Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1346: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 47)

She accidentally bumped into Tao Zi in the imperial garden, giving her a chance to vent her anger.

“Pa!”  There was a heavy slap that landed across Tao Zi’s face and Tao Zi fell to the ground holding her face.

“Bold servant, you dare bump into me!”  Mu Ying Ying vented all the anger from just now onto Tao Zi, not forgetting to stomp on her a few times.

Tao Zi was a maid who knew the rules of the palace, her first reaction was to kneel down and beg, “Miss Mu, forgiveness, miss Mu, forgiveness.”

Although there were few people in the harem, there weren’t few rules.

After the Mu sisters entered the palace, all the maids and eunuchs had seen their faces so they wouldn’t forget to bow when they met them.

But Tao Zi never thought that this beautiful big sister Mu Ying Ying would be such a violent person.

“Forgiveness?”  Mu Ying Ying gave a cold snort and kicked her shoulder with her right foot, “I should forgive you just because you asked?”

“Un humph.”  Tao Zi gave a grunt of pain, gritting her teeth not daring to say anything else.

But anyone who had been in the palace longer than a year knew that the Mu sisters had a special place in the emperor’s eyes.

Even if he was busy, he would go to the Cherry Blossom Hall each day.  Everyone knew that it was for Mu Tian Tian.

Or rather it was for the face that looked just like the previous empress’.

Mu Ying Ying saw that she wasn’t speaking and felt that she couldn’t vent the anger in her heart, so she felt more annoyed.

She raised her right hand and was about to give Tao Zi another slap when a strict voice rang out that made her stop midair.

“Stop!”  Xi Jin looked at Mu Ying Ying in front of her with narrowed eyes, “So bold, daring to move against this one’s maid.”

“Consort……”  Tao Zi held her face as her voice choked up, letting out a few aggrieved tears.

Mu Ying Ying was stunned, naturally she knew who this person in front of her was.

The only concubine in the palace, Xi Jin.

“Xi Jin greets the concubine Xi.”  She unwillingly knit her brows, but she still gave a bow.

Although this bow was a bit careless, in Mu Ying Ying’s eyes, although Xi Jin was the only concubine in the harem, Feng Si Zui rarely went to see her.

Although she didn’t know why, she could guess that this concubine wasn’t favoured.

“You know that this one is a concubine.”  Xi Jin was a bit surprised before waving her hand, “Then this one wants to ask, what is your status in the palace that you dare hit my maid?”

Her voice was cam, but it was filled with endless majesty.

After all, Xi Jin knew better than anyone that Mu Ying Ying’s position in the palace was nothing more than a puppet’s accessory.

In Feng Si Zui’s heart, she was no different from a normal maid.

“Consort, what do you mean?”  Mu Ying Ying unwillingly bit her lip and proudly raised her head, “I am someone the emperor personally brought back to the palace……”

“Don’t you know why the emperor brought you into the palace?”  Xi Jin narrowed her cold eyes as she glared at her, “Could it be that you need this one to tell you?”

Xi Jin didn’t have any patience for Mu Ying Ying because she was clear that no matter how many beautiful Mu Ying Ying’s there were, not a single person could enter Feng Si Zui’s heart.

“It can’t be that the concubine consort is jealous, right!”  Mu Ying Ying curled her lips and slowly stood up to look in her eyes, “I do feel sorry for the concubine consort since I can see the emperor every day, not like you……”

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