Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1365: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 66)

“An acquaintance.”  She turned before saying, “The most important thing is to prove concubine Xi’s innocence.”

“Innocence?”  Mu Ying Ying roared at, “She killed my little sister, how can she talk about innocence.”

“I’ve already said it.”  She paused before looking at her with a serious gaze, “The one who killed Mu Tian Tian is you.”

“Good, good, good!”  She bit her lips and held her head high, “If you say it’s me, take out the evidence!  Take it out!”

Although Mu Ying Ying acted calm looking at her, she was already panicking in her heart.

She firmly believed that Luo Qing Chen didn’t have evidence, it was impossible for her to have evidence.

“Isn’t it simple to take out evidence?”  Luo Qing Chen just gave a soft snort, “If you search through the Cherry Blossom Hall, you’ll naturally find the answer.”

Mu Ying Ying looked at Luo Qing Chen in shock.  This expression made Luo Qing Chen who wasn’t 100% certain even more certain.

No, it could be said that she was certain that she had guessed the ending.

“Nonsense, nonsense……It must be you…...Even if there is evidence, you must have put it there ahead of time to help Xi Jin!”  Mu Ying Ying wildly shook her head, moving back step by step towards Feng Si Zui.

She could see her failure.  She had a look of fear and a look of willingness, just like a loser.

“Whether I’m helping Xi Jin or not, I think eunuch Li knows best.”  Luo Qing Chen’s expression slightly changed as she said, “After all, eunuch Li was the one who searched me when I entered the palace.”

Eunuch Li was taken aback.  He never thought that he would be named at such a serious moment, he suddenly felt quite flattered.

“I guarantee that she didn’t bring anything in.”  Eunuch Li cupped his hands and said, “This servant can guarantee that when this miss came in, she didn’t have any poisons or weapons.”

Eunuch Li said this without any change to his face, just telling the facts.

After all, not just anyone could enter the palace.  Even if they were summoned by the emperor, they needed to be searched before coming in.

Eunuch Li had a deep impression of this person in front of him.  This was his first time having this kind of impression since the emperor’s favoured empress.

She didn’t seem as beautiful as Luo Qing Chen, but her features were delicate and beautiful.

If one looked closely, they might become addicted to this beauty.

Mu Ying Ying wanted to say something, but she found that she couldn’t say a single word.

It was like she had no words to defend herself.  At this moment, as long as she looked up, she would be seen through.

“You two, go and search the Cherry Blossom Hall.”  After a while, Feng Si Zui looked up.  He had calmed himself and said to the guards that surrounded this girl, “The rest of you can retreat.”

He had to admit that he cared about every move of this girl.

No matter how he resisted his heart, he couldn’t stop the care that was like raging waves.

He looked at her and softly said, “Miss Chen, since you want to reverse the case for Xi Jin, this one wants to hear your thoughts.”

His voice was very deep like he was deliberately lowering it, trying to suppress his strange nervousness.

But even so, she could still hear it…...

This feeling was quite good…...

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