Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1330: Paranoid emperor: Let’s go to hell together, alright? (Part 31)

“Poisonous insects and beasts?”  Luo Qing Chen knit her brows as a trace of doubt filled her eyes, “Have you seen poisonous insects on Purple Phoenix Mountain before?  Or could it be…..that you…...that you were poisoned on Purple Phoenix Mountain?”

Luo Qing Chen was scared by the inference in the latter half of her words, after all, there was some basis to what Feng Si Zui said.

He was a bit surprised before his right hand slowly came up to tap her on her forehead, “Nonsense!”

“Isn’t it?”

“Of course…..not.”

Feng Si Zui had a sparkle in his eyes.  This was a lie, but it was a white lie for her.

There were some things that as long as he didn’t talk about, no one would dare say a word!

The daoist had once told him that he knew very clearly in his heart.

He knew exactly where the antidote to his Blood Bone Snake poison was, but he didn’t take it.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t keep asking because she knew that there would be no answer no matter what she asked.  Although she could tell that Feng Si Zui might not be telling the truth.

She slept very deeply that night, so deep that she dreamed about the woods.

This time she could see the stone stele at the foot of the mountain and there were three clear words written on them, Purple Phoenix Mountain.

“Ah!”  When she opened her eyes, her back was covered in cold sweat.

She reached out beside her, but Feng Si Zui was no longer there.  Looking out the window, she saw that it was already noon.

Xiao Cui heard this and quickly came in, “Empress, did you have another nightmare?”

Luo Qing Chen rubbed her eyebrows, “Where’s the emperor?”

She had a vague feeling of uneasiness in her heart, feeling quite upset.

“The empress doesn’t know?”  Xiao Cui blinked in a daze as she said, “The Purple Phoenix Mountain ancestral worshipping ceremony has been moved ahead to today.”


Luo Qing Chen threw off the blanket and her hands couldn’t help being covered in a cold sweat.

“Empress…...Your face doesn’t look good, Xiao Cui will call the imperial doctor!”

“No need.”  Luo Qing Chen waved her hand as she deeply knit her brows, “When did the emperor set off!”

“He went out early this morning.”  Xiao Cui honestly replied.

Luo Qing Chen looked at the incense by the bed and gave a deep sigh.

It seemed like Feng Si Zui had already planned this yesterday, he definitely wouldn’t let her come.

Why?  Just what was the reason?  Feng Si Zui’s pampering tone had said that he didn’t want her to go because of the bad weather and environment.

But there would be a group of elite guards when the emperor went out, nothing major would happen…...

“Help me prepare a set of male clothing, I’m leaving the palace.”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and quickly curled her up her long hair with a look of determination in her eyes.

Xiao Cui's words were like a basin of cold water that fell on her.

“Empress, the emperor has already sealed off the Endless Hall.  There are people all around, not even a fly can get out…..”  Xiao Cui said in a daze, “The emperor had this servant take care of the empress.  Three days later, you’ll definitely be able to see him.”

Hearing Xiao Cui’s final words, her nose stuffed up as her eyes couldn’t help turning red.

Feng Si Zui, ah, Feng Si Zui, you’re this good to someone…..even reaching this level…..

“Prepare the male clothing for me still.”  She looked up and tried to recall the position of the Purple Phoenix Mountain as best as she could.

She said that no matter what, she definitely wouldn’t leave him alone!

“Yes, empress……”  Xiao Cui asked in a confused voice, “But empress…..How will you leave the palace?”

“I naturally have a way.”  She waved her right hand and the Exquisite Ring in her storage space appeared on her ring finger.

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