Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1350: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 51)

“It would be strange if you did understand?”  Luo Qing Chen curled her lips into a cold smile, “Goodbye, let’s not meet again!”

As soon as her voice fell, Luo Qing Chen walked out the door.

Yan Xiu’s voice came from behind like a scattered thought, “You have to eat the medicine in your bag!”

She just waved her hand and didn’t turn back.  The sun was just right as it shined down on her and she slightly curled her lips as she muttered, “Thanks for saving my life.”


Imperial palace, Cherry Blossom Hall.

At three quarters past noon, Mu Tian Tian was currently sleeping.  Mu Ying Ying came in and patted her on the shoulder, “Little sister, get up.  Be good and drink this medicine, then help big sister bring this basket to the Willful Hall for concubine Xi, alright?”

Mu Tian Tian rubbed her eyes and gave a soft ‘oh’ sound before drinking all of the medicine Mu Ying Ying gave her.

Perhaps it was because the weather was cold, but Mu Tian Tian had a bit of a cold.  Mu Ying Ying had been taking care of her, giving her the medicine the imperial doctors prescribed.

But she had added a few more things.

These things were prepared by her before coming into the palace, but she never thought she would be using it on her little sister.

In the harem, one couldn’t let their guard down.

The Willful Palace wasn’t far from the Cherry Blossom Palace, they just needed to pass through the gardens.  Mu Tian Tian wasn’t completely dumb, she could at least understand ‘keep walking’.

At this time, Mu Ying Ying went to find Feng Si Zui.

There were some things that people had to do to kill two birds with one stone.

At the entrance of the imperial study, eunuch Li stopped her, “The emperor is resting, miss Mu can just tell this old servant if you need something.”

“I……”  She sniffed her nose and tears appeared in her eyes as she said in a delicate voice, “My little sister is gone.”

Hearing the two words ‘little sister’, eunuch Li’s expression changed.

After following Feng Si Zui so long, naturally he knew that miss Mu Ying Ying in front of him had only come into the palace because of her little sister.

“Miss Mu, please wait.  This old servant will report this.”  As soon as his voice fell, he went into the imperial study.

Not long after, Feng Si Zui quickly came out.  He was wearing an azure brocaded robe and the gold crown on his head looked dazzling.

Mu Ying Ying was stunned at that moment.

She firmly believed in what she did and she would never regret it.

“When did she disappear?”  Feng Si Zui knit his brows as a bit of a sparkle appeared in his eyes.

This feeling was very strange, it was like there wasn’t a single tremor in his heart and there wasn’t a single extra beat of his heart, but that face appeared in his mind.

That face, he couldn’t lose that face.  After all, he only had that face left now…...

“At noon, I searched all around, but I couldn’t find anything.”  Mu Ying Ying tightly knit her brows and her hand trembled as she said, “We were napping, but when I woke up, I found that she was gone.  The pastries on the table had also disappeared.”

In order to make this plan a success, this wasn’t her first time having Mu Tian Tian take pastries to the Willful Hall, but she had calculated the time perfectly this time.  After all, Xi Jin had been at the temple outside the palace.

Therefore, Mu Tian Tian could only come back.

This scene had been seen by the maids several times, so she had heard some fragmented rumours in the last two days.

She was very happy to hear these rumours.

“Eunuch Li, go and investigate if anyone has seen Mu Tian Tian in the palace just now.”  Feng Si Zui narrowed his cold eyes and there was a chill that came from him.

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