Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1389: Sir school hunk with personality disorders (Part 15)

She bought a ticket back to A City and went home.

The first thing she did was go online for a land auction, one where the powers weren’t willing to show their faces.

The whole process was conducted online and she gave herself the nickname Mister L.

A hundred million deposit and she went in.

There were around thirty people in the room in the beginning, but as the auction amount increased, there were only four people left.

Their IDs were: 10109 An Yang, 10888 Liang Zhi Wei, 10325, Gong Yan, and 10053 Mister L.

Whoever owned the golden triangle in A City would become the business leader of A City.

The golden triangle not only included the most luxurious business district, it also included the affiliate high school and the surrounding real estate.

Or it could be said, whoever obtained the golden triangle could turn the school into an amusement park and no one could say a thing.

Before going to Macau, she had already learned quite a bit.  Although the An and Liang Family were very influential in the A City business circle.

The leader of A City wasn’t them, but rather Gong Yan.

The auction’s final price reached two hundred million.  The An and Liang Families both gave up and there was only Luo Qing Chen and Gong Yan left.

Luo Qing Chen sitting in front of the computer knit her brows as his fingers trembled on the mouse.

If Gong Yan continued to fight with her, she would lose…...

Fifteen minutes later, Luo Qing Chen raised the price to three hundred million.  At this final moment, she felt even more nervous as she held her breath.

Then there was a message in the chat that surprised Luo Qing Chen.

System: 10325 Gong Yan has left the room.

In the end, Luo Qing Chen had taken the city center for three hundred million.

This name Mister L instantly headed up the business circle of A City.

The local tyrant groups in WeChat exploded.

Father Has Money: Did you hear?  The golden triangle auction as attacked by a dark horse!

One Hundred and One Girlfriends: No one knows the center of attention for that event.  I wonder if Mister L likes men!?  o(=·ω·=)m

Gold Digger is Me: You really are shameless, you have so many girlfriends and won’t leave one for this big sister!  Look at my name, no one can steal from me!

I’d Rather Sit in a Rolls Royce and Cry: Mister L feels very handsome, I really like it!  I wonder if they’re willing to give me a Rolls, I can sit in it and cry!


After the auction for the golden triangle, Luo Qing Chen spent an entire night dealing with the rest.

This matter had reached an end since she needed to finish the main and side missions now.


She woke up early the next day and went to the affiliated school with her admission forms.

She was dressed cleanly, with a white shirt and a beige sweater over it, as well a navy blue coat.

This kind of student, no one would have thought that she was Mister L from the golden triangle auction last night.

When she came to the door, the security guard stopped her.  Because she wasn’t wearing the school uniform, many eyes fell onto her.

But not a single person could recognize that she was the little girl who had confessed to the school hunk a few months ago wearing the dark punk clothes, the ripped jeans, and had a head of colourful dyed hair.

“This little girl really looks good!”

“I also feel so, is she a transfer student?”

“Ha, ha, ha!  She looks quite obedient, I don’t expect her to be in our seventh class!”

“Ai, I feel that she’s probably a freshman, she doesn’t look like a second year!”

“Humph, you all become like this when you see a beautiful girl!”


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