Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1345: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 46)

“Since Tian Tian has entered the palace, this one will guarantee the prosperity of your Mu Family, you’ll never have to worry about a thing.”  Feng Si Zui narrowed his cold eyes and a trace of hostility appeared in his eyes as he said, “But you are not this one’s concubine.”

As the ruler of the kingdom, Feng Si Zui naturally didn’t need to care about how the other side felt when he spoke.

“Ying Ying understands.”  Mu Ying Ying’s lashes trembled as she pouted her lips, “Ying Ying will definitely take care of little sister.”

Feng Si Zui didn’t reply, he just took a look at Mu Tian Tian who was having fun on the side before turning to leave the Cherry Blossom Hall.

Standing outside the hall, when he smelled the cherry blossoms, he felt that he was a bit ridiculous, living as a puppet.

“Ah, little big brother is gone!”  Mu Tian Tian raised the ceramic doll in her hand and looked at Mu Ying Ying, “Big sister, big sister, why is little big brother leaving so soon!  Tian Tian wanted to play dolls with him!”

“Peng!”  Mu Ying Ying angrily raised her hand and took the ceramic doll from Mu Tian Tian’s hand before smashing it, “Damn girl, shut your mouth for me!”

She was unable to control herself as the anger in her heart hit her.  There had only been men approaching her in this life, there had never been a man who had disdained her this much!

No, it couldn’t be allowed!

Even if it was the emperor, how could she let herself be an accessory for the fool Mu Tian Tian!

“Wu, wu, wu, wu, wu…..”  Mu Tian Tian was scared by her as she cried, “Big sister is so fierce, I hate big sister, Tian Tian hates big sister the most!”

“Don’t cry.”  Mu Ying Ying bit her lip and angrily roared.

Mu Tian Tian curled up in fear and didn’t dare to cry.  It had been like this since they were young, once Mu Ying Ying became angry, Mu Tian Tian didn’t dare cry.

She had always been a weak person.  She was dumb, a fool, and didn’t have any brain, she could only rely on her big sister to live.

Even if she were to marry, she would be an accessory to her big sister.

But everything in her world was so simple.  She felt that it was enough if she had her father and big sister.

A girl who was as clean as paper, but her life wouldn’t turn out as she wished.


After Mu Ying Ying and Mu Tian Tian entered the palace, Feng Si Zui went to the Cherry Blossom Hall every day.  He only stayed a short time, no more than a cup of tea’s worth of time.

Mu Ying Ying was dressed up differently each time, sometimes with heavy makeup and sometimes with light makeup, but never once did Feng Si Zui’s eyes stay on her.  He just looked at Mu Tian Tian before turning to leave.

Mu Ying Ying who had been rebuked again and again had a terrifying idea and the fuse for this idea was Xi Jin.

On a certain bright spring afternoon, Xi Jin had sent her personal servant Tao Zi to fetch some petals from the imperial garden to use for her tea.

She never thought that she would bump into Mu Ying Ying who was feeling annoyed.

Feng Si Zui had been at the Cherry Blossom Palace again, but this time he stayed longer to paint Mu Tian Tian.

She didn’t even know what was going on, alright?  Because she had been strictly ‘pushed’ out by Feng Si Zui.

His words were, “Miss Mu can leave first!  This one wants to talk to Tian Tian alone.”

She felt her cheeks burn at that moment, completely wanting to dig herself into a hole!

But she couldn’t do anything.  She could only give a bow as her lips twitched and say, “Ying Ying will leave!”

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