Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1343: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 44)

When Mu Ying Ying heard this, her heart skipped a beat, but there was also discomfort.

After all, Mu Tian Tian had been her accessory, but now she felt that their statuses had changed.  This feeling made her feel very uncomfortable!

At midnight, Mu Ying Ying and Mu Tian Tian were arranged in the Cherry Blossom Hall, which was the furthest hall from the Splendid Hall.

Feng Si Zui didn’t go immediately, rather he went to the Willful Hall that he hadn’t gone to for a long time.

Today was the death anniversary of the Far General Zhong Zhe.  Without knowing it, a year had passed.

Although he was a bit cold last year, always hurting him all over.

But at least…...she had still been by his side.

When he was alone, he often wondered why he was still alive.  She had died for him, shouldn’t he also die?

Yes, he should die!

But he had to find her corpse first.

Yan Xiu had disappeared and her corpse was also gone.  The only thing that kept him alive were two lines of words which was ridiculous…...

He was more clear than anyone that as long as he found her corpse, he would go with her without another word.  At least, at least let her look at her one more time.

Her, the real her, not this puppet substitute…...

“Stop drinking……”  Xi Jin knit her brows and she couldn’t help taking the wine away.

But all that was left in his deep eyes were darkness and despair.

He lowered his head and muttered in a pleading voice, “Luo Qing Chen, why didn’t you bring me with you to hell……”

“Emperor…..”  Xi Jin couldn’t control her tears when she saw him like this.  She tightly bit her lip as she looked at Feng Si Zui, “Perhaps Qing Chen has gone to heaven?  She…..She wouldn’t want to see the emperor act like this……”

There was a kind of pain in this world that wasn’t just unspoken love, but sitting with a person who you never thought would love you, showing his most vulnerable side for another woman.

“No.”  He roared out, “She said it before, we would go to hell together.  She said…..she wouldn’t leave me……”

There was probably only Xi Jin who had seen him put on such a fragile appearance.

At the same time, in the Cherry Blossom Palace.

There was a wide array of silks, gold and silver jewelry, and beautiful red roses, all of which had a high price.

Eunuch Li had spent half an hour reading out all these rewards and there was only one person it was for, Mu Tian Tian.

Without knowing why, Mu Ying Ying who was sitting on the seat on the side was filled with joy when she saw these, but there was also a trace of anger in her heart.

This feeling of unwillingness filled her heart like a sharp sword, piercing the pride that she had built over the years.

She never would have thought that the outstanding her would become an accessory for her fool little sister, a person that could be thrown away at any time.

But even like this, when Feng Si Zui’s deep eyes had fallen on her on that stage, the proud her felt her heart skip a beat and she felt a bit of nervousness.

If it was said that it was love at first sight…..it wouldn’t be an exaggeration!

Therefore, even though she knew that Feng Si Zui had only let her into the palace because of her little sister’s words, she didn’t have the pride to reject this…..

Because she had a very strong possessive feeling…...She wanted to be by his side and have him belong to her.

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