Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1408: Sir school hunk with personality disorders (Part 34)

It had to be said, when Luo Qing Chen saw the video, she was shaken.

There were no traces of the video being edited.  Su Nian had been caught by them and had been injured.

For Su Nian, she could say that she was someone who could completely ignore him.

But she was someone with moral values in the end.  There were some things that could be ignored, but some that she had to take responsibility for.

When she came to the affiliated school, Su Nian had invited her to a meal.  When he thought that she had been in the hospital, he didn’t care about skipping school to come and see her.

Whether it was because of his sincerity or his determination to win, Zhao Jin Xuan had captured Su Nian because of her.

So it stood to reason that she dragged him down.

At five thirty in the afternoon, she called Xia Qing Rou to tell her to take care of An Yu Sheng and that she would switch with her later tonight.

The place where Zhao Jin Xuan was holding Su Nian wasn’t far away, it was just a bit remote.

By the time she reached the abandoned building, it was already dark.

There was a strong scent of rust in the air and the cold wind blew past, creating an eerie feeling around her.

Luo Qing Chen directly went to the third floor.  When she was planning on opening a certain door, several knives flew at her.

She just gave a cold snort as her clear eyes were covered in coldness.

Luo Qing Chen jumped out and grabbed a rotten steel pipe in an instant, swinging it out in their direction.

Although the room was dim, she could still see Su Nian’s face.  His head was down and the finger that had been cut was bleeding bit by bit.

Zhao Jin Xuan standing on the side pulled Liang Bing Bing back a step as he ordered, “Fight to the death, it’s on me if you die!”

The little brothers look at each other before charging at Luo Qing Chen with their big knives.

“Overestimating yourselves.”  She jumped to the left and kicked the person to her left down to knock everyone else down in a clockwise pattern.

This took less than three seconds.

Liang Bing Bing was simply stunned.  She never thought that this punk girl would actually be this strong.

Luo Qing Chen clapped her hands before throwing the steel pipe at Zhao Jin Xuan.

With a pitiful cry, Luo Qing Chen’s lips curled before she quickly moved towards Su Nian.

“Su Nian.”  She softly called his name, but there wasn’t any reaction.

When she was planning on checking his breathing with her hand, Liang Bing Bing called out to her from behind.

“Don’t move…...You…..If you move, I’ll shoot.”  She had a pistol in her hand and was standing five meters away from her.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes as she slowly turned.  Her hands were in her pockets as she faced Liang Bing Bing.

Her face was a bit pale and although she stuttered, her voice wasn’t trembling.

Luo Qing Chen knit her brows.  She felt that something was off, but she couldn’t tell what.

“Just with you?  You want to kill me?”  Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug before spreading her hands, “You should just…..shoot!”

Not to mention her abilities, just with Liang Bing Bing’s skills as a novice, it wouldn’t be easy for her to hit someone from this close range.

Shooting had recoil, it didn’t mean that anyone could shoot.

“I won’t shoot, but that doesn’t mean you can leave.”  Liang Bing Bing wasn’t angry when she heard this.  She then revealed a strange smile.

She felt a heavy hit from the back of her head and her vision turned dark.

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