Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1388: Sir school hunk with personality disorders (Part 14)

When Luo Qing Chen used the mind control, mister Tom’s ears moved like he felt something, but he didn’t show any clues on his face.

“Open.”  The dealer took off the casing and was clearly taken aback before quickly calming down, “Middle!”

The whispers sounded out right away.

“God, how is this possible?”

“Did this little brat really become rich!”

“Respect!  This is the first time that young prince Tom has lost tonight!”

“Admiration, admiration.”  Tom said in non fluent Chinese, “I wonder if this mister is still planning on playing?”

“Of course.”  She looked up and replied without any hesitation.

Since she came to Macau, how could she not take several million back and become a rich first generation!

“What do you want to bet on?”

“If I bet on middle, will you follow?”

“I’m showing my hand.”

He folded his hands, looking quite relaxed, not caring about what Luo Qing Chen said at all.


The surrounding gamblers all took a cold breath, but the two gambling this large amount weren’t nervous at all.

Especially the young man wearing the gray suit.  He didn’t look that old, but there was an aura that was different from normal people’s around her.


Luo Qing Chen put all her chips in the middle.  She wasn’t nervous, but she felt a bit of admiration for Tom in front of her.

When the dice began to move, Tom’s ears moved again.

Before it finished, he pushed all the chips in front of him to Luo Qing Chen and said with a smile, “What is this sir called?”

“Mister L.”

Everyone looked at each other, not coming back to their senses.

After all, the dice hadn’t been shown yet, so why did they look like the winner was already decided.

“It’s this Tom’s fortune to meet this expert.”  Although his Chinese sounded very strange, his pronunciation was very clear.

Although Luo Qing Chen didn’t really know this person’s background, she was at least certain that he was familiar with this place.

“Open.”  The dealer couldn’t wait to open the lid, “Middle.”

He didn’t forget to look at Luo Qing Chen as he said, “This sir really is an expert.”

As a dealer, he already thought that Tom was a god, but he never thought that someone even more amazing than Tom would show up today.”

“That praise is too much.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a casual nod and converted all the chips into money which she deposited in her account.

When she walked out, Tom’s assistant gave her a business card and said, “Prince Tom asked me to give this to this mister.  If you have any problems, you can just call him.  This is his personal line, so please keep it a secret.”

Luo Qing Chen took the business card and she could instantly feel how good the quality of the card was.

She nodded with a faint smile, “Then please help me convey to prince Tom that I will return his three hundred million in a year.”

Tom’s assistant was surprised, never thinking that Luo Qing Chen would say this.

After coming back to his senses after a few seconds, he gave a respectful bow, “I will definitely pass on mister L’s words!”

Luo Qing Chen nodded before putting her hands in her pocket and gracefully walking out.

She didn’t hesitate to use her powers in Macau.  Other than becoming a rich first generation, she had another goal.

The business leaders of S City, it was time to change them!

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