Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1352: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 53)

“Quickly, call the imperial doctor.”  Feng Si Zui didn’t come forward.  He just looked at that pale face covered in fear and there was a feeling of suffocation.

Why was god so cruel to him?  Even his final little thought was taken away from him.

He didn’t charge forward because he knew that this person in front of him looked like Luo Qing Chen, but it wasn’t her.

Because it wasn’t her, he would only ever look and admire that face, but he would never touch her.

An hour later, the imperial doctor shook his head, kneeling down as he reported, “Reporting to the emperor, miss Mu’s situation is already hopeless!”

“No!”  There was a pained scream that filled the entire Cherry Blossom Hall.  Mu Ying Ying almost went crazy and wanted to charge at Xi Jin, but eunuch Li stopped her.

Feng Si Zui tightly knit his brows and there wasn’t a bit of light in those dark eyes.  He just slowly turned around and asked Xi Jin in a cold voice, “What did you feed her?”

“You……”  Xi Jin took a step back as she looked at Feng Si Zui, “The emperor doesn’t believe this consort……”

“Something happened to her in your palace, shouldn’t you give an explanation?”  Feng Si Zui narrowed his cold eyes although he hadn’t made his final conclusion yet.

But right now his temper didn’t allow him to think about anything, he just needed an ending.

“You killed my little sister……”  Mu Ying Ying’s eyes were filled with tears that fell one by one, although she was becoming more and more excited in her heart by the minute.

Like a flower in the dark, as the hidden root began to spread.

“This concubine didn’t!”  Xi Jin bit her lip as a faint mist filled her eyes, “Why would this concubine hurt her!”

“Because you were jealous of my little sister!”  Mu Ying Ying angrily roared out, “Although she was a fool, she was a kind girl.  When I told her that I offended you, she must have put it in her heart……”

“Stop slandering people!”  Tao Zi suddenly knelt down and hit her head to the ground, “Emperor, you mustn’t misunderstand the concubine consort.  The concubine consort didn’t invite the Mu sisters to the Willful Hall, there must be some hidden plot!”

“My little sister died in your palace, what plot could there be?”  Mu Ying Ying directly said as a determined look appeared in her eyes.

Two birds with one stone, since she had done this, she had to finish it.

“You said that your little sister was poisoned in our palace, what evidence do you have?”  Tao Zi bit her lip, replying without fear of death.


“Reporting to the emperor.”  Feng Si Zui’s personal guard guard Fan came in and cupped his hands, “This servant has given the tea miss Mu drank to the imperial doctors……”

After pausing, he turned to look at Xi Jin, “According to the analysis, the poison in the tea is the same one miss Mu ingested.”

“How is this possible?”  Tao Zi was frozen and she couldn’t help trembling, “Impossible…..Impossible……”

“He, he.”  Mu Ying Ying gave a cold laugh and said in a voice that didn’t have a trace of warmth, “Now that there’s solid evidence, I wonder what else concubine Xi has to say.”

She suddenly knelt down and slammed her head towards Feng Si Zui, “I plead the emperor, you must make a decision for Tian Tian!”

At that moment, the corners of her lips couldn’t help curving up.

Her plan had been complete and she had achieved all her goals.  Now there wasn’t a single person that Feng Si Zui liked in the harem, she was the only one and she was the only one left!

She was confident that she could use time to get Feng Si Zui’s attention, no one could steal from her!

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