Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1347: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 48)

“Pa!”  There was a crisp slap that suddenly hit Mu Ying Ying across the face, cutting her off.

Xi Jin had slapped very hard, but Mu Ying Ying didn’t move at all.  Instead she looked at her with eyes that were almost filled with killing intent.

“I heard that you knew martial arts, you even tried to find a husband on the martial arts stage before coming into the palace.”  Xi Jin gave a cold snort, “If you aren’t convinced, you can fight back.  If the emperor knew about this, would you die or me?”

In Feng Si Zui’s heart, there was no one that could surpass Luo Qing Chen.

But that didn’t mean that any girl that had suddenly appeared could climb over her.

Even if she and Feng Si Zui weren’t lovers, they were still friends.  After being friends for so many years, even if Mu Ying Ying was the relative of someone who looked exactly like Luo Qing Chen, she believed that he wouldn’t hurt her at least.

Mu Ying Ying heard this and she couldn’t help tremble.  After a while, she pursed her lips and said, “Concubine Xi’s lesson is correct…...Ying Ying has indeed crossed the line!”

She had to endure, she must endure this…...

“Line?”  Xi Jin gave a cold laugh as a bit of pain flashed in her eyes, “You didn’t cross the line, don’t you know that your existence doesn’t matter?”

“You…..What do you mean?”  Mu Ying Ying took a deep breath.  Although her eyes were sharp, one could see the pain from Xi Jin’s words flashing in her eyes.

Indeed, she was just an accessory for her little sister.  She had entered the palace all because of the blessing of her little sister.

To this day, she still couldn’t understand why.  She was beautiful and talented, why did the emperor only have eyes for her little sister and wasn’t willing to spare her a single glance?

Xi Jin’s lips curled into a faint smile as she said, “It can’t be that you don’t know that the emperor doesn’t like your little sister, but rather her face, right?”

Without knowing why, when Xi Jin said these words, she felt very satisfied.  Facing a self righteous person like Mu Ying Ying, if she didn’t pour a bucket of cold water on her, she wouldn’t feel good!

“Face……”  Mu Ying Ying knit her brows and shook her head in a confused manner, “What do you mean?”

Could it be that the emperor liked her little sister’s face?  But although her little sister looked good, she was still a fool.

Anyone with a brain would choose someone beautiful and talented like her, not an idiot…...

“It seems like you really don’t know.”  Xi Jin waved her right hand and said with a pair of moving eyes, “Your little sister looks exactly like the previous empress.”

“Hong long.”

Mu Ying Ying’s world was shocked at that moment.  She finally understood the mystery in her heart these days, but she felt even more powerless.

She thought that even if the emperor liked her little sister’s face, it would only last a bit because he thought she looked good.

But since they were sisters of the same parents, she had the same beauty as her little sister, but her little sister didn’t have her brains.

After a while, she would be able to squeeze out her little sister and become the person in the emperor’s heart.

But now that Xi Jin had told her the reason, her heart had skipped a beat.

It was especially cold…...

When she came back to her senses, Xi Jin was already at the end of the imperial gardens.  She tightly gripped her hands and muttered through gritted teeth, “No…...It can’t be like this, it definitely can’t be like this.”

She who had always shined couldn’t live in the shadow of a fool, she had to take everything that belonged to her.

As long as her little sister was gone, the person who would resemble the previous empress the most would be her!

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