Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1378: Sir school hunk with personality disorders (Part 4)

The previous host not going on the last day was not because Liang Bing Bing had already paid her, but she decided not to go.

One, it was because Xia Qing Rou had been taking care of her over the thirty days.

For a gentle girl like this, if she continued using despicable methods, she would feel that she was very ugly.

Two…..was because of a strange feeling.

The previous host had never seen An Yu Sheng before, but as the surrounding people kept saying you like him, you like him, you like him.

She couldn't help really liking him…...

She strangely started paying attention to his every move, his every look, the faint glow that was around him.

The previous host was a smart person and when she knew about the change in her emotions, this transaction was no longer pure.

But she still waited for him, waiting for thirty days.  It was to satisfy her little wish to see him and to release all the expectations in her heart.

Until the final day when she gave up.

Because she knew that he wouldn’t like her.  After all, whenever anyone did like her, they would at least give a bit of a reaction.

But…..An Yu Sheng hadn’t.

Although the previous host didn’t last until the final day, Liang Bing Bing still gave her the two thousand.

But there was one request, Liang Bing Bing wanted her to leave A City.

The previous host didn’t know she had succeeded, but Liang Bing Bing had.

Because when school was over on the 31st, An Yu Sheng had found Zhao Jin Xuan’s bar through his friends.

He wanted to find Luo Qing Chen…...

When Liang Bing Bing learned of this, she was shocked.  An outstanding and dazzling youth like An Yu Sheng was actually looking for a dirty ‘little girl’ at a bar!

Of course, she had never told the previous host this, but the previous host didn’t plan on leaving A City.

She found a job singing at a bar.  At the age of seventeen, she sang old songs in this bar filled with smoke and alcohol.

But she felt it was good, at least this job was done with her own efforts.

The bar had kept its promise and it didn’t make her do anything other than singing.

The owner was simply like heaven and hell compared to Zhao Jin Xuan.  The previous host didn’t work at Zhao Jin Xuan’s bar because the supporting male lead wanted her to ‘seduce the customers’!

For the previous host, at least this place…..was good.

But the previous host never thought that An Yu Sheng would find her.

He said many things, but the previous host didn’t hear a single word.  When the song in the bar was finally over and the people left, she slowly said: I lied to you for two thousand dollars.

An Yu Sheng was shocked when he heard this, but he respected her decision and asked if her words counted or not.

The previous host said they didn’t.

An Yu Sheng said that he would wait for her for a month.

An Yu Sheng came to the entrance of the bar to wait for thirty days, but An Yu Sheng didn’t appear on the thirty first day.

He had died that night.

Zhao Jin Xuan had led a bunch of people to cause trouble for the previous host at the bar for his little sister.

The previous host had asked for the day off and didn’t go to work.  She wanted to reject An Yu Sheng in surprise, but she never thought that An Yu Sheng would get stabbed ten times by Zhao Jin Xuan ten times for her, falling to the ground.

The genius youth didn’t wake up after that day.

After the previous host learned of this, in order to take revenge for An Yu Sheng, she took a jug of gasoline to Zhao Jin Xuan’s bar.

With a single flame, everyone died.

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