying her, she would’ve fallen off.

“Um, why didn’t the two leave yet?” Shen Ziqiao heard Sheng Peiyin’s moaning from the other side. She really wanted to choke the two people to death.

“That man…” Qi Zheng let go of her earlobe, his voice still hoarse. She could tell that he was trying hard to control his desire.

Hearing his sexy and hoarse voice, Shen Ziqiao trembled. Her voice still shaking, “Who’s that man?”

“The owner of Henghui Bank. How did Sheng Peiyin get together with him?” Qi Zheng knitted his dashing brows, disgusted with Sheng Peiyin.

A woman who’d do anything to achieve her lascivious desires.

Henghui Bank? Shen Ziqiao had never heard of this before. The plot had deviated so much from the original. She wasn’t sure what Sheng Peiyin would become next. Maybe she’d start to become a slutty female lead now.

But as long as she didn’t influence her lifestyle, she didn’t care about Sheng Peiyin’s female lead halo.

Qi Zheng said, “The owner of Henghui Bank is Ma Junfeng. It seems like a spy that colluded with the Jin people had gotten away.”

Shen Ziqiao shockingly moved Qi Zheng’s hands away. Seeing the two bodies entangled together, she asked, “If that man was a spy, then why was Sheng Peiyin with him?”

Sheng Peiyin should hate spies the most. She thought that her father was framed so how could she possibly be with a spy?

“Don’t look! Don’t look!” Qi Zheng turned her face over. “Sheng Peiyin has an unclear relationship with the Ninth Prince but she’s still fooling around with another man here.”

No matter what, this wasn’t the first time the Ninth Prince was made a cuckold. Shen Ziqiao thought. In a small voice, “Did she think that she can get revenge for the Sheng Family after seducing that Ma Junrfeng?”

A sneer floated on Qi Zheng’s face. “She won’t get this chance.”

Shen Ziqiao just remembered that she hadn’t asked him how they found the spy. “How did rumors that my father was the spy spread? How did it become Sheng Beili in the end?”

“Sh!” Qi Zheng carried her and hid her underneath. The two people had just finished fooling around. They teased one another while wearing their clothes. However, their voices weren’t loud enough so Shen Ziqiao couldn’t hear clearly. She vaguely heard a few words.

“Ma Sir, you can’t forget what you promised me…”

“I won’t!”

Shen Ziqiao asked Qi Zheng curiously, “What are they talking about?”

Qi Zheng wrinkled his brows at the two. Up until they got in the carriage and left did he carry Shen Ziqiao and jump down the tree. “Naturally, Sheng Peiyin got close to Ma Junfeng for an ulterior motive. If I guessed right, she wants to use him to get revenge.”

“How does she want to get revenge?...” She thought that she could achieve her motive by getting in bed with men? The Ninth Prince had treated her quite well. Didn’t she feel bad for the Ninth Prince in the least bit being with other men?

“She’s only relying on the Ninth Prince to watch her back. I was thinking that she would persuade the Ninth Prince…” Qi Zheng stayed quiet for a moment. After all, this guess was a bit too brazen. But he didn’t know why but he felt like Sheng Peiyin would have this thought.

Shen Ziqiao knew how ambitious Sheng Peiyin was. “She wanted to persuade the Ninth Prince to accuse and then get revenge while she was at it?”

Qi Zheng patted her head. “The Ninth Prince might not agree. You don’t need to worry about this.”

“Then what happened with my father and the Sheng Family?” Shen Ziqiao was most curious about this. She didn’t think that after Sheng Peiyin had been reborn, her family had an even more tragic consequence than her previous life.

“We had spread rumors that General Shen was a spy. This was so we could beat them at their own game. Sheng Beili colluded with the Jin people and captured Li Peiye’s family, threatening him to reveal military plans. Li Peiye was General Du’s vanguard. His mother and wife were both Jin people. They were captured by Sheng Beili and he hid them, threatening Li Peiye. If he didn’t work with him, he’d report to the emperor that his wife and mother were spies left in Dazhou by the Jin people...We kept his death a secret and purposely spread out news of our military plan. It was then that we figured out that the spy was Sheng Beili. We then drove the Jin people out of the wasteland.” Qi Zheng explained everything simply.

It definitely wasn’t as simple as he claimed but time had passed, and there was no need to recount the event.

Shen Ziqiao murmured, “I was guessing this should be the case but...my father had been cursed and insulted.”

“Right, General Shen had suffered a lot of grievances.” Qi Zheng sighed. Thankfully, they were able to drive the Jin people out of the wasteland.

Nevermind. It had passed. Shen Xiao was now the hero of Dazhou.

“Then let’s...go back now?” Shen Ziqiao didn’t want to talk about the past. The two suddenly quietened down. They heard only the wind blowing and the leaves rustling. It was unclear why but her face suddenly flushed. She felt as if she could still hear the moans and groans. She wanted to leave this place so badly.

Qi Zheng held her hands. In a hoarse voice, “I was planning to take you to watch the waterfall by the lake…”

Who knew they’d encounter this?

“I refuse!” Thinking of how Sheng Peiyin and the man had just had sex by the lake, Shen Ziqiao was unable to admire the view no matter what.

Qi Zheng chuckled and patted her, wanting to merge her into him.

“Stop fooling around. How much did you drink at the palace? You didn’t even rest either. What if you get a cold?” Shen Ziqiao pushed him away, sniffing the alcohol on him. She knew that he was a bit drunk.

“I’m happy. I wanted to see you.” Qi Zheng stared at her with a bright gaze. His rough fingers rubbed against her plump lips. When the emperor bestowed marriage to them, he was thinking about her and wanting to share that piece of news to her.

Shen Ziqiao felt uncomfortable with the way he was looking at her. She reached over and covered his eyes.

There was a wide smile on Qi Zheng’s face. She didn’t pull her hands away. Instead, he lowered his head and kissed her smooth face.

His kiss gently landed on her face and Shen Ziqiao removed her hand on his eyes. Instead, she placed them gently on his shoulders.

His thin and warm lips were on her plump lips, gently licking and kissing. His sturdy palm was against her back, pulling her closer to him.

Shen Ziqiao felt her body warming up with the faint kisses. She couldn’t help but stand on her tippy toes and deepen the kiss.

Qi Zheng carried her and pressed her against a tree. His long tongue teasing hers. Shen Ziqiao welcomed him, not as shy as she was before.

“Jiao Jiao…” Qi Zheng left her lips, panting as he called out her name hoarsely. His lips attacked her collarbone, sucking on it.

Shen Ziqiao clenched her teeth and refused to let her moans be heard.

A hand was placed on her globes and he massaged them hard through the clothes.

“It has grown up.” Qi Zheng chuckled lowly. That restless hand had already made its way under her clothes and his hands pinched the stiff and erect buds. He slightly pulled on it.

Shen Ziqiao couldn’t help but moan. “Don’t, mn…”

She didn’t want to do it here. She had dignity. She refused to be like Sheng Peiyin!

Shen Ziqiao started struggling. Her soft body rubbing against his throbbing erection. Qi Zheng almost lost his mind.

“Don’t move, Jiao Jiao, don’t move around.” He groaned painfully, taking his hands out from under her clothes reluctantly.

“I won’t move but don’t be reckless too.” Shen Ziqiao exclaimed.

Qi Zheng pulled her hands and placed it on his throbbing tent. “Jiao Jiao, I want you. I’ve been thinking about you every day all these years.”

Shen Ziqiao squeezed it moodily. “What are you thinking? You have dirty thoughts.”

“Bad girl.” Qi Zheng groaned, hurriedly pulling her hands away. “Do you want me?...”

Before he could finish his words, Shen Ziqiao had already understood. She pushed him away firmly. “Okay, I’m going back now.”

Qi Zheng laughed out loud and held her hands as they walked back. However, he was unable to ease his swollen erection. He laughed bitterly. He almost couldn’t control himself.

After they left the Gingko Forest, they saw Uncle Qun and Hong Ying standing by the respective carriages.

“Third miss!” Hong Ying hurried over and glanced at Qi Zheng.

Shen Ziqiao smiled. “Okay, let’s go back now.”

Although Uncle Qun thought that Shen Ziqiao was unworthy of his eldest master, the emperor had bestowed marriage to them regardless. He lowered his head and still respectfully addressed her as Third Miss Shen.

Qi Zheng smiled and carried her into the carriage. “Go back quickly. Wait at home to get married.”

Shen Ziqiao glared at him and had the driver drive back quickly.

In the other room, Xiao Gu who found out that the emperor had bestowed marriage almost smashed all the things in the room.

“The emperor actually bestowed marriage! I’m so angry, so angry!” Xiao Gu shrieked, not caring for Gu Daiqin who was curled up in a ball by the side.

While advising Xiao Gu, Nanny Su also called in someone to take Gu Daiqin down.

Glancing at the beautiful and glamorous Gu Daiqin, Nanny Su lamented. How great would it be if the lady wasn’t a fool?

“You don’t need to advise me. I can’t let him marry Shen Ziqiao. I can’t.” After throwing a tantrum, Xiao Gu finally calmed down but her expression was still distorted.

Nanny Su hurriedly exclaimed, “Madam, you can’t spew nonsense. The emperor bestowed marriage to them.”

“Even if they bestowed marriage…” Xiao Gu hmphed. “If the emperor finds out that Qi Zheng had secret ties with his cousin and misconducted himself, what do you think will happen?”

“Madam!” Nanny Su’s face paled. “This...If the emperor blames us, we’re all…”

“It’s fine if the emperor blames us.” Xiao Gu chuckled.

Even if she couldn’t get the emperor to take back his order and stop this marriage, she’d make it so that Qi Zheng and Shen Ziqiao wouldn’t be on the same side. Even more, she wanted Qi Silin to know just how much of a beast his precious son was.

“Nanny Su, go. Cook the hangover tea. When the eldest master comes back, bring it to him for him to drink.” A sinister sneer flickered in Xiao Gu’s eyes.

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