His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 133 - Victory

This smile was glaring to Shen Ziqiao’s eyes.

Sheng Peiyin must be really happy to prove that Sheng Peiye didn’t collude with the Jin people. Even more, she thought that the decision to get revenge on Shen Ziqiao and ruin the Shen Family was correct.

But everyone neglected a point. If Shen Xiao was really a spy, how come the emperor hadn’t ordered for people to capture him back to the capital? Even more, he didn’t do anything to the Shen Family either. Even if someone was monitoring the Shen Family, this wasn’t the emperor’s style at all. When she was reading the novel and it talked about the part when Shen Xiao exclaimed that Sheng Peiye was a spy, the emperor immediately ordered people to search the house and confiscate possessions and undergo an investigation. Within a few days, Sheng Peiye had been convicted and beheaded.

Therefore, there must be something fishy in between.

“As long as the court didn’t convict my father of a crime, no one can say that he colluded with the Jin people. Likewise, I can say that your father betrayed the country. Does that mean your father is really a traitor?” Shen Ziqiao had Hong Ying pull the curtains up. She faced Sheng Peiyin who was sitting by the carriage window and faintly exclaimed this.

Sheng Peiyin snorted. “My father is loyal and patriotic. How could he possibly collude with the Jin people? If your father hadn’t framed him, in the past life…”

Realizing that there were others nearby, Sheng Peiyin hurriedly stopped and hmphed. “In short, this is karma.”

Shen Ziqiao was too lazy to talk to her. “Then wait and see. Let’s go.”

Why wasn’t Shen Ziqiao worried in the least bit? Shen Xiao colluded with the Jin people. As Shen Xiao’s daughter, wasn’t she afraid of being executed? How come she seemed so confident like this had nothing to do with her?

Recalling her past life and finding out that her father was framed as a spy, she almost couldn’t stand still and fainted. Her mother even fainted. She had no idea what to do. Besides crying every day, she could only pray that heaven would open its eyes and clear father’s name.

In the end, she fell into despair.

After her father was beheaded, she felt as if heaven had crumbled down. Next, mother committed suicide… She was also...

She couldn’t do this at all!

Therefore, she didn’t understand why Shen Ziqiao could act so carefree.

Shen Ziqiao’s carriage slowly walked over. Sheng Peiyin couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t you afraid? Seeing those people hating on your Shen Family. Aren’t you afraid?”

“Why should I be?” Shen Ziqiao smiled. “I believe that my father will overcome this challenge.”

Sheng Peiyin bit her lips. She was envious of Shen Ziqiao’s optimistic attitude.

It was unclear what Shen Ziqiao thought of. She cocked her head at her. “Sheng Peiyin, you really didn’t leak the news that we were going to the northwest? I was at the caravan back then too. Will my father really collude with the Jin people and hurt his own daughter?”

“He betrayed Dazhou so don’t mention his daughter!” Sheng Peiyin refused to believe that her own father would collude with the Jin people.

“What if the spy was really from the Sheng Family?” Shen Ziqiao asked seriously. Likewise, she believed that Shen Xiao wouldn’t frame Sheng Peiye for no reason, even treating him so ruthlessly at that.

Someone else must’ve framed Sheng Peiye. As for Shen Xiao… It was because of Du Ji’s death that he hated the spy to the bones. Was that why he treated Sheng Peiye like that?

Shen Ziqiao’s mind felt refreshed upon thinking of this hypothesis. That’s right. This must be right!

Sheng Peiyin glared at her, stirred however. “Nonsense. My Sheng Family would definitely...never collude with the Jin people!”

Despite this, she couldn’t think about the scene after her father died in her past life. Although her family wasn’t implicated, Sheng Family was searched and all the possessions were confiscated. The dozens of people could only live in a small courtyard house with a fully enclosed courtyard. She could always hear her second uncle shrieking at night, despite not being able to hear what he was saying...

Back then, she was desperate and in pain so she didn’t notice anything strange about her second uncle.

It was unclear what else Sheng Peiyin had thought of but her face paled.

Sheng Peiyin looked at her before ordering the driver to continue driving.

When she returned to Pan Family, she immediately had someone prepare paper and ink. She needed to write a letter to Shen Zikai and ask him clearly. How exactly did the unreliable rumor of Shen Xiao being a spy spread?

Just because Shen Xiao accidentally found out that Du Ji had fallen into a trap and rushed to save him? That’s why he was treated as a spy?

What would Shen Xiao get out from colluding with the Jin people? What could the Jin people give him? He was already a general from Dazhou so what else did he need from the Jin people!?

Another few days passed. Tianbao Pavilion was finally able to go back to normal under Old Lord Pan and He Chen’s protection. Those who purposely instigated matters were found and of course, Sheng Peiyin had sent the leading few people over. He Chen went to visit the Ninth Prince and tactfully expressed and hoped that Sheng Peiyin wouldn’t go too overboard.

After that, Sheng Peiyin didn’t leave the house anymore.

The Ninth Prince finally got to act mighty. Likewise, he didn’t believe that Shen Xiao would betray Dazhou. Therefore, when he found out that Sheng Peiyin actually had people attack Shen Ziqiao’s Tianbao Pavilion, he felt really useless. Even more, he recalled back when she wanted to kill Shen Ziqiao.

He reprimanded Sheng Peiyin and requested her to not leave the house anymore.

Without Sheng Peiyin disrupting things, Minyue common people didn’t hate Shen Xiao as much anymore. After all, the court didn’t confirm that Shen Xiao was the spy.

Only Sheng Peili had accused Shen Xiao. Even more, people had purposely spread rumors which caused Shen Xiao to be in this awkward position where everyone hated him.

Unfortunately, she was in Minyue, a place where communication was lacking. It was extremely difficult to get any news.

She had no idea what was going on in the capital and in the northwest.

Two months passed where she lived with anxiety. It was then that she finally got news from the northwest. Shen Zikai didn’t reply to her letter but Dazhou finally won.

Jin people’s supreme khan was beheaded by Qi Zheng personally. The Jin people’s camp on the wasteland was completely destroyed.

The news spread to Minyue and everyone cheered.

Everyone remembered Qi Zheng’s name. He became Dazhou’s hero.

As for Shen Xiao...

When the emperor received the military report, he realized that Shen Xiao and Qi Zheng had separated ways and annihilated Jin people’s camp due to an attack from both sides.

What exactly happened here?

How did they suddenly beat the Jin people up that badly?

“Grandfather, I want to return to Minyue!” After Shen Ziqiao received the news from the northwest, she immediately made this decision.

Qi Zheng and the rest would definitely withdraw the troops and return to court. She wanted to know what happened in between. Only by returning to the capital could she find out.

“Have your third uncle accompany you. If there’s anything… you two can take care of each other.” Old Lord Pan exclaimed, still worried that Shen Xiao might in trouble.

Shen Ziqiao didn’t reject it. “Okay, grandfather. I’ll leave tomorrow.”

“Hurry up and get ready.” Old Lord Pan exclaimed.

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