Somehow, The Villainess Who Regressed in Time Lost Her Magic Power, so She Turned into a Secluded Maiden

Chapter 14

"What is this? It looks like some kind of chair with wheels attached to it."

"This is called 'wheelchair'. Using this, I can bring you to take a walk through the garden in the mansion."

Rachel's eyes widened when Louis brought a strange chair with him during his visit.

Apparently, this 'wheelchair' was a small version of a carriage. She took a closer look at it.

The chair had two large wheels and two small wheels. There was a handle behind the chair, so it would probably move when someone pushed it.

What a great idea.

"The commoners use this as carts. I also heard that the wheelchair is quite common in neighbouring countries."

"I see. It certainly looks like it can let me gaze at the garden without tiring myself."

"Yeah. After I heard about this item, I consulted with a craftsman to make this for you. ...Can you sit here? It's durable, so don't worry about that. I already sat and moved it."

Unlike his usual confident figure, Louis looked a bit worried, his eyebrows lowered.

Rachel was surprised by the unexpected gift, but it's clear that he gave it after thinking about her.

"Your Highness, you sat on this?"

"Yeah. It'll bad if Rachel sits here and gets hurt."

"Your Highness... in this chair..."

Just imagining it made Rachel laugh.

"Fufu, thank you very much. I am in good shape today, so how about going out to the garden right away?"

"Ah! I'll carry you outside. Cyril, bring the wheelchair to the hall."

"I understand."

Cyril, who was standing still beside the wheelchair, lifted it easily and left the room first.

Then Louis gently carried the sitting Rachel under his arms and slowly left the room.

Louis carried her like this before, but this position was really embarrassing for her. Just by looking up a little, she would immediately see the cool handsome face of the prince.

Anyway, a wheelchair, huh?

Rachel tried to walk in the mansion as much as possible since her diet had helped her regain energy a little. But she easily lost her strength just by moving around, so she had to take a few breaks.

Rachel felt apologetic for Sarah who had to carry a chair by her side. However, the wheelchair would lessen the times she had to bother other people.

When they arrived at the hall, Louis carefully made her sit in the wheelchair.

"We'll be back soon, so please wait here," Louis said to Cyril and the servants. Then he moved to Rachel's back.

Apparently, he would push the wheelchair.

"Is the wheelchair comfortable?"

"Yes, it's alright. I think it won't hurt even if I sit here for a long time."

"I'm glad to hear that. Then let's go."

"Wow! The chair really moves!"

"Yeah, I'll move as slow as I can, but tell me if it's too fast."

"My Lady, please put on a hat. The sun is bright outside."

"Oh my, I totally forgot! Thank you, Sarah."

Sarah approached them with quick steps and offered Rachel her hat with a wide brim.

Rachel hadn't been out for a while, so she even forgot to take her hat and parasol outside.

Then, Louis said, "Let's go," and they began to move slowly.

The moving chair wasn't as uncomfortable as she imagined. Rather, it felt strange for her to move at a lower point of view.

After passing through the large front door, Rachel was greeted with the outside air she hadn't breathed for a long time.

Rachel closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Ahh, the sky is blue. I can hear the voices of the birds.

What a beautiful view!

The wheelchair that the prince pushed slowly moved to the garden. Together with the gentle breeze of autumn, the scent of dahlias and roses tickled her nose.

"So the outside world is this bright. The blueness of the sky, the sweet scent of flowers, and the sparkles of the fountain's splashes. I never appreciated them because they used to be something really common."

"I also wouldn't have gone to the flower garden, looked up at the sky, and thought that it's beautiful unless I'm with you."

Louis stopped the wheelchair near the blooming flowers and the fountain in the center the garden. Then he crouched beside her to meet her gaze.

"Thank you for this wonderful gift, Your Highness."

Deeply moved, Rachel's eyes became slightly teary. Looking at the garden made her really happy.

Rachel was sure that she would never forget this moment. She vowed to remember her feeling when she realized the beauty of nature.

"This is bad. It's too blinding," muttered Louis. Then he said, "Thank you, Rachel."

"Why? It's me who should thank you."

"No, let me. It's the first time I find the world very beautiful. I never experienced such a lovely time too. I can't express my feelings at all, but you gave me all of these things."

Rachel didn't understand what Louis thought and said. However, she couldn't say anything after looking at his refreshing expression and determined face. It's like he had understood something important.

Immediately, Louis said, "Let's return before your body gets cold." He covered her shoulders with his coat and returned to the front door.

On their way back...

"I don't think I can come here for a while, but I have arranged your tutor. If anything happens, please send me a letter."

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