His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 14 - Previous Life

The place Sheng Peiyin remembered most was during a summer just like this. The blazing sun scorched the earth as if burning the land. She stood in front of the Xingtai prefecture and watched as her father’s corpse was hung on the city gate, exposed under the blazing sun for three consecutive days. She wasn’t even allowed to collect her father’s remains.

Sheng Peiyin’s father’s death had filled the summer with desperation. Her mother hung herself in her father’s study after she was unable to take the humiliation from their kith and kin. Her family was ruined, she was homeless. After that, she was raped and humiliated by wealthy second generations… and then, she took her life...

She was reborn, returning to when she was 13 again. She used two years’ worth of time to develop her own power, but it wasn’t enough. It was far from enough.

In order to prevent her family from being ruined again, she must destroy the Shen Family and not give Shen Xiao a chance to frame her father. But, Shen Xiao was a man of authority and status, with military forces in his control. How could she fight against him?

The only way was through that straw bag.

Sheng Peiynu recalled Shen Ziqiao’s attitude towards the Ninth Prince at Shangpin Establishment a few days ago and she couldn’t help but feel annoyed. From that day on, it seemed she had drifted away from. She couldn’t tell why, but this change was too obvious to be ignored.

Moreover, she was scared that she might be unable to change her fate. If Shen Ziqiao was the same as she was in her past life, with Shen Xiao’s assistance, she would marry the Ninth Prince. Then, would the Sheng Family not be ruined by Shen Xiao again? Then would her Father’s corpse not be exposed under the sun for three days and nights again?

Thinking up to here, Sheng Peiyin couldn’t sit still anymore. She suddenly stood up.

Why did she work so hard to change herself this life for? Why did she purposefully try to approach the Ninth Prince? No matter what, she could not allow Shen Xiao and the Tian Family to form an alliance, especially one through marriage.

“Third Miss, Third Miss!” The servant girl anxiously hollered as she ran in.

“What’s the matter?” Sheng Peiyin took a deep breath and suppressed her sudden surge of anger.

The servant girl walked in and said in a low voice, “Housekeeper Li is here and waiting for you in the lounge.”

Sheng Peiyin’s eyes turned cold and she calmly walked out. In the past two years, she had groomed countless confidants and Li Shinian was one of them.

“Third Miss.”

Li Shinian was about twenty years old and he was a handsome man. The moment he saw Sheng Peiyin’s slim and graceful body, he didn’t try to hide his gaze of adoration and love.

“What is the matter?” Sheng Peiyin faintly smiled and softly asked.

Li Shinian said in a gentle and soft voice, “Shen Family’s Old Madam went to visit Madam Liu.”

Regarding the man’s loving gaze, Sheng Peiyin was used to it already. At his words, her eyelids twitched.

“Which Madam Liu?”

“Qingtong Alley’s Liu Family and Assistant Minister’s wife.”

Sheng Peiyin’s expression slightly changed and she gradually closed her eyes.

Liu Family… Assistant Minister Liu was going to be promoted to Minister of Revenue next year. If his younger sister were to marry Shen Xiao at the end of the year, they would begin to deal with the Sheng Family.

“I know.” Her low voice sounded. “Where did they meet? What did they talk about?”

“Madam Liu personally went to Shen Family, but regarding the matter they talked about... this…” Just as he was hesitating how to put his words...

“You can leave for now.” Sheng Peiyin rubbed her forehead and her voice was full of fatigue.

“Third Miss?” Li Shinian stared at her in distress.

Sheng Peiyin waved her hands and said, “You can go.”

Li Shinian conceded and helplessly left.

She must not let Shen Xiao marry Young Miss Liu!

“I will visit Shen Family.” Sheng Peiyin ordered her servant girl to get the horse carriage ready before heading out.

Right now, Shen Ziqiao was listening to Ping’er reporting Madam Liu coming to find Old Madam Shen.

“So, the Old Madam is trying to find a stepmother for me.” Shen Ziqiao wore a thin muslin dress and spread her limbs, laying on the Kang-Bed Stove.

Shen Ziqiao never talked in a polite manner or acted lady-like. The servants were already used to this. Once Ping’er heard this, she said, “One heard that Young Miss Liu is a gentle and warm woman with talent.”

She knew about this. Liu Family’s Young Miss was already twenty years old and she was very picky. Therefore, she still wasn’t married by now. What a pity that her marriage was doomed. It wasn’t because Shen Xiao considered his daughter’s feelings, but because it got ruined by Sheng Peiyin.

If Sheng Peiyin ruined this marriage again, this female side lead would be too stupid and a fool. If she didn’t ruin the heroine’s matters, it would not suit the female side lead’s personality.

When Ping’er saw the strange smile on Shen Ziqiao’s face, she exchanged a glance with Hong Yu, they felt like their hearts were hanging in suspense.

“Third Miss, Third Miss, Madam Qi ordered people over again.” Hong Yin rushed in, sspeaking in a low voice between pants.

Shen Ziqiao raised her brows and said, “Who’s here?”

“Did not one of Madam Qi’s capable Mama have someone take your characters for matchmaking a few days ago? She is probably here to tell you the result.” Hong Ying reminded her mistress.

It wasn’t a secret that Madam Qi wanted Shen Ziqiao as her daughter-in-law.

“Find a way to bring her over,” Shen Ziqiao said in a low voice.

Hong Yu and the rest were shocked. “Third Miss, I do not think that’s good.”

They all believed that Shen Ziqiao wanted to scold and reprimand that person and forbid Qi Family’s people from visiting anymore.

“Why is that not good?” Shen Ziqiao stared at them in bewilderment.

Hong Yu was about to advise Shen Ziqiao to not drive away the Qi Family using too harsh a means when she saw Cui Ping rushing in.

“Third Miss, the Old Madam wants you in the De’an Courtyard.”

Whoa, that coincidental? Shen Ziqiao smiled and stood up. “Let’s go!”

Hong Yu hurried to stop her. “Third Miss, at least change your clothes before heading over.”

Shen Ziqiao looked down at her outfit. She wore a light yellow thin muslin dress. Because it was extremely hot, she didn’t wear her underwear, so her red bra was faintly discernible.

There were others during the ancient time who wore even less clothes than her…

Once she had changed her clothes, Shen Ziqiao arrived at De’an Courtyard.

Old Madam Shen was talking to a Mama clad in indigo blue. That Mama sat by the wooden stool and at first glance, she had smooth white skin and seemed to be very amiable and friendly.

When the Mama heard movements, she raised her head and looked over to see an exquisite-looking young girl walking in. She wore a peppermint green lapel shirt with a silver pleated skirt. The hem of the dress was embroidered with faint green leaves, making her look very exquisite and delicate. She was exceptionally favorable.

If she stood next to the Elder Master, they would look like a real couple. There was no need to dig deeper into their personalities and such.

When Old Madam Shen saw Shen Ziqiao, her smile faded. “This is Qi Family’s Mama Gu. Madam Qi and your mother were old friends, so she specially had Mama Gu bring you some precious items.”

This excuse was too far-fetched! Shen Ziqiao smiled as she took the items over, sitting on the chair next to her.

Mama Gu observed Shen Ziqiao, feeling more and more pleased. “Third Miss is quite beautiful.”

“Mama Gu, thank you for the compliment.” Shen Ziqiao answered politely and generously. “Madam Qi has really put thought into this. She didn’t forget to give me any bizarre or rare items. Mama Gu, please thank her for me.”

Who knows whether Madam Qi and Shen Ziqiao’s mother actually knew one another?

Mama Gu actually came over to find out what Shen Ziqiao was like.

“This servant will definitely bring Third Miss’ words back.” As she said this, she turned towards Old Madam Shen and said, “You have taught her well. All the granddaughters have proper moral conduct and no one can probably find such a favorable young lady in the capital.”

Old Madam Shen glanced at Shen Ziqiao and thought that the young lady was behaving strangely, acting too much like a proper lady.

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