His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 136 - Touched

Lady Zhu and whatnot must be a random bug in this novel...

Shen Ziqiao had been conflicted over this issue for the past few days because when she was reading the novel, she never saw this character. Could it be that she only appeared later on?

People who never read the ending must focus on every piece of information!

Although she wanted to learn more about Lady Zhu, Lady Meng and the others only knew where she was from and that was it. After all, they hadn’t contacted each other in decades.

She had no idea what sort of lady she was and whether she was worthy of Shen Zikai or not.

What if she was a cannon fodder with a bad personality? What should she do then?

This lady is worrying so much for Shen Zikai! Shen Ziqiao quietly glanced at the sky at a 45 degree angle in sorrow.

She could only have someone make inquiries in secret. If she wasn’t a good person, then this marriage will be done for.

Maybe Shen Zikai didn’t even know about this marriage.

The second day, Shen Ziqiao got up early. After freshening up, she went to De’an Courtyard unwilling to pay respects to Old Madam Shen.

She stood outside and waited for a while, up until her legs were weak and she felt powerless. Nanny Li then came out and proceeded to say, “Old Madam isn’t feeling good today. Third miss, you don’t need to pay respects. Please return.”

Screw you! She stood there for at least two hours. How come she didn’t tell her earlier that she was feeling uncomfortable.

Stupid old woman must’ve done this on purpose.

Shen Ziqiao returned to Qiao Xin Courtyard with the support of Hong Yu. She angrily exclaimed, “I’m not going to pay respects tomorrow. If it weren’t that I hadn’t served upon her for the last two years and I wanted to express my filiaty, she thinks that I care about going to pay respects?”

Hong Yu felt bad for Shen Ziqiao, swallowing her words about having her endure this in her stomach. Old Madam Shen didn’t care about anything. She wouldn’t understand the third miss’ heart at all.

In the next two days, Shen Ziqiao went back to her normal lifestyle. She woke up naturally and ate whatever she wanted. She didn’t bother to ask for trouble at Old Madam Shen’s place.

Old Madam Shen originally wanted to give Shen Ziqiao some hardships when she saw that the latter didn’t even bother to pay respects the next day. She complained to Second Master Shen moodily, “And you said that she grew up and became sensible. Look. It’s only the second day and she refuses to come and pay respects anymore. When does she put me, her grandmother, in her eyes?”

Second Master Shen sighed. She had Jiao Jiao stand outside for two hours yesterday so why would she come and stand the second day?

Madam Zhou smiled. “Mother, you’re afraid that she won’t come and pay respects anymore? She’d definitely come and kiss up to you still.”

“What are you trying to say now?” Second Master Shen asked unhappily.

“What’s wrong? Jiao Jiao lost her mother at a young age. She’ll need to rely on the Old Madam when she gets married in the future or will brother-in-law be in charge of settling her marriage? Finding a good suitor for her? There are some things that only women in the family can do. You men, just stand to the side.” Madam Zhou exclaimed proudly.

Old Madam Shen’s eyes brightened and she appeared refreshed. “You’re right. She still needs to rely on me.”

Shen Ziqiao who didn’t know that she needed to rely on Old Madam Shen was still casually strolling on the streets.

After she left the capital, she handed the businesses here to Pan Sanduo and Liang Jianhai. For the past two years, the income of the businesses had increased in folds. Even more, the harvest on the lands in the outskirts were great too. Only the leading role would have such luck.

It was unclear how Sheng Peiyin was right now. Back when she left Minyue, she heard that she was put on house arrest by the Ninth Prince. Speaking of, she and the Ninth Prince had illicit sexual relations. Even if she had an incredulous gold finger, she couldn’t remain lucky forever and even obtain He Chen or the crown prince’s hearts, right?

But now that the Sheng Family has been beheaded, it seemed like… Sheng Peiyin should be running for her life. She wouldn’t be thinking about hurting people anymore, right?

She was most afraid that the leading role would have some sort of incredulous experience or have special treatment by the author.

Shen Ziqiao rubbed her face hard and then placed away her apprehension for Sheng Peiyin. She wasn’t the lone cannon fodder anymore nor did she need to be afraid of Sheng Peiyin.

She visited the two businesses. Liang Jianhai brought the account books from the past two years over for her to see. It took awhile for her to get through everything. By the time she got home, the sun was already setting.

“Third miss, Madam Wang and Tang came to visit Old Madam today and they even left lunch. This maid went to make inquiries and Madam Tang has a sixteen years old daughter while Madam Wang is here to act as the go-between.” Hong Ying exclaimed softly in Shen Ziqiao’s ears.

“Who is Madam Tang?” Shen Ziqiao asked. She wasn’t familiar with the madams and young misses in the capital.

“It’s Minister of Ceremonies Tang’s madam.” Hong Ying said.

Shen Ziqiao rubbed her brows. “What is the Old Madam trying to do? Without my father and elder brother’s approval, she really thinks she can settle a marriage?”

“Third miss, I heard that Young Miss Tang has a rude and unreasonable personality. She’s extremely sinister and ruthless towards servants, and she has a bad reputation. Third miss, you mustn’t let the eldest master marry a woman like her.” Hong Yu hurriedly exclaimed. That Young Miss Tang wasn’t worthy of their handsome and mighty eldest master in the least bit.

They mustn’t let a woman like that ruin the eldest master!

“You guys all know the type of person Young Miss Tang is so how could the Old Madam not know?” That stupid old woman did this on purpose. She wanted to ruin Shen Zikai’s life.

“Third miss, what should we do now?” Hong Yu asked anxiously, hoping that the eldest master would return soon.

If the eldest master’s madam is a woman like Young Miss Tang, then… third miss’ days will be horrible in the future. Her so-called sister-in-law acts like her mother...

“Spread the rumors that the eldest master has already gotten engaged out. Even if we can’t make the Old Madam give up, we can hold on for a while. When father and elder brother return, there’s nothing the Old Madam can do.” Shen Ziqia ordered. No matter what, she refused to let Shen Zikai marry a woman like her.

Within two days, news that Shen Zikai had a fiancee had been spread everywhere. There were many people who wanted to form connections with Shen Family through marriage and they all became disappointed. Even Madam Tang was less enthusiastic. She even sent someone to question Old Madam Shen. Since Shen Zikai had a fiancee, then why was she doing this to the Tang Family? Wasn’t this slapping their face?

Old Madam Shen was furious. “What exactly happened? How did outsiders find out? What fiancee? It was just a joke. How did they just become our relatives by marriage? Who spread these rumors?!”

“Who else could it be? Only you and Shen Ziqiao knew about this. Even I just heard about it.” Madam Zhou pursed her lips, not commenting on Old Madam Shen’s actions.

She couldn’t even make that stupid girl surrender and she’s thinking about controlling Shen Zikai? Impossible!

She finally understood. How could the children of Pan Madam be any ordinary? It was better to not go against them. After all, their second household didn’t have much to do with their first household. If they maintained a stiff relationship, it wouldn’t do good to separating the households in the future.

Old Madam Shen was unresigned to this. After cursing Shen Ziqiao out, she had someone call her over.

But Shen Ziqiao wasn’t at home at this time.

She was called by Pan Lize to the biggest restaurant in the capital.

Wufu Restaurant had replaced Shangpin Teahouse two years ago and became the restaurant with the best business in the capital.

“I was planning on telling you when we’re home but...after thinking about it, it was better to tell you here.” Pan Lize smiled at her niece and smiled.

What were they going to talk about that required them to be here? Shen Ziqiao was confused.

“Your grandfather had arranged this two years ago. Take a look at it.” Pan Lize placed a house contract in front of Shen Ziqiao. “You get the restaurant from before and a few other businesses too. Your grandfather also bought Sheng Peiyin’s businesses. These are yours in the future.”

Shen Ziqiao also spat the mouthful of tea out. “Third uncle, you’re joking.”

“Why would I be joking? Why do you think I came to the capital?” Pan Lize smiled. “Don’t think that your grandfather gave you all of these things. Your first uncle and aunt, and your third aunt and I, as well as the Old Madam, all prepared these for you. This is your dowry.”

Pan Lize sighed. “I was thinking that you’d stay in Minyue. You don’t know how disappointed your grandmother was. How was He Chen any worse than Qi Zheng? Young lady, you have bad taste.”

Shen Ziqiao stared at the contracts in front of her and she suddenly cried.

When she was all alone, grandfather had become her biggest backer. When she was in Minyue, everyone in the Pan Family had spoiled and pampered her. They never restrained her. Her lifestyle in Minyue was like her lifestyle in reality. She had freedom, warmth, and happiness. She could feel affection from her family which she desired badly. She hadn’t gotten married yet but her grandfather, grandmother, and the others had prepared dowries for her...

She didn’t want to cry but she couldn’t hold it in. She felt so touched that she didn’t know what to say.

The mother love and care that Pan Madam owed to this daughter was made up for by the Pan Family.

She was jealous of Shen Ziqiao. This female supporting lead was actually more blessed than Sheng Peiyin, this female lead.

Pan Lize didn’t expect for Shen Ziqiao to suddenly cry out loud. In a panic, he tried to comfort, “Why are you crying? If you think it's not enough, third uncle will give you more.”

Hearing third uncle say this, Shen Ziqiao cried even louder.

Hong Ying was flabbergasted, not knowing why the third miss was cry.

“Don’t cry. If you don’t like the capital, return to Minyue with this third uncle.” Pan Lize naturally knew why his niece was crying. He jokingly teased her.

“Okay!” Shen Ziqiao nodded firmly. The way she was weeping was almost as if she was going to sacrifice herself.

Pan Lize was dumbstruck. “Okay what? You’re not going to marry Qi Zheng?”

Shen Zikai had told him before leaving the northwest that Shen Ziqiao and Qi Zheng were in love with each other and that they’d settle a marriage for them when he returned to the capital. He told the Old Madam that after he went back and the latter sighed in disappointment for the next few days.

She originally hoped that Shen Ziqiao could marry He Chen and then stay in Minyue forever.

Shen Ziqiao clenched her teeth. “No!”

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