Poisonous Peasant Concubine

Chapter 14- Taking the Pulse, One Family


Ling Jinghan and Ling Jingpeng were twins but they didn’t look the same. They must be fraternal twins. Adding on Ling Jinghan’s illness and that more than half the year was spent laying in bed without seeing sunlight, his skin was pale and transparent. His figure was so skinny that he basically had no figure. Meanwhile Ling Jingpeng was naughty since young. Everyday he would go fight with someone. Although the last two years he had calmed down and was more restrained, he would still frequently go with Ling Chenglong to the fields. Although he got a little skinner, he had plenty of muscle. The appearance of the two were vastly different.  

“Come, drink some water. This is some tea I made with fishmint, it will relieve the summer heat. Drink some more.”

The house didn’t have extravagant things like cups so Ling Jingxuan simply used bowls to serve them tea. This was what he boiled in the morning with the water from the Crescent Moon Spring. He thought that since the water from the spring could attract fish, then there definitely must be benefits for the body. Additionally, with the effects of the spear mint it suited the two little buns. He didn’t think there would be other uses for it like now.

“Thank you, cough cough... Big brother, it's great that you are able to recover. In the future there will be you and Jingpeng to take care of mom and dad. I can also be reassured.  cough cough…”

It was very difficult for him to say this in one breath as violent coughs rose up again. It felt like the words of a dying man and made Ling Jingxuan’s heart ache. He quickly approached and placed the bowl at his mouth. Sitting on the other side, Ling Jingpeng patted his back. Although the three brothers did not really communicate, that brotherly feeling was still there.

“Cough cough.. I…”

“Don’t talk anymore, slowly drink some water first.”

Ling Jinghan still wanted to say something but was forcefully interrupted by Ling Jingxuan. A seemingly soft tone mixed with an unquestionable command, with a thin and weak body he finally had an attitude of an older brother.

“Little brother, what exactly is second brother’s illness? Have you seen a doctor?”

Seeing him obediently drinking water, the coughing was also temporarily stopped. As he helped him to lay down, Ling Jingxuan asked. Trying to recall, it seems like since young his body was not well. But what kind of illness it was he had no impression of it.

“Oldest aunt and third aunt both said that second brother has tuberculosis. It cannot be treated...”

Ling Jingpeng pulled back and lowered his head. His trembling shoulders betrayed his innermost pain and anger. Helplessly Ling Jingxuan sighed. Using his finger he lightly touched on Ling Jinghan’s pulse. It would be better if it really was tuberculosis. Other people couldn’t treat it, but he could.

“Big brother?”

Ling Jinghan who was laying on the bed looked oddly at the finger on his wrist. His big brother knew medicine?

Towards his doubt, Ling Jingpeng and the two buns were also paying attention to the anomaly, but no one made a sound to disturb him. Although everyone was hesitant and had an anxious appearance.

“Cold air entered the lungs and a long cough turned into a sickness. It's not that it can't be treated, it only it needs something special. Second brother you can relax, I can definitely cure you.”

After quite a long time Ling Jingxuan opened his eyes, smiled and said this. He did not want a 14 year old, who if placed in the modern times was just a youth in middle school, utter words of death. At this age, the only thing he should be doing is studying.

“Really? Big brother you… cough cough.. You... you can cure me?”

As long as there was a hope for survival, who wanted to seek death? One could well imagine Ling Jinghan’s excitement, afterall he was only 14 years old. Even if he matured he could only grow to be a child.

“Big brother, can you really cure second brother?”


Ling Jingpeng and the two buns were just as anxious. The former was siblings. His parents were always busy. Basically since young it was him by himself taking care of his brother. The affection was naturally not the same. For the latter, although it was the first time seeing the legendary second uncle, they very much liked and felt distress for him. From the bottom of their hearts they hoped that he could improve like daddy.

“Hehe… of course it's true. How could I joke about something like this?”

Lovingly poking at Big bun’s face, Ling Jingxuan smiled at Ling Jinghan and nodded.

“Cough cough... youngest brother, can you please help me pour another cup of water.”

Deeply gazing at him for a long time after receiving a definite answer, Ling Jinghan instead did not seem that excited anymore. The thin and weak body struggled to sit up on the bed. Ling Jingpeng heard and promptly brought over the tea. After strenuously taking a big gulp, Ling Jinghan locked his eyes onto the smiling Ling Jingxuan. “Big brother, when did you learn medical expertise?”

Don't look at how skinny he is as if a gust of wind could blow him away. Talent could not be blown away. Shaking away the excitement from earlier, now at this moment he was just like an adult who experienced many things. From head to toe emitted an astute aura.

As expected, his premonition was not wrong. Ling Jinghan was worthy of his decision.

“Has second brother never heard of the phrase  ‘a long illness makes a patient a doctor’? You thought that these five years I’ve really been a fool?”

If someone really wasn’t astonished over his change then he really was deceiving someone. But... but if he couldn't even deal with a child over ten, then he really was speaking words that didn’t mean anything.

“But these past five years even your children…”

Words half spoken, Ling Jinghan suddenly thought of the two nephews that were still there. The suspicions he wanted to say were all blocked inside his throat, but it was still enough for Ling Jingxuan to understand what he meant. A thin, weak, and handsome face plastered on a confident and trusting smile. “Second brother, things that have passed have passed. I don't want to keep talking about it, people are very strange organisms. If one day you drill into a bull’s horn, try as you might but you can’t make it out. Some people will be trapped in there for a lifetime, but sometimes, you only need one opportunity and no matter how strong the horns are they will shatter. You are a smart person, you should know what I am saying.(1)

He didn’t want to manage the original owner’s mess, and he also had no interest in concerning himself in it. He didn’t care about others. But he had no intentions of hiding his medical expertise from them. He also didn't think of using multiple lies to cover it up. He was himself, an internationally famous 21st century assassin and doctor. Lying? It wasn’t worth it!

“Big brother…”

Ling Jinghan suddenly discovered, it seemed like he didn't understand this big brother one bit. Because it had to do with his illness, he asked himself to see the warmth and coldness of humanity, to taste this world’s multiple forms. Dragging a broken body, even if he had the ability, how? Five years ago when big brother was chased out the door, he was only 9 and was powerless to prevent it. However he could still study. He fantasized about passing the exams brilliantly, just and honorable he would get big brother to come back. His family would reunite. But for five years, he was tormented by this illness that was equal to death. If he wasn’t worried about their gradually aging parents, his imbecile big brother, unsensible youngest brother and the two nephews, perhaps he wouldn’t have the will to live on. Now, big brother has recovered to normal. But he just discovered, the gentle, soft and cowardly older brother from his memories was no longer there. He was replaced with someone strange.

But, that affection of an older brother doting on a younger brother, he still received it. He also felt heartfelt gratitude. It didn't matter if big brother could really cure him or not, at last the current big brother, who would bully him? Even if that day he really… under his care, mom and dad and youngest brother would not be bullied by others. This was enough.

“Dad, what exactly are you saying?”

The brothers were all silent. At this time, little bun unwilling to be left out rolled onto his leg, naive little eyes blinked at them.


The three brothers all glanced at each other, in succession all laughed out loud. Ling Jingxuan in a good mood patted his butt. “Little brat shouldn’t be concerned with much. Go, go bring some more water for second uncle.”

Little devil, deliberately tearing down his stage huh?

The sun was setting and Ling Jingxuan made a fully packed big cauldron of fish soup. In addition he made a pot of wild herb and corn paste. Don’t know how much the flesh of the normally stingy bun hurt,  but this time he didn’t keep calling out “Dad dad”. For this reason Ling Jingxuan couldn’t help but give him a thumbs up in his mind. The stingy will go back to being stingy. At least he understood that family was more important than money, right?

The sky was almost dark when Ling Chenglong, husband and wife, hurried over sweating. Realizing that it was most likely because of the so-called grandparents, oldest uncle and third uncle that purposely threw their farm work at them which made them arrive this late. Ling Jingxuan also did not ask more. The family circled and sat around the tottering table that could collapse at any moment.

“Jingxuan, today our luck is good. 8 fish were all sold to the neighboring village landlord. A total of 30 catties, 8 Wen a catty, in total was 240 Wen. Taking out the 50 Wen from buying a fish net, there's still 190 Wen left.”

Before starting the meal, a well behaved Ling Chenglong pushed over  a pile of copper coins in front of him. Ling Jingxuan roughly swept over it with a glance. It was very similar to the copper coins from his memory. Only the name of the nation on top was not the same. But he didn’t even get a chance to extend his hand to receive it when the big bun by his side swept it away. The sound of copper coins arrived in front of him. “Grandpa, dad said it before. From now on I manage the house. I have the final say regarding money.”

In other words, in the future if there was money, give it to him. It didn’t need to pass through his dad’s hand.

“You money slave!”

Ling Jingxuan speechless supported his forehead and massaged his head. He didn’t say that he wouldn’t give it to him, but did he need to snatch it that fast?

“Haha… this affection is good. Our family’s Xiao Wen learned how to be concerned over money. In the future maybe you’ll be a bookkeeper ne.”

Upon seeing this, the entire family laughed and swayed unsteadily. Ling Wangshi even laughed till tears came out. Her heart was happy and gratified. Jingxuan was no longer foolish, this kind of life was something to strive for ah!


Ling Chenglong without thinking agreed. The heavy burden he carried for many years seemed to disappear in an instant.

“That won't do, bookkeepers reside in the city. If I leave who will take care of dad? Who will tidy up our two fields? It’s fine if we just let Xiao Wu go. I need to stay at home to raise up our Ling family’s status.”

Who would have thought that this big bun who continuously counted money directly vetoed their proposal. A whole family’s laughter instantly froze. Besides the little bun Ling Wu, everyone couldn't help but feel a burst of sadness. A five year old child still wanted to think about propping the family up. In the end, in was them adults who were incompetent ah.

“Ok, I’ll wait for you to support our family. But I’ll say ugly words in front of you first. Supporting the family is not just something to say. In the future if you shout that it's hard and shout that it's tiring, see how I tidy you up!”

Ling Jingxuan was the first to snap out of it. Picking up his chopsticks he called out, “Mom, dad, second brother, youngest brother, don’t chat anymore. Hurry and eat ba.”

This subject seemed to be almost over. One family smiling and talking ate a simple fish soup and corn paste. Even though they were so poor that they could not have one person per stool, table bowls and chopsticks were all worn out, but the happiness around them was genuine. They only needed one family to be of one mind, what pit couldn’t be crossed?

"Really? Jingxuan, you can cure Jinghan?”

They quickly saw the bottom of a large pot of fish soup and paste. Everyone ate until their belly was round. As a matter of fact, between chatting they heard that Ling Jingxuan could cure Ling Jinghan’s illness. Ling Chenglong, husband and wife were very excited and jumped up, bodies couldn’t stop shaking.

“En, tomorrow I’ll go into the mountains to pick medicine. I will have to trouble dad and youngest brother to help me sell the fish.”

Nodding his head, Ling Jingxuan earnestly said this. He accidentally found out from Ling Jinghan’s mouth that these few years it turns out Ling Jingpeng would fight others because of him. Whenever he heard someone talk about him, didn’t matter if that person was an adult or a child, man or woman, he would jump onto them and come to blows. For this reason, towards this youngest brother, his tenderness towards him increased by a few points. If he could secretly teach them business, they wouldn’t be able to make vast amounts of money but at least they would be able to get warm food and clothes.

“No problem. Jingxuan, you must carefully treat your brother. Dad can even help you sell fish for a lifetime.”

Saying this, a seven foot tall man’s eyes couldn’t help but go red. His life was not easy ah. The eldest and second eldest son were clearly intelligent children, but… now the eldest was good. If the second eldest ‘illness could also be cured, then if he died he would be able to close his eyes contently.

“Dad, look at what you said. How could I have you sell fish for me forever? What's more, that Yuehua ravine doesn’t have that many fish for you to catch ah.”

Fully aware of his meaning, Ling Jingxuan purposely pretend not to understand and attempted to scatter that unbearable feeling of sadness. But Ling Wangshi immediately said, “Jingxuan, mother won’t ask how you're able to treat your second brother’s illness. Mother knows, your heart is suffering and hiding many secrets. You don’t need to say them, mother believes you and likes the current you, Jinghan’s illness will be in your hands. Even if you can't cure him it’s ok. Mom, dad and Jinghan will not blame you.”

She was a village woman who hadn’t seen much of the world. Besides assisting her husband and educating the children, the only other thing she knew how to do was help with the field work, but this did not mean that she was dumb. In the morning her son displayed a boldness that surprised her from recognition. Now hearing that he knew medical, she did not want to say a bit of her suspicions. He was definitely deceiving people but she didn’t want to ask because she believed in her own son.

Of course, Ling Wangshi only thought that it had something to do with Ling Wen and Ling Wu’s unknown dad. Reckon even if she dreamed it she would not have thought that her real son was not here anymore.

“Thank you mother, there is certainly something I’m hiding from you guys. It's not that I don’t want to say, but that I cannot. You guys can relax, second brother's illness is not very serious. At max in a month, I’ll have him be lively dragon and animated tiger. (2)

Mother unconditionally trusted him which moved him. Ling Jingxuan, who was originally an orphan, was full of warmth. From this one moment, from the bottom of his heart he placed them in his protection circle.

"Ai, mother believes that my Jingxuan is good. In the future he will be even better.”

“That's enough mother, don’t cry, otherwise second brother and youngest brother won’t want to trouble me anymore.”

Ling Wangshi couldn't help but cry again, Ling Jingxuan hurried to joke around with her, causing the other people to laugh.The heavy atmosphere seemed to die down. After transmigrating the first day, Ling Jingxuan received two little buns for free. On the second day he received sincere distressed parents and two brothers. It seems the heavens did not despise him. In his previous life the thing he lacked most was family love. In one moment it was all given back to him.

  1. Drilling into a Bull’s horn: idiom meaning to waste time on an insignificant or insoluble problem.
  2. Lively Dragon and animated tiger: vigorous and lively

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