Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1372: Side story: Waiting for you for the rest of my life, never aging if you don’t come (Part 1)

I only borrowed one journey in your life, that is the rest of your life.  ——Feng Si Zui

After meeting her, I told myself that even if I didn’t want the throne before, I needed it now.

Because I hoped that she would be my empress.

But after she became my empress, I knew that her story never needed me.

Hurting me, but it was because of hatred and vengeance.

When did it change?  When she appeared in my study that night, when she looked up at me, it was like she was a completely different person from before.

But my heart still hurt so much that I couldn’t breathe.

Because she held a bowl of soup in her hand, wanting to poison me.

I was certain that it was poison at that time and when I saw her eyes, I asked if she wanted me to drink it.

She understood the true meaning, I was asking her if she wanted me to die or not.

She nodded without a single trace of hesitation in those clear as water eyes.

I drank it and I felt my heart dying.  Since it was impossible for me to cross with her in this life, death was probably the best destination.

Anyway, it was better to die early.

After all, I knew that my body was deteriorating each day.

The poison of the Blood Bone Snake had penetrated my heart and without the antidote blood, there was nothing that could save me.

There was only one thing on my mind, there was no pain after death.

After all, I could kiss her once before dying.  I knew…..that it was the last time…..

But I never thought that after drinking the medicinal soup, not only did I not die of poison, my body that always felt exhausted suddenly didn’t feel that bad.

The blood in my body had a warm feeling flowing through it, with a touch of joy.

Although I didn’t know what her medicine was, she wasn’t trying to kill me.

I knew exactly why, but even if I knew, my mind was still blank after I had kissed her.

Even if her condition was to let Feng Xing Yue come back to Long Peace City, even though I had heard that he had found another woman in the barren north…...

She really was a fool.  Feng Xing Yue had given up on her a long time ago, but she still hoped that he could come back to Long Peace City.

She was a fool, but I felt so pained.  So I agreed to her wish, agreed to my pain.

In the next few days, I didn’t let myself think of this matter.  I didn’t go to the Willful Hall to play chess with Xi Jin, I wanted to escape my emotions.

Just like how I knew that she was in the cold palace, how I always wanted to see her.

But I desperately resisted…..telling myself not to go.

Because if I went, I wouldn’t make her happy and I wasn’t willing to make her unhappy.

But I never thought that I didn’t have a chance to escape this time.

When eunuch Li clearly told me that the medicine she gave me didn’t exist in this world, I wanted to see her because…..I had some expectations.

The Splendid Hall, I thought that she would never come back here.

She was actually…...leaning on the sofa, flipping through my medical records.  She was saying many things to herself, but what made her the most excited was: Why do you say that this poison can’t be cured?

My heart could only be described as ecstatic, she actually seriously cared about my body…...

This wasn’t a kind of ‘act’ in front of me, that real her made my heart beat as fast as a little deer running in the forest.

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