Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1382: Sir school hunk with personality disorders (Part 8)

The first thing she needed to do now was a ‘major makeover’!

This major makeover wasn’t limited to just her clothes, but also her place of residence.

In the previous worlds, most of the previous hosts had decent backgrounds, so they could place some pressure on the little white flowers.

But the previous host of this world…..she really didn’t have a thing.

Since she couldn’t be a rich second generation, she could only…..

Be!  A!  Rich!  First!  Generation!

But she only had four thousand points left, so she couldn’t instantly become a millionaire.

According to the exchange rate the system gave her of five hundred points per hundred thousand, she could exchange for four hundred thousand with two thousand points.

[Does the host want to use four hundred thousand to become a rich first generation?]

Is it hard?

[The system thinks it isn’t easy!]

Then just wait and see!

[Ding, 2000 exchange points has been taken.  Successfully exchanged for four hundred thousand black card.]

Before turning things around, things like appearance were necessary.

First, she had to find a place to live.

There were two high end properties near the affiliated school.  One was a high end residential area and the other was filled with villas.

The high end residence was ten thousand a month whereas the villa was twenty thousand a month.

There was a two time difference, but Luo Qing Chen still chose the villa and she paid for a year.

The landlord was a middle aged couple who were preparing to settle in America, so they gave her a discount and only took a hundred thousand.

The room was decorated with an Eastern style, filled with class, so she didn’t have to waste money on decorations.

In the afternoon, she went to Wanda for a simple scan through of clothes, shoes, and bags.  Other than the expensive evening gown, the rest weren’t that expensive.

After all, she was still a student, she couldn’t really wear luxury clothes.

When she came home at night, she received a text from An Yu Sheng as soon as she finished showering.

(There’s an E God concert tomorrow, do you want to go together?  ——An Yu Sheng)

She who was holding the phone revealed a faint smile.

It was like the time of youth where a senior that everyone admired asked the girl he liked to a concert.

But she knew that the word ‘like’ was too far from her or An Yu Sheng.

(Alright.  ——Luo Qing Chen)

“Ding dong.”

Before she could even put down her phone, An Yu Sheng’s text message came.

(I’ll come to the bar after school to pick you up.  ——An Yu Sheng)

Seeing the word ‘bar’, Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help trembling.

An Yu Sheng was such an outstanding youth, but he went to a place like a bar for her.

He didn’t care about what others thought, he only pursued what he wanted in his heart.

(I’m not working there anymore, give me the address of the concert!  I’ll see you at the entrance.  ——Luo Qing Chen)

Since he was such an excellent youth, then letting him become better was something to be proud of.

After she put down her phone, she stood in front of the luxurious full length mirror and pulled her hair in an annoyed fashion.

Eh…..Not too satisfied!

The hair on top was soft, but the middle to the roots were rough.

It should be because of over dyeing it.  There were still a handful of patches of red and green all over.

This head…...it should be taken care of.

After all, the side quest this time was to go to school…..

[Become a student of the affiliate school and lead the students of second year class 7 to obtain the best average score in the final exam.]  The system didn’t forget to spread its non-existent hands and read the mission for her again.

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