Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1399: Sir school hunk with personality disorders (Part 25)

Because of the heavy rain, there weren’t that many people around, but that didn’t mean there was no one around.

An Yu Sheng’s words had already caused people to start whispering, but now that Su Nian had openly called out to her, it was simply pushing her to the center of attention.

“I think that my text was very…..”

“Sorry, this classmate.”  A pair of warm hands suddenly took her hand and forcefully pulled.  An Yu Sheng with a look of hostility said, “She is my girlfriend.”

He should have said these words in the cafeteria, but the demon in his heart hadn’t completely taken over yet.

After being cleansed in the rain in the afternoon, the only thoughts in his mind were very determined.

That test as to which one of them would fall in love first didn’t seem that important.

At this moment, the most important thing was the person who she held close.

The air around them froze and Luo Qing Chen’s mind exploded as it turned blank.

The crowd began whispering, which was like a sharp sword pointed at her and An Yu Sheng.

“I didn’t believe Liang Bing Bing at lunch, but now there really is evidence!”

“What does that mean?”

“This transfer student is that punk girl who waited for the school hunk in front of the school!”

“Impossible!  She doesn’t look like her at all and people can’t just casually come to our school!”

This little punk girl, she can do some nasty things!”


“What?  High school students can only play tricks?”  An Yu Sheng narrowed his cold eyes and looked at the girl who spoke the last words with eyes that didn’t contain a single trace of warmth, saying in a cold voice, “If I wanted, you don’t need to come tomorrow.”

“Si!”  The students all around were completely stunned by the words An Yu Sheng had said.

This gentle and quiet boy who was like the bright rays of the sun had actually said such ice cold words.

Everyone knew the An Group’s position in A City.  If the young master An wanted to target someone, it would be much too easy for him.

For that girl, she had dared to say this in front of An Yu Sheng because An Yu Sheng had always been a gentle man.

She never would have believed that this kind of man would suddenly become this terrifying.

However, this An Yu Sheng made Su Nian knit his brows.

“You are her boyfriend?”  Su Nian put his hands in his pockets and with the aura of a ruffian, he narrowed his eyes to look at An Yu Sheng.

They had never interacted since they weren’t people of the same world.  Even if the tow of them were very famous in school, they didn’t know each other.

“I can’t be?”  An Yu Sheng pulled Luo Qing Chen behind him and looked at Su Nian with ice cold eyes, “My girlfriend doesn’t need you to chase her.”

As soon as his voice fell, he led Luo Qing Chen away by the hand.

Su Nian replied in an unwilling voice behind him, “I’m very sorry, the people that I, Su Nian like, I’ve never failed in chasing.”

This is the truth and he had never been dumped by a girl, it had always been him dumping other girls.

Therefore, he was confident.  Even if the other side was An Yu Sheng, he would get Luo Qing Chen.

The gunpowder of ‘love’ had been ignited at this time.  One was the playboy Su Nian and the other one was An Yu Sheng who had never had a girlfriend before.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t care about the exchange between them, what she cared about was that…..An Yu Sheng’s hand was very hot.

It wasn’t a normal kind of heat.

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