His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 135 - Opposition

Shen Ziqiao hadn’t seen this Old Madam Shen in two years or so. It was hard to imagine that the elderly and skinny-looking Old Madam was the lively and smooth and round-faced Old Madam from her imagination.

She was basically a different person!

The only thing that she was familiar with was probably her eyes full of hatred while staring at her. It seemed as if she had stolen away her precious thing or something.

Okay. Back when she took away dowry left by the Pan Madam, it indeed felt like she had stolen the old woman’s precious thing.

The young girl walked inside with a pair of clear and bright eyes. Her originally round face became sharp now. Her nose crinkled and her lips were plump and red. She wore a cute smile. The seemingly dim-witted young lady in the past had grown into a beautiful and charming woman.

Old Madam Shen felt as if she was being choked. She seemed to have seen the young version of Pan Madam.

Likewise, Second Master Shen and his significant other were also stunned by Shen Ziqiao’s appearance.

Second Master Shen even exclaimed something softly. Madam Zhou’s expression immediately changed and she clutched her hands tightly, her hands softly trembling.

“Grandmother, Jiao Jiao is back.” Shen Ziqiao observed everyone’s expressions but kept calm. She obediently greeted Old Madam Shen.

Pan Lize also cupped his hands in obeisance. “Old Madam Shen.”

Old Madam Shen glared at Shen Ziqiao. She looked as if she wanted to pounce and rip her to pieces.

Could it be that woman still hated her after so long? Shen Ziqiao was secretly distressed. She was clearly a lovable beautiful lady. How come whenever she was in the Shen Family, she felt like she was a super villain and everyone was afraid of her?

“Mother?” Second Master Shen quickly snapped out of his trance. He clearly knew why the Old Madam didn’t act like herself.

Even he couldn’t help but call out Pan Madam’s name. Don’t mention the Old Madam.

Old Madam Shen took in a deep breath and tried her best to suppress the hatred that was rushing forth. “How come you didn’t have someone send a letter saying that you’re coming back? We didn’t even prepare anything. If we don't do a good job at receiving you, people will laugh at us. You’re also not so young anymore. How come you haven’t matured in the least bit? Don’t you know that you have to do everything comprehensively?”

Although her voice was gentle, her words were another case.

She had just returned home and the old woman eagerly wanted to beat her down? Was this Shen Ziqiao’s true grandmother?

“Grandmother, I did have someone send a letter back home. But it seems like we were quicker. I actually just wanted to see father sooner. That’s why the majority of us were on the waterway. We rushed back day and night but it seems like we forgot that the family… but my Qiao Xin Courtyard used to be managed by the Lin Family. Do the servants in the family need to tell you beforehand that they’re cleaning up a room in order to be able to do it?” Shen Ziqiao acted ignorant and confused. Could it be that the servants at home were all useless? How hard was it to clean up a guest room?

She knew it! She knew it! The moment this stinky girl returned, she’d give her a heartache. Look at what she’s saying. It seemed like she was saying that after she left, the servants in the family didn’t know how to act either?

Pan Lize had heard that Shen Family’s Old Madam disliked Jiao Jiao. He thought that she was her granddaughter at the very least so even if she disliked her, she wouldn’t purposely make things difficult for her. Who knew that the first time he came back, he witnessed this tit for tat scene. Shen Family’s Old Madam clearly was hard to get along with.

“Lize, sorry for letting you see this. My granddaughter has been spoiled since she was a child. She has a wild personality. I don’t know if she had caused trouble in Minyue or not. I apologize.” Old Madam Shen didn’t want to lose face in front of Pan Family’s people so she suppressed her unhappiness and smiled at Pan Lize.

“Old Madam Shen, you just love your granddaughter dearly. Jiao Jiao is actually obedient and sensible. Not only does my mother like her, even many Old Madams and Madams in Minyue enjoy being with her too.” Pan Lize smiled.

She dared say his niece wasn’t good? Though your Shen Family thinks she’s not good, our Pan Family treats Jiao Jiao like our treasure. Not only does Jiao Jiao look beautiful and treats everyone politely and gently, everyone in the Pan Family adores her. Even more, don’t mention the women that frequently come to Pan Family as guests. If Old Lord didn’t stop them, who knows how many people wanted to come and propose marriage to her?

She wanted to humiliate Jiao Jiao in front of his face? She was looking to get attacked.

Old Madam Shen laughed. The smile on her face was forced and distorted. “Really? Then that’s good.”

“Father, Pan Lord and Jiao Jiao rushed to the capital day and night so they must be extremely exhausted. Why don’t we leave anything we have to say for later?” Second Master Shen exclaimed hurriedly in a low voice. If the Old Madam and Jiao Jiao continued to argue, who knows what will happen?

He came back to hear her say that Jiao Jiao had the gift of the gab just like Pan Madam from back then. Seeing this now, it was correct.

Pan Madam’s daughter… how could she possibly not be outstanding?

He heard that Tianbao Pavilion in Minyue was great under Jiao Jiao’s management. Don’t mention the stores in the capital. She was able to put Pan Madam’s things to use more than when it was in Old Madam’s hands.

Plus, she had done a great job.

Old Madam Shen glanced at Shen Ziqiao, purposely wanting to ignore Pan Lize. She said faintly to Shen Ziqiao, “Then you can go back for now.”

Everyone in the Pan Family was so annoying!

Shen Ziqiao didn’t bother with the old woman. She said to Pan Lize, “Third uncle, then go back and rest too. If anything comes up, we can talk about it tomorrow.”

After all, Shen Xiao hadn’t returned. They couldn’t get any more information.

Pan Lize smiled and nodded. Besides bringing Shen Ziqiao back here, he came for the businesses and restaurants that the Old Lord left in the capital back then.

Many were waiting for Shen Ziqiao in Qiao Xin Courtyard.

Shen Ziqiao had left for two years and the power had returned to the hands of Madam Zhou. Thankfully, she had arranged her people so Madam Zhou was unable to change everyone to her trusted aides.

“Third miss!” Hong Yu greeted, her eyes tearing up.

“Hi everyone! I’m back.” Shen Ziqiao happily greeted the girl who was shorter than her. “Hey, Hong Yu, you’ve become more beautiful. Ping’er also grew taller…”

Everyone escorted Shen Ziqiao into the room. Lady Meng hurriedly said, “I know that you guys all miss third miss but she has been exhausted on her journey here. Let’s leave anything you guys want to say for tomorrow.”

It was hard to hide the exhaustion on her face but she wore a splendid smile. Glancing at the room of loyal maids who adored her, she exclaimed, “Okay, okay. I know you guys just want the gifts I got from Minyue. Hong Ying, give them out. Otherwise, I bet you guys will stay here forever and refuse to leave.”

“Woah, everyone look. Our third miss is getting more slick. I originally wanted to kiss up to the third miss but it seems like no matter how we try, she can see through us.” Lady Lin purposely said.

Everyone laughed.

After they had fun for a bit, Hong Yu ordered a maid to prepare warm water while Lady Lin left with everyone else.

Shen Ziqiao took a comfortable shower and the warm water washed away her exhaustion.

While eating dinner, Shen Ziqiao called Hong Yu and Lady Lin over, wanting them to talk about what happened in the last two years.

“...Eldest miss and second miss are already married. Eldest miss married Imperial Censor Liu’s fourth master while the second miss married Assistant Minister Li’s eldest master. I heard that Chen Xueling had gotten married half a year ago too. She remarried...Ever since hearing what happened with the eldest master, the family has spent quite a bit. It was unclear what the second madam had said to the Old Madam but she had a maid open the storehouse and say that the third miss also needs to subsidize some silvers because of what happened in the Shen Family to help mediate things for the Lord...This maid refused to open the door but thankfully the second master was there to stop her in time. Otherwise, the Old Madam would’ve forcibly stolen everything…” Lady Lin exclaimed in a low voice.

Hong Yu added.

By the time they finished, Shen Ziqiao already finished eating. She was slowly wiping her mouth with a handkerchief.

“Meidate? Mediate what? Back then, when father was accused, it was under the crime of colluding with Jin people. Even if the entire Shen Family was involved, it would do nothing.” Shen Ziqiao snorted. If mediating could do anything, the Sheng Family’s people wouldn’t end up all being beheaded.

Lady Meng exclaimed that they needed to be careful with their words. “The Lord was framed. Sheng Family framed the Lord.”

Shen Ziqiao smiled. “I was just saying.”

That old woman still didn’t give up on her dowry. She was always thinking about stealing some back whenever she could.

“Third miss, the Old Madam has checked out quite a few young ladies recently. I heard that she was going to set up the eldest master’s marriage.” Hong Yu exclaimed.

Shen Ziqiao let out a gasp. “Set up a marriage for elder brother? She wants to ruin him.”

How good could that old woman’s taste be? The women she found for him were all probably unworthy of him. She was determined to protect Shen Zikai’s pure soul and refused to let any casual woman just destroy him.

She finally saved Shen Zikai from Sheng Peiyin so she mustn’t let him be implicated with someone else.

“What was the Old Madam up to? Didn’t she know that Madam had already settled a marriage for the eldest master?” Hearing Hong Yu’s words, Lady Meng was furious. Old Madam Shen has gone too far. Even when the Madam died, she refused to set her mind at rest. If the Zhu Family didn’t know the truth, they would’ve thought that the Madam didn’t keep her words.

Shen Ziqiao widened her eyes. “Huh? Elder brother got engaged?”

The novel never mentioned this before! It didn’t even mention which lady!

“Right, it's the Zhu Family from the North Jun. The Madam even gifted a jade pendant to Young Miss Zhu. She should be of legal age this year. The two families said that when she is of legal age, they’d get married.” Lady Meng said.

Shen Ziqiao felt thunder roaring. Did she neglect the plot or did she change the plot because of her transmigration? “Does my elder brother know?”

“Eldest master always knew. Otherwise, why didn’t he get married yet?” Lady Meng replied.

“I think that the Old Madam wants to settle down the eldest master’s marriage before the Lord comes back. By then… they couldn’t go back on their words at all.” Lady Lin hmphed, angry with Old Madam’s intention.

Shen Ziqiao softly smiled. “Elder brother should be back soon. Let me know...whoever the Old Madam sees in the next few days.”

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