Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1339: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 40)

Yan Xiu gave her an hour to make her properly think it over.

Actually, she already made her decision.  She said that she would protect him, so she would definitely do it.

But in the end…...she wasn’t willing to leave him…..

He really did look good.  His skin as white as snow, his sharp features, and those gentle thin lips.

It was like he was sleeping and wasn’t on the verge of death.

She lit some incense and the smell filled the entire thatch hut.  She sat by Feng Si Zui’s bed and talked to herself.

“The system said that your poison should be cured by you.  I didn’t know that meant before and when I took the medical records, you must have thought that I was a fool!”


“Actually, I should apologize to you because I forgot the things you had remembered.”


“Last time you said that you would bring me to see the lanterns during the Mid Autumn Festival, I might not be able to go.”


“Xi Jin isn’t bad, but I don’t like you going to play chess with her every day because my chess skills are also improving……”


“Don’t show mercy to Feng Xing Yue, Qian Si Yu as well.  Try to torture them to death, don’t give them a single chance to breath.  It’s best if you give them my portion when you torture them to death!”


“Actually…..I don’t want you to be alone forever.  You can have someone be with you, but I will feel sad.  I don’t know if this is selfish, but I….seem to be this kind of person…..”


An hour passed very quickly.  The sky gradually lit up and when she opened the door, Yan Xiu was already waiting outside with everything prepared.

Before the exchange of blood, Yan Xiu seriously looked at her to ask, “How much of saving him is for yourself and for this world?”

“It’s not for myself or the world.”  She said with clear eyes, “I just want to protect him and let him live.”

“If he was a tyrant, do you still planning on exchanging your life for his?”  Yan Xiu said with a sigh, “Perhaps he might become a murderous emperor after he found out that you were dead, would you still save him?”

“So what if he’s a tyrant?”  Luo Qing Chen bit her lip and said with a clear laugh, “Everyone has their fate in this world, he’s done enough.”

He had been suffering half his life, should he die for this world?

Whether he was a wise ruler or a tyrant, this was fate.  After all, each person had their own fate.

After a while, Yan Xiu didn’t say anything as he just gave a sigh and took out a short dagger.

“It won’t hurt and it won’t last long.”  He narrowed his eyes and looked at her with a bit of pity, “It’ll be done very quickly.”

She closed her eyes and gave a nod before muttering, “I’m not afraid of death, I’m only afraid he will be too lonely…..”

When the ice cold dagger cut through her beating arteries, she felt her heart become even more calm.

It was like finishing a mission, she was doing what she had to do.

She didn’t know what method Yan Xiu used to give her blood to Feng Si Zui, she just knew that he didn’t lie to her.

It was very quick and it didn’t hurt at all…..

There were many images that appeared in her mind, but the final image was the one from the imperial study.

The clothes the girl wore were the same ones she had worn when she went to Purple Phoenix Mountain five years ago.

The person in the picture…..was her.

After a while, she felt like she was floating as she was lost in the void.  There was a strong hand that grabbed hers with a strong sadness and a bit of a tremor.

After that, she didn’t feel anything else…...

The only gratifying thing was that there was the system’s notification in her mind.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 100%.]

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