Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1334: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 35)

It had to be said, his move really was bad.

After all, even if he killed Feng Si Zui today, it was impossible for him to become the emperor.

Killing the emperor would always associate him with a bad name and a bad reputation.

It seemed like pulling him back from the barren north had already disrupted all his plans.

He had no choice but to make this bad move, but it really was a bad move!

Luo Qing Chen took Feng Si Zui’s hand and moved through the dense forest.  She who had no sense of direction only had a single thought right now.

Run!  Run!  Run!  The faster the better!

“Qing Chen!”

“Ah!  What is it?  Are people coming?”  Without knowing why, when she entered the Purple Phoenix Mountain, her heart skipped a beat.

That feeling came from the depth of her heart, it seemed to be fear from the previous host.

She had dreamed of this place, but didn’t the fear mean that something bad happened to her here before?

“Fool.”  Feng Si Zui pulled with his right hand and brought her into his embrace, tightly holding her as he said, “When I knew that it was you, this one’s heart almost jumped out……”

His nervousness and fear all came from her.

But he had to admit that his heart was filled with joy when she appeared in front of him.

“I……”  She pursed her lips and softly pressed against his chest, “Who told you to not let me come, I could only use this plan!”

“This one was worried about you.”

“I worry about you too!”

No matter what happened, the first thing they thought about was each other.

Perhaps this was the most beautiful kind of love.

Feng Si Zui heard this and looked at her messy hair, as well as her smoke covered face.  He patted her head in a pained manner and said, “I won’t in the future, alright!”

She never would have known how much he wanted her to be around him at all times.

“It’s a promise.”  Luo Qing Chen blinked in a daze before saying, “But, where do we go now?”

This place wasn’t a good place.  Whether it was in her dream or if it was like Feng Si Zui told her before.

Purple Phoenix Mountain at night must be more dangerous than she imagined.

“Feng Xing Yue and the others must be prepared.”  Feng Si Zui knit his brows, “But this one didn’t just bring those people here, this time no one can save them.”

“Why do I feel that no one is going to save us!”  Luo Qing Chen heard a strange sound suddenly approach them.

Feng Si Zui seemed to have heard it too and tightly held her hand, pulling her behind him as he said, “Don’t be afraid, this one will definitely protect you.”

“Un humph.”  She gave a grunt.  At that moment, she couldn’t help feeling her mind fill with pain as an inexplicable familiar feeling filled her.

Feng Si Zui tightly knit his brows and seeing her pale as snow face, he nervously said, “What is it?  Don’t scare me.”

“I……”  She narrowed her eyes as the strange sound approached, causing her breathing to stop.

She suddenly looked at Feng Si Zui, “I seemed to have been here before…..No…..It isn’t seem to have, I’ve definitely been here before.”

It wasn’t wrong, it definitely wasn’t wrong.  This familiar feeling was too strong, she could…..almost remember it.

The memory sealed by the previous host.

“You…..”  Feng Si Zui looked in her clear eyes and there was a sparkle in his eyes.  After a while, he slowly said, “Do you remember it?”

The things of the past, would she…...remember it?

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