Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1340: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 41)

When Feng Si Zui woke up, he was already back in the palace.  The imperial doctor was taking his pulse as he said with a look of joy, “The emperor’s poison has been cured, this really is the prosperity of the Feng Dynasty!”

He looked up and after he regained consciousness, he only said in a single word.


In the following year, he used all his resources to go to Purple Phoenix Mountain to look for Yan Xiu.

But no matter how he searched, he couldn’t find a thing.

Whether it was Yan Xiu, or…..her corpse.  He couldn’t…..find a thing.

That year, he became more and more cruel.  He didn’t directly execute Feng Xing Yue, he cut off his limbs and locked him in the dungeon.

Not letting him die, but never letting him live like a normal person.

As for Qian Si Yu, she was crushed to death.  A thousand court ladies stepped on her, pushing the child out of her stomach, but still not letting her off.

Qian Si Yu was considered quite strong, she had only taken her final breath after three days of her execution.

As for the people who sieged the inn, they were all put to death along with their families.

For the court, this year was the darkest year since Feng Si Zui took the throne.

He became moody and obsessed with magic.  All the witches that came to Long Peace City were all brought to the palace, using their magic to find her.

But the news he received each time was only disappointment.

He almost felt like he couldn’t take it anymore.  During the Mid Autumn Festival, he changed into civilian clothes and went to Long Peace City alone, not bringing a single guard.

There was a bright moon in the sky and Long Peace City was filled with lanterns.  Kids were running around holding sticks of candied hawthorns, happily running about.

His deep eyes trembled and they didn’t look as sharp for the first time in three months.

In these three months, he didn’t know how he had spent his days.  He just knew that he never closed his eyes because when he did, there was a nightmare.

A terrifying nightmare…..

He promised that he would take her to the Mid Autumn Festival, but now he was alone.

“Take a look, take a look!”  There was a shout from the stage in front of him and the old man banged the gong, “The Mu Family’s eldest daughter Mu Ying Ying will be taking the ring today.  As long as anyone can defeat her, they will be the Mu Family’s son in law!”

Feng Si Zui didn’t plan on stopping, but he stopped because of the sounds around him.

“I heard that Mu Ying Ying is beautiful and talented at martial arts, many young masters of Long Peace City want her!”

“It isn’t right?  Old Mu really is lucky, he gave birth to such a beautiful girl.”

“No, no, no, you’ve only seen Mu Ying Ying’s excellence and haven’t seen her little sister.”

“Oh?  Her little sister seems to be…...a fool!?”

“Yes!  It’s said that she looks very good, but she’s a fool.  This time Old Mu said that if anyone marries Mu Ying Ying, they also have to marry her little sister.  She seems to be…..”

“Mu Tian Tian!”

“Right, right, right!”


The red silk fluttered on the stage and the two daughters of the Mu Family appeared.

At that moment, Feng Si Zui standing under the stage forgot to breathe as a sparkle appeared in his eyes.

He didn’t even spare Mu Ying Ying a glance, he was completely focused on Mu Tian Tian.

She was wearing a mist coloured begonia brocaded dress.  She had clear eyes and a sweet smile on her lips.

The most terrifying thing was…..she actually looked…...just like Luo Qing Chen.

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