Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1376: Sir school hunk with personality disorders (Part 2)

When Luo Qing Chen received the memories, she had one conclusion: The supporting female lead was a good person!

At least her personality was better than the previous host’s.

Although when comparing it, Luo Qing Chen liked the previous host’s personality more.

As for the male lead and previous host…..it was a story of hurting each other!

The previous host was the bully of the campus and to put it bluntly…..she was a ‘social youth’!

She didn’t know who her parents were and had grown up in a normal household, considered a child who had been raised by the village.

This bad environment had long formed the personality of the previous host.  As long as she could eat her fill and wear warm clothes, she could do things that weren’t considered ‘just’.

For example, helping Liang Bing Bing chase the affiliated school’s school hunk An Yu Sheng.

As the name stated, the male lead was a man who was as ‘gentle as jade’.

He was like a warm breeze that was very clean.

But behind this ‘gentle as jade’ was a ‘stubborn heart’!

The male lead An Yu Sheng and the supporting female lead Xia Qing Rou were childhood friends and they were very close.  Although An Yu Sheng was gentle, it was gentleness with indifference.

He had never accepted any love letters and had always said with a faint smile, “Study well!”

Liang Bing Bing was the school flower and the ruler of the school.  Talented and beautiful girls always had a kind of pride, the men she liked had to like her.

However, even the excellent Liang Bing Bing was gently rejected by An Yu Sheng on a certain dusk.

There was always only one girl behind him, it was the supporting female lead, Xia Qing Rou.

Everyone thought that they were a couple, but no one knew that An Yu Sheng treated Xia Qing Rou as his little sister.

It was because Xia Qing Rou’s parents had died when she was young.  Their fathers were war buddies, so she had been taken into their family when Xia Qing Rou was still young.

She was a weak and gentle girl, giving off the aura of a scholar.

She was not a beautiful girl, but she was still pretty.

There were many boys who chased her, but she tactfully rejected them.

Although it was the same as An Yu Sheng, there was one thing that was different…..

Xia Qing Rou liked An Yu Sheng, she didn’t treat him as a big brother.

But she had never talked about it.  He didn’t ask and she didn’t speak, they had a tacit understanding between them, being the childhood friends that everyone envied.

But Liang Bing Bing could not forgive An Yu Sheng.

After all, she was the school flower of the affiliated school, there were many people chasing her.  Her pride wouldn’t allow her to lose to Xia Qing Rou who was inferior to her in every way.

She thought that not only did she want Xia Qing Rou not to receive this, she also wanted to ruin her.

So she found the ‘social youth’, which was the previous host Luo Qing Chen!

In terms of beauty, Liang Bing Bing and Xia Qing Rou couldn’t compare to the previous host, but in terms of academics…...

The previous host had nothing.

Liang Bing Bing had met the previous host at the birthday party of her cousin Zhao Jin Xuan.  She had a good family background and after being rejected, she wanted to use this socially dirty little sister to make An Yu Sheng no longer a clean man.

It was simple: Using whatever methods, as long as the previous host could make An Yu Sheng fall in love with her, she would give her two thousand dollars after this mission was over.

Although the previous host was against ‘taking love by force’, she was not a princess who grew up in an ivory white tower.

She who had grown up missing meals knew just how painful it was to have an empty stomach.

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