Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1362: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 63)

“You’re the murderer!”  Xi Li gave a cold snort and directly stated the conclusion Luo Qing Chen had told him.

“Si!”  Everyone around them took a cold breath.

Not only the maids, eunuchs, and guards, even the officials from the hall of justice who were reviewing this case.

Xi Li had reversed the case for Xi Jin which had already created a stir.  After all, Xi Jin was the previous prime minister’s daughter and although he didn’t have power now, it was still a big case.

“What nonsense are you talking about?”  Mu Ying Ying was stunned as her face turned pale.

After all, no one had suspected her in Mu Tian Tian’s death.

But now there was someone who was uttering these words in front of everyone which made her panic.

“You know better than anyone in your heart what I mean.”  Xi Li was even more certain of Luo Qing Chen’s inference when he saw her appearance.

To be honest, that girl named Chen Zi really was smart.

After all, no one would have thought that Mu Ying Ying would kill her own sister and blame someone else.

Xi Li’s words made the ministers from the hall of justice in the Endless Hall begin to whisper to each other.

“If the killer really is Mu Ying Ying, it can explain why the ‘Poison Beads’ had acted so quickly!”

“Yes!  The imperial doctors said that this poison would usually take a while to act.”

“But Mu Tian Tian had been in the Willful Palace for a bit, but the timing was too short.”

“It is because of this that there’s no way to use this as evidence.”


The people in the Endless Hall discussed in small voices and the words seemed unfavourable for Mu Ying Ying.

This ‘two birds with one stone’ plan that had already succeeded was derailing at the last second!

“I really don’t understand what you mean.”  Mu Ying Ying gritted her teeth before looking at Feng Si Zui with a pitiful look, “Emperor, Tian Tian is my little sister, how could I kill her?  Why would I do that?  The Mu Family’s wealth and prosperity came from Tian Tian, if Tian Tian died and the Mu Family declined, how could I do something like this?”

“You would do this because…..you wanted to replace her.”  Xi Li crossed his arms and stated the topic word for word, not wasting any time at all.

Of course this was what Luo Qing Chen had told him to do!

“You slanderer!”  Mu Ying Ying pointed at Xi Li, clearly looking a bit agitated as she said in a trembling voice, “You also have a big sister, would you kill your big sister?  You can even say this for your big sister, do you even have a conscience?”

Xi Jin heard this and gritted her teeth before she kneeled down.

“I’m not the same as you!”

“Ha, ha, ha!”  Mu Ying Ying’s sharp eyes had a sparkle in them as she suddenly came up with a smile, “Since you think I did this, then I’ll die with your big sister!”

As soon as her voice fell, she quickly pulled a sword from the waist of the guard beside her and charged at Xi Jin.

This was her only chance now.  She was betting that if Xi Jin died, Feng Si Zui wouldn’t kill her.

Because her face was very similar to her little sister’s and if she didn’t do this, Xi Jin would very likely reverse this case!

Then she would be finished.

“Big sister!”  Xi Li called out in surprise.

“Guang dang.”  There were two different objects that flew at her from different directions, knocking Mu Ying Ying’s sword out of her hand.

One was Luo Qing Chen’s Moon Glass Fan and the other was the pen from Feng Si Zui’s desk.

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