Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1407: Sir school hunk with personality disorders (Part 33)

Xia Qing Rou was very worried as she pushed the wheelchair, aimlessly looking for An Yu Sheng.

She had already been very careful, but when she went out to the corridor to get a pot of water, An Yu Sheng had pulled out his IV drip and disappeared from her line of sight.

“Qing Rou, over here!”  Luo Qing Chen saw Xia Qing Rou not far away and quickly waved her hand at her.

After all, An Yu Sheng who was holding her was currently putting all his weight on her.

His breathing was very soft and it had a unique scent as it fell onto her ears.

When they came back to the room, An Yu Sheng had already lost consciousness.  There was a lot of blood on his right arm because of the needle, but Luo Qing Chen didn’t notice it.  When she noticed it, she felt the colour of blood was shocking.

She looked at An Yu Sheng lying in the bed, watching as he used his almost extreme method to keep her in his safe zone.

He was so afraid of losing that he wouldn’t allow himself to lose her.

“39.3℃.”  The doctor took his temperature again and when he talked to them, his expression didn’t look good, “The nurse should have reminded you yesterday that this patient has a strong case of pneumonia, it’s dangerous for him to have a fever like this!”

Xia Qing Rou and Luo Qing Chen on the side kept nodding, “It’s our fault.”

“Ai.”  The doctor prescribed two kinds of antibiotics before reminding them again, “Please call the nurse if there are any changes in the vital signs, tell the patient the same thing when he wakes up.”

As soon as his voice fell, the doctor left the room.

Xia Qing Rou and Luo Qing Chen looked at each other before they both gave helpless sighs.

Luo Qing Chen thought that this matter had passed, but she never thought that things wouldn’t go as smoothly as she thought.

An Yu Sheng never woke up.  Luo Qijng Chen and Xia Qing Rou worked in shifts, so she went home to shower and change clothes first.

Su Nian called her once, but she didn’t pick up.  Su Nian called her twice, but she didn’t pick up.

When a third unfamiliar number called, Luo Qing Chen finally picked up.

“Luo Qing Chen!  Su Nian is in father’s hands!  If you want nothing to happen to him, come to the abandoned building by Baili Street.”

Zhao Jin Xuan’s voice came from the other side.  Every word he said was fierce like he was filled with hatred for Luo Qing Chen.

“Oh.”  She coldly replied, “What does it matter to me?”

“Don’t think that I won’t dare.  If you don’t come, I will……”

“I’m not the police, whether you take a hostage doesn’t matter to me.”

As soon as her voice fell, she hung up!

Zhao Jin Xuan on the other side was almost angered to death as he threw his phone on the ground.

“Little sister, what did we catch Su Nian for?  Luo Qing Chen doesn’t care at all!”  Zhao Jin Xuan complained.  He looked at Su Nian who had been beaten unconscious and said with an unhappy look, “He looks tough, but he doesn’t have any skills at all!  He actually dares to challenge us!”

Actually, kidnapping Su Nian wasn’t Zhao Jin Xuan’s plan at all.  If it wasn’t for the fact that he was cursing Luo Qing Chen outside the hospital and this man jumped him, he wouldn’t have done anything to this stranger.

“Since Luo Qing Chen doesn’t want to take the toast, we’ll give her something to watch.”  Liang Bing Bing took a small knife from her pocket and came to Su Nian with narrowed eyes, cutting his finger.

She had a fierce look in her eyes as she said through gritted teeth, “Send her a video, I bet she will come.”

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